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  1. Think it sounded like the one we had years ago in march, did lots of damage though, electrical in the area. Hope it's ok your end.
  2. Me neither, I think it's just cause the whole power network is above ground, which does make it a little harder to have the tragic light system set up like ours.
  3. I've my thermostat turned to 22, it's in the wrong place really, but the colder rooms are warm enough before that temp hits the stat. It hasn't popped on yet as far as I'm aware. Probably not long before a slight warming at times over night though. Have a reptile so keeping the place warm helps keeping the cost of keeping her home warm down. This is a warm place in general though.
  4. I'm not sure, I don't think the river is the only obstacle. There is a lot of swap land around the area, and I've no idea how deep lake Charles goes. It just might not be viable.
  5. Had a storm here in Dover about 7:30 ish rumbles heavy rain for a little then more rumbles. No over head lightning or thunder.
  6. Today is flying ant day down here, don't quite know why they've waited so long, thought it happened months ago elsewhere.
  7. For those who like cold snowy winters, looking around out side now, I feel it'll be a good one. The signs are everywhere.
  8. Another dry day here by the looks of thing, only some light rain a couple of days ago so far this week. The type where you still go out without a jacket and can feel, but not heavy enough to get wet. Seen it a few times down here. It's like most of whatever is falling evaporates on the way down, I think August will be the dryest summer mounth this year. For this corner of the se anyway
  9. No thanks, that took me back to child hood, had one storm that kept spitting out cloud to ground, positive strikes one after the other, including about five near ones. You could hear it coming and then thank goodness going. Couldn't do that storm in this vid I don't think.
  10. Kids would have enjoyed it rain or shine. I'm sorry that you cancelled.
  11. Been nice and sunny here, apart from yesterday between about 6pm and midnight. Don't mind rain when I'm in.
  12. Yep hence the rain warning that's out. If you get one of these, they will hang around, it's a slow mover day.
  13. That sounds nasty. I hope that back building line leaves you soon.
  14. Just looked on radar they have heavy rain stuck over them, back building, or just staying there, while the front of it weakens while moving away east
  15. Well so far it's produced heavy rain over me, but no electric action yet.
  16. More thunder in Dover. Not much gap between at all. Other one electrically died one the rain got here, wonder what this one will do. Rain has been heavy with every shower that's come over since this morning.
  17. Today reminds me of how April often used to be, had two heavy showers through here now, twenty mins apart roughly, and more on the way.
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