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  1. think the worst is over now, gusts are at around 50, and the average wind speed has dropped too.
  2. Should have named today's little feature in the south, doing much more than Freya did, and is gusting +60 widely down here.
  3. Wow got a highest gust of 86 mph on my station, at around 10:05, it must have gone of on one. Still gusting in the 60s mostly.
  4. As for the storms this season, beware of the march winds, comes to mind. Perfectly normal for this month.
  5. Highest gust so far 66 mph. And still gusting around that level regularly
  6. Tuesdays ate for northern Ireland only, Wednesday for most of england bar the far north and scotland. It slides south east. Could still move further north or South, but I think unlikely this time.
  7. Was thinking of something else, Tuesday does look a problem. The storm really winds up, then over Wednesday looks to move se then into the north sea, into Norway. Will be much worse in the north than here.
  8. I got a sleet shower yesterday, came on to see if anyone north of me hot snow, I guess not.
  9. I agree there, however logic also plays a part, people do not use it anymore. If I lived up north, especially if I'm going to be driving on high ground, like in Cumbria, or the north York Moors, I would be prepared for snow to fall, if I new I was on the northern side of a low pressure, at this time of year. People just do not bother with basic old weather lore any more.
  10. Yep that is probably the same line that came through here, looked ripe but only gave some heavy rain.
  11. Feels Stormy out, and looks it too, all we need now is the thunder and lightning to go with it.
  12. The squally wave down here was windier than Freya, managed a 60 mph gust from that, bit Freya was never going to effect the far south east much anyway, max gust from Freya was 54 mph.
  13. Not during the storm, but during the squally wave I seem to have managed 60 on the nose, and it was defo more blowy than at any time during Freya.
  14. Looks like the winds have died here today. Effects from the wave to the southwest separating the isobars a little.
  15. Top hist here still 54, still gusting between 40-50 mostly. Not expecting anything stronger this far south.
  16. That wave for later is starting to look a wee bit stronger I think. Let's see what it does. One things for sure, we do not want to get south of it.
  17. The wave was to bring the south coast showery rain tonight, not sure if it is stronger than thought or not though.
  18. That's our frontal wave for later. I'd expect the instability to subside before it gets to us though. Just heard a couple of big gusts here.
  19. Shows the temp gradient that might drive the storm to intensify.
  20. Not all that windy in town, but really starting to blow up here in St rads dover
  21. Already had a gust of 54 mph here in dover, storm could be notable on the coast.
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