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  1. I hope everyone listens to the evacuation advise, and that vulnerable people who need help to move now, get the help they need. I also hope the barrier holds.
  2. Oh no, I was hoping that wouldn't happen.
  3. So from this do we conclude that this virus can effect digestive tract organs, as he probably wouldn't have seen any patients that didn't have something wrong in that department.
  4. Doesn't surprise me, Ashford was freezing while waiting for a train home that was between 8:30-9:15when the train came. Home at last, after getting to Ashford hospital at about 12. Not sure what the weather did today, but it is still blustery.
  5. Wind is trying to pick up again now, still no more house shakers like earlier though.
  6. And to top it all off, I have to get my son to Ashford hospital tomorrow from Dover, without getting his dressing wet. For the best, if I can get there.
  7. Wind is slowly building again now, still not as strong as earlier though.
  8. Yep this was always an orographic lift event, that's why they were so presise with the Amber's.
  9. That looks like it'll be north of me unless it back build a bit due to orographic lift once the band reaches this far east. Edit: scratch that, I've just seen our bit is coming up from France and looks just as bad.
  10. The winds are 45 sustained in Langdon Bay right now. Didn't expect that today.
  11. Wow warm fronts do not normally squall, this storm is interesting at least.
  12. Got some house shakers going through here now, not just one or two either.
  13. Same sounding rather interesting now, starting to sound like the last hour of last week's already.
  14. What the hell are people going near the coast for, its not that windy on land, but over the sea it is, and the swell is massive.
  15. Wind is starting to noticeably Gust here now, probably around 45/50 mph. Not that bad at all yet. But the rain is here properly now.
  16. Looks like more than one squall to me, as in there are a few inbeded in the midnight sequence to me. Wonder if lightning on any of those.
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