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  1. Storm is in north sea now plus high tides, may be expecting storm surge.
  2. Got very gusty here in Dover, not sure for how long as squall is avoiding us at present, perhaps it should just come down now, to ease things.
  3. I'm not sure it's quite over yet, but the strong winds might be for most, seems to be another squall running down, may be anyone who didn't get much from this one might get that. Also showers building in between, sought of like what happened between the first squall and this one.
  4. I do hope I'm reading the radar wrong, it looks like the squall flattens along the coast, so may be we'll be on it for longer than most.
  5. On radar looks like another squall has developed behind the first one, but before the main one for the far se.
  6. Mine did morate for a while, but seem to be increasing again now.
  7. So basically between the two squalls, is where the wind is?
  8. Ah OK makes sense, there are plenty of crosswind warning signs along that stretch though, so may be it doesn't happen often because, the hgv driver take heed.
  9. Highest Gust so far here 72mph, that was an hour ago, seems to have moderated some what, since it changed to a wsw direction, which we are sheltered from. Now awaiting the squalls.
  10. If its the jubilee way they normally close it during high winds I thought.
  11. Well the station I use has had a max of 70 and is frequently showing gusts in the 60s so it's defo already at the south coast, I guess the worst is yet to come.
  12. Wow it is certainly gusting here had at least one 70mph Gust here already, not not if I should be worried about that or not, Dover.
  13. Yes I can here that too, a constant distant raw that is nothing to do with the gusts. Sound reminded me of something else.
  14. Certainly picking up here now, highest Gust 50mph. I guess here we go.
  15. Especially when the wind blows what I assume is rain up.
  16. Took a break from the forum, not for any reason really. Was quite busy on Facebook instead.
  17. Good read indeed. I confirms I'm going no where, andy kids are staying in. Other news breeze is increasing more now.
  18. Not quite yet, but in a few hours perhaps, much stronger than I had hoped to hear. For now it's only a breeze with a couple of moderate gusts occasionally.
  19. It's gradually picking up now here slowly, Dover, a few moderate gusts about from time to time .
  20. Wind is starting to get up just a little here now, went out and watched some fluffy clouds shooting past. Going a lot faster than the outside breeze implies.
  21. Yep the rain is higher up, the showers are low and in our northeasterly.
  22. My garden sounds like that anyway, lot's of wild crickets around here. On and off spots of light rain here, nothing heavy yet.
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