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  1. Yesterday started clear then clouded over for a while. Turned clear again in the evening. This morning it was frosty again, now it's a clear day so far. What happened to it being cloudy all weekend?
  2. May be it's the winter equivalent of a Spanish plume lol. Missing us to the north east, may be hitting Scotland.
  3. It would have if the tropics didn't spawn Emma.
  4. Sunny here today, temp already 8.2, will be warmer than yesterday.
  5. Yep just a few scratches on my left hand, and probably sore shoulders from tomorrow morning, going by last time.
  6. I had a fall this morning, wasn't the frost though. Had to run for the bus, and one of my legs decided not to work.
  7. It has happened before numerous times. I'm just trying to be positive. After all, I'm not sure about the ecm, but things like shortwaves, which is what I'm looking at. Are not generally picked up in ensembles, till much later anyway. Guess we will see.
  8. This one will. The changes producing the change to colder synoptics, ate not really all that far away. Next week is the key.
  9. Yep have a slight mist here, I expect fog tonight, slow to lift tomorrow. Will feel like winter again.
  10. It's only 8.7 here lol, I need to move.
  11. Yep misty here now, cold wind. Temps under high pressure ate not always right in advance. It depends on ground conditions, and topography as well. I remember a high dominated winter with fog surpressing temps, we developed our own cold pool, in the south east. Then it snowed late in the season in the south east, while Scotland and the nw was very warm.
  12. It's a lovely day today, the wind still feels chilly for some reason though. There has been a light mist around for a little while now though, if that stays till after dark, I expect fog to form.