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  1. Yep the rain is higher up, the showers are low and in our northeasterly.
  2. My garden sounds like that anyway, lot's of wild crickets around here. On and off spots of light rain here, nothing heavy yet.
  3. Have had it all day here, and with a few very light showers now and then.
  4. Same here, and although we did get heavy rain, it looked like we didn't, if you get what I mean. Someone even called it dry rain, just instant evaporation.
  5. I take it the cold front is still to the west of me somewhere, or has it jumped us then regained strength in North East Coast. Still feels very warm and humid here.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Was about To walk to the shops, just checked radar after reading this.
  7. Yep, hot and humid, still as unbearable as yesterday, to spite it being cooler.
  8. Just shows how hard the cold front is moving east, starting to wonder if it will even get across.
  9. Yep, and another two small ones behind that too, here in Dover. 6 separate storms, or at least the rain completely stopped between them.
  10. All done for now in Dover, even some patches of blue sky, wonder if anything else will turn up later.
  11. More heavy rain and closer rumbles going through Dover just now, a y more behind?
  12. Been hearing rumbles in Dover for a while now, rain started about 20 mins ago, rumbles a bit louder now and then, nothing close yet.
  13. It's up to 52% here, dp at 21 though. Quite high for the UK.
  14. It's only 31 here, but I'm happy with that, it's still far too hot for me.
  15. This looks like one of those American storms that feeds from one spot and spreads out from there, getting wider and wider. Forgot what they are called, and I very much doubt this is one.
  16. If its not a super cell, hopefully it's a high based mcs cluster. Ps think I can hear it.
  17. Yep Tuesday nights elevated storms were perfect, lots of lightning and the over head ones were not to loud, I can't stand loud thunder.
  18. First storms this year on Tuesday, and it was lovely, now feels like we need another.
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