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  1. There was one more, Hurricane Charlie Aug 1986. I was at the Cheda Caves for that one. I don't think mum took note of the weather for that trip. One hell of a scary day.
  2. For a change I think that's a good thing, however because of the way they normally over play things of no concern what so ever, people may just laugh it off as another exaggeration. The media and weather have a rep for being sensationalist. I do hope people take notice of the warnings on this one.
  3. School home time, I remember seeing a sign fly past me and my daughter and hitting one of the people infront of us right in their face, they were walking towards us. Could have hit one of us in the back of the head, we got lucky.
  4. Not being funny going straight through the channel sounds good, but that would be a storm surge problem. Would be much better if it devloped a lot less then thought for all.
  5. So they are going with slightly more north then yesterday estimate, that unfortunatly explains the new warning.
  6. It looked like it went through a bit slower in the last run too, I do hope it goes over as quickly as first forcast cause the longer it sticks around, more heavy rain and more flooding.
  7. There has been plenty of warning this time, so hopefully if it is anywhere near as intense people listen and stay off the roads and indoors. Otherwise we could be in serious trouble. I've still got my fingers crossed that the warnings are precautionary and the storm is just another gale.
  8. I've got a silver birch in mine, quite an old one I think, but just in case I might have my daughter sleep elsewhere incase it decides to go through her bedroom window.
  9. That one seems to be going through slightly slower, hope it doesn't slow down to much.
  10. Just went into the will it be windy app, it says 71.2 for my area on monday. I hope that's not the sustained wind spead. I know it's just a guid and a lot can change. But that's just crazy. Night everyone.
  11. No thankyou, I should have stayed in croydon, the worst of this so far seems to be over the Kent tip where I'm at.
  12. I did witness that one, was hoping never to see it again. Still time to hope at the min. But things seem to be getting worse not better.
  13. The heavy line moving west has just finished here, still trying to work out where it came from, and whether it will be pushed back over here later by the main rain band it's merging with.
  14. What about thunder snow, only seen that once myself. The lightening looked different and the thunder sounded strange. Wouldn't want it all the time though, the snow was almost knee deep in about half hour.
  15. Just has a heavy shower come through here, looks on radar like maybe another soon. The line is mostly east of here though. Looks a little like that essex streamer is now heading due south just hiting east kent now and then.
  16. Only had light rain here so far, it dry at the moment but feels very muggy.
  17. Muggy misty and light rain, East of us on radar it looks like it's hammering down tat the moment.
  18. RIP Tim and Paul Samaras and Carl Young, my condolences go to your friends and family.
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