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  1. 55 minutes ago, TomSE12 said:

    Hi Ray,

    I would be more than happy to strike Alexis a "Virtual" Wager but obviously it will have to be at reduced Odds, as KATRINE has "been and gone", already.

    Plus TIMBO, is on the "Course", at present and a few of us are about to walk the gangplank, with our Predictions.

    Alexis can have 18/1, about herself (4th March), for £5 Each Way. 4th March for WIN Odds and 3rd/5th March for PLACE Odds, which will be 9/2 (or 4 and a half to 1).

    If Alexis would like to have a "Virtual" Wager on another Entrant, I will quote her Odds once I've received her request.

    Alexis was a very valued Patron of my "Fantasy" Sports Competition and very nearly won my 2018 Football World Cup Competition.

    Alexis, you be allocated "Virtual" Stakes of £10. This "Virtual" Wager can be placed in the following manner: £10 WIN (on the "nose") or £5.00 EACH WAY, if your predictions falls within 2 Days either side of the first Date of settling Snow, in our Region, you will receive a quarter of the Win Odds.

    You can place your "Virtual" Stakes on any Entrant (not just yourself). But I will offer a "Special Concession". Should your Wager be correct, I will double the quoted Odds, should your location also develop, settling Snow.

    If you read this Alexis, please let me know if you want a "Virtual" Wager?

                                                  NETWEATHER S.E.REGION SETTLING SNOW CUP  

                                                       BETTING ODDS FOR WINNING PREDICTION 

                                                                            (OUTRIGHT WINNER)

                             ENTRANT         PREDICTION DATE     ODDS(26th Jan)     REVISED ODDS(7th FEB)

                         Bluebell                          23rd FEB                   10/1                                  10/1

                         Snow Queen One          24th FEB                   10/1                                   10/1

                         Snowray                        22nd FEB                   10/1                                   10/1

                         Timbo                             10th FEB                   10/1                                   10/1

                         Lauren                           20th FEB                    10/1                                  16/1

                         ALEXISJ9                       4th MAR                     N/A                                  18/1

                         Daniel                             15th FEB                   10/1                                   20/1

                         Lottiekent                       16th FEB                   10/1                                   20/1

                         Septic Peg (Guest)        15th FEB                   10/1                                   20/1

                         Stainesbloke                 19th FEB                    10/1                                   20/1

                         Steve Murr                     14th FEB                   10/1                                   20/1

                         Team Squirrel                19th FEB                   10/1                                   20/1

                         TomSE12                        14th FEB                   10/1                                   20/1

                         Darkcloud                       28th FEB                  14/1                                   25/1                     

                         Donna Thw                     27th FEB                  14/1                                   25/1

                         Lassie23                         29th FEB                  14/1                                   25/1

                         Pinball Wizard                29th FEB                  14/1                                  25/1

                         Senlac Jack                    26th FEB                  14/1                                  25/1

                         Snowrye                          1st  MAR                  50/1                                  28/1

                         Froze Were The Days     9th  MAR                100/1                                 66/1

                         Claret047                        23rd MAR                250/1                               200/1

                         John Stevens                29th  MAR                250/1                               200/1

                         Mark Wheeler                22nd MAR                250/1                               200/1

                         Bazza118                       10th   APR                500/1                               500/1

                         General Custer              29th  NOV              1000/1                             1000/1

                                                                               ALSO RAN

                         Katrine Basso                31st  JAN                 50/1     (ELIMINATED).

                                                                 BLUE = North Thames Group.

                                                                 RED   = South Thames Group.

    And now for the "Virtual" Prizes.

    The Entrant gaining the greatest "Virtual" Returns from these Wagers, will receive the choice of the following Prizes

    1. An all expenses paid "Virtual" Week in the Skiing Resort of your choice plus Skiing Lessons , from a qualified Ski Instructor.


    2. An expenses paid "Virtual" Week in Lappland, during Christmas 2020. Your accommodation, will be a Log Cabin. You will also experience Reindeer :reindeer-emoji:   drawn, Sleigh Rides plus tuition on how to operate a Snowmobile image.png.7cf0c03f15f494b9029d288f0974329d.png, and of course meet Father Christmas, :santa-emoji: ho, ho, ho!! 

    If it Snows and settles as I'm Posting this, I'll squeam and squeam and squeam!! :oldangry:

    Best of luck, TIMBO. You've got precisely 8 Hours and 22 Minutes!!


    Tom.  :hi: ❄️


    Each way on SenlacJack please, if that's OK. 

  2. 41 minutes ago, snowray said:

    Met Office now have a few sleet and snow symbols up for our region for later on today and also for tonight. GFS actually shows the chance of some settling snow to the south of London, this would also correspond with a batch of snow showers that the Met Office are forecasting.



    Probably all rain for me, Dover coast, though I will look and see if I can see any white bits in the rain. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, TomSE12 said:

    Quote - Ray (snowray): 

    "Hi Tom. Yes Timbo is still looking favorite, might see a few flakes Monday/Tuesday but can they produce a temporary covering? After this I'm now focusing on late February or early March, can't see much interest mid month, the few more blocked looking runs seem to have been just red herrings".

    Hi Ray. Yes time for TIMBO, to "step up to the plate", in the S.E.Region "Settling Snow" Cup but it well maybe a case of "close but no cigar."

                      GFS PPN (t18)


    But should a "dusting" occur, I hope S.E.Members will have their Cameras ready, to provide photographic evidence.

    So, as Shaw Taylor used to say at the end of Police 5, "keep 'em peeled." It was the forerunner of Crimewatch UK, and appeared on TV, during the '60's and '70's.


    Right who shouted, 1860 and 1870? Bloomin' cheek, 15 minutes on the "naughty step", now.  

    Some Wintry ppn knocking on the door of our Region, "settling Snow" hope I'm wrong but don't think so. 

    Thereafter imo, nothing especially Wintry showing up for the following Week and a bit, on the 00z Model Runs.

    As I stated Yesterday, don't think that KATRINE BASSO, will be on her own for long before other Entrants become early casualties.

    This will see, STEVE MURR (14th), TOMSE12 (14th), DANIEL (15th), SEPTIC PEG (15th),  LOTTIEKENT (16th), STAINESBLOKE (19th), TEAM SQUIRREL (19th) and LAUREN (20th), all make an early exit and join Katrine, on the sidelines The RED Team could be decimated, come the end of next Week. :shok:  Come on REDS, sort your lives out!!

    RED = South Thames Group.

    BLUE = North Thames Group.

    Tend to agree with snowray, late February predictions now looking favourite but we are going to need to see a pattern change, to see a turnaround in our fortunes.


    Tom.  :hi: ❄️

    A bit late but I've two possible dates lol, basically because I've important appointments in Canterbury on those days, and something is bound to go wrong yet again. 26 Feb and the 4th March lol. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, snowray said:

    Hi Tom. Yes Timbo is still looking favorite, might see a few flakes Monday/Tuesday but can they produce a temporary covering? After this I'm now focusing on late February or early March, can't see much interest mid month, the few more blocked looking runs seem to have been just red herrings.


    Anyone spot this down in Swanley, close call or what!😲


    The exact reason why rail companies run slowly on windy days, had it been going full speed, not worth thinking about what would have happened. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, LightningLover said:

    Very strong wind gusts here. I went to Galley Hill and had coffee in the De La Warr. The wind has only strengthened since then, with some truly wild gusts round across Bexhill. My fence is nearly destroyed...

    Picture provided barely does the scene justice.


    So basically between the two squalls, is where the wind is? 

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