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  1. Langdon Bay is already gusting in the 50s,not that noticeable here yet though, but rain is nearly here. Might bring winds in land with it.
  2. All I know is cause my ms med compromises my immune system, normal colds make me very ill, the flu nearly put me in hospital in October. I have to try and avoid this one if I can.
  3. Don't need showers for that here, wonder what gusts will mix down for us.
  4. Probably all rain for me, Dover coast, though I will look and see if I can see any white bits in the rain.
  5. Don't want to jump in, if it runs next year I'll give it a go, was just saying those were likely dates for disruptive snow, as I need to travel lol.
  6. A bit late but I've two possible dates lol, basically because I've important appointments in Canterbury on those days, and something is bound to go wrong yet again. 26 Feb and the 4th March lol.
  7. The exact reason why rail companies run slowly on windy days, had it been going full speed, not worth thinking about what would have happened.
  8. You can keep them, had enough earlier, only just starting to get gusts in the 50s they've been in the 60s up until recently.
  9. XThank goodness that's over, was really wild while waiting for the squall to finally go through here, heard sirens while it was going on, so hope everything is alright. Still blowing more than most of the day, but less frequently. In the 60s when it does Gust.
  10. Squall has finally made it to Dover, hope the wind calms afterwards.
  11. Strongest its been all day and still south of squall line, weather station I use pick up a 98mph Gust, its in Capel so quite possibly correct.
  12. 98mph Gust from somewhere, still ahead of the squall which if anything is pulling away from here slightly.
  13. No squall in dover yet, but the winds are increasing as if it is here.
  14. Storm is in north sea now plus high tides, may be expecting storm surge.
  15. Got very gusty here in Dover, not sure for how long as squall is avoiding us at present, perhaps it should just come down now, to ease things.
  16. I'm not sure it's quite over yet, but the strong winds might be for most, seems to be another squall running down, may be anyone who didn't get much from this one might get that. Also showers building in between, sought of like what happened between the first squall and this one.
  17. I do hope I'm reading the radar wrong, it looks like the squall flattens along the coast, so may be we'll be on it for longer than most.
  18. On radar looks like another squall has developed behind the first one, but before the main one for the far se.
  19. Mine did morate for a while, but seem to be increasing again now.
  20. So basically between the two squalls, is where the wind is?
  21. Ah OK makes sense, there are plenty of crosswind warning signs along that stretch though, so may be it doesn't happen often because, the hgv driver take heed.
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