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  1. 2 hours ago, Bristle boy said:

    Anyone returning to the UK from parts of northern Italy now on lockdown because of coronavirus must self-isolate, the chief medical officer has said.

    The government has updated its travel advice as Italy scrambles to contain an outbreak that has now spread south, after the first positive case was confirmed in Sicily.

    Travellers - even those without symptoms - coming home to Britain from specific areas have been told to stay indoors, avoid contact with other people and call NHS 111.

    The big Qs are "Would you?" and how many already back in the UK or about to return to the UK will bother?

    Cwell one would hope people take the advise seriously, but that can not be guaranteed. We've seen people saying a lot of fuss about nothing even in this thread.

  2. 1 hour ago, swebby said:

    From the Gurniaad

    "A school in Cheshire has been forced to close amid concerns that students returning to the UK from a ski trip to Italy could be infected with Coronavirus.

    Cransley School, in Northwich, took the decision to close the school after NHS clinical services advised any staff or pupils who went on a ski-trip to Bormio to self-isolate.

    A number of students are believed to be experiencing symptoms of the virus after visiting the area in the Lombardy region where hundreds of residents have contracted the deadly infection.


    Outbreaks confirmed in new countries as Iran’s deputy health minister reportedly also tests positive for coronavirus


    Oh no. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Beverley Lass said:

    A TENERIFE hotel is on lockdown after an Italian tourist tested positive for coronavirus.

    Around 1,000 holidaymakers staying at the hotel are said to have been quarantined inside the complex in the past few hours.


    A TENERIFE hotel is on lockdown after an Italian tourist tested positive for coronavirus. Around 1,000 holidaymakers staying at the hotel are said to have been...


    I take it that could include brits. I hope this quarantine works better than the cruise ship one. 

  4. 27 minutes ago, swebby said:

    A nasty shock i suspect.

    Interesting possibility is being admitted to hospital with the Flu but also carrying Covid-19? 

    The reported symptoms of Covid-19 seem to be very different to that of influenza and i would assume most medical staff would be likely to spot the differences at the early stages? Hospital admissions however probably already involve the presentation of pneumonia so they may not be concerning themselves overly with what illness the patient started with.

    The bad cough chest infection I nearly ended up in hospital with, started with a sour throat, had no snivels or sneezing, just went sour throat chough and weekness, rapid breathing and rapid heartbeat. Thought it was early flu, had it in late September. May be its already here. 

  5. On 21/02/2020 at 18:01, Bristle boy said:

    Thing is Nick, how many people will call their GP's or NHS helpline if they have a heavy cold or a touch of flu? For Years we have been told to ride it out, take paracetemol, keep hydrated, etc.

    So, why would people actually contact NHS? Granted, for breathing difficulties or a very high temperature that doesnt respond to medication, then, yes, maybe one would contact NHS via GP surgery. Other than those symptoms, would you?

    I most certainly wouldn't, I did go to the go with shortness of breath, cough general weakness and fever, they did an ecg cause of how rapid my pulse was, had blood tests and prescribed anti biotic. Got called back for another blood test cause something was very high iny blood, don't know what, but I did already feel a lot better anyway, and whatever was high had responded to the anti biotic, and that was that. But no doctor would see me unless I was in a similar state. 

  6. On 21/02/2020 at 10:09, Gray-Wolf said:

    New cases are dropping, but some 'recovered' patients showing traces of virus.

    Is this the routeway for those suffering a second bout of the disease?

    We have seen concerns about the impacts 'second time around' due to the impacts of the treatments on a patient's heart/major organs from the initial infection?

    When will we see restrictions on travel to Japan/Singapore/South Korea/Iran?

    I was thinking it could be similar to chicken pox, once you've had it, its always there, and more Contact to the virus can bring on a secondary illness ie, shingles, which is slightly different. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Beverley Lass said:

    The British couple who have been updating us from the Diamond Princess ship ..

    "David and Sally Abel, who are on the cruise to celebrate  their anniversary, are among the 74 Britons on the ship, with the US already having chartered two two planes and repatriated 340 of its citizens, and now tests have shown they do have the bug. Four Britons with confirmed coronavirus are currently in hospital in Japan, according to the latest official figures."


    A BRITISH couple quarantined on board the cruise liner Diamond Princess, docked in Yokohama in Japan, DO have coronavirus, tests have confirmed.


    Oh no, I was hoping that wouldn't happen. 

  8. 45 minutes ago, Gael_Force said:

    Another hospital head succumbs to the virus.

    He was older but as @Snipper says, probably getting a heavy load of virus before full PPE in use.


    So from this do we conclude that this virus can effect digestive tract organs, as he probably wouldn't have seen any patients that didn't have something wrong in that department. 

  9. 5 minutes ago, Gray-Wolf said:

    It appears that ,on the MetO rainfall radar, the 'oranges' turn to deep orange when they hit our hills?

    Like the uplift of that 2,000 ft is squeezing every last drop of moisture out of the airmass?

    Not good.....

    Yep this was always an orographic lift event, that's why they were so presise with the Amber's. 

  10. 12 minutes ago, will-o'the-wisp said:

    Calming down slightly here too. Maybe the calm before the storm looking at what’s coming on the radar!

    That looks like it'll be north of me unless it back build a bit due to orographic lift once the band reaches this far east. 

    Edit: scratch that, I've just seen our bit is coming up from France and looks just as bad. 

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