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  1. Heavy rain, thunder and lightning in dover.
  2. May be we will be seasonal this year, we haven't been far off that most of the year. A late winter is actually quite normal for us. I do expect it to be cold enough for snow from the right directions from late November. Doesn't mean that will happen, and it sure as hell won't be 4 months of snow like the express said lol. They must for cast exclusively for the scottish mountains.
  3. Nice morning, cool bit not to cold, first morning I've worn a jacket for the school run. Sun has warmed things up nicely now, will not need a jacket now till the evening.
  4. Wind is picking up here now.
  5. Did I read that right, there's now a low today as well as tomorrow, both drenching the south? Going the be fun trying to do stuff with mum today, she's coming down from London for the weekend.
  6. The flooding that happened in some areas due to rain met the criteria. In fact quite surprised an amber wasn't issued for that. Also there were trees down in a few se areas, probably elsewhere too.
  7. If anything happened I slept through it.
  8. On radar there ate now squalls building behind the initial squalls
  9. There ate now squalls building behind the squalls, which is the cold front, or is there two.
  10. It's the tardis.
  11. It's started here now, in fact it's gone from almost nothing to around 50mph gusts in the last half hour. Think it's gonna be a wild night.
  12. Had a feeling it might be.
  13. It's finally almost blowing a holie here, give it another couple of hours we might teach the 40s, the speed this seems to be ramping up.
  14. Yep here too, I did think that earlier though, and then everything died.