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  1. Well don't know about anywhere else, but currently it's not raining, it's just misty, to spite the radar.
  2. I was thinking the one running parallel to it, although may be it's just the west part of the same system. For now looks to be going north, not north east. But probably just wishful thinking lol.
  3. Yep been watching it on lightning maps, crazy. Willing it this way lol. On a serious note the more central one just starting has a chance. Think it might be what the poster above ringed in black.
  4. Going by the weather forecast, storms are on the way from France should be here soon, look at radar, rain, look at lightning maps, no lightning in most of the rain, may be the thin line.
  5. Problem is, they won't clear the air, we've got this storm food for days yet. Whether Strom's decide to form or not.
  6. Suns been out here now for a while, now it's hot and humid rather than just humid. Drip, drip, drip. Yuk.
  7. Does not surprise me. Feels like it could happen just about anywhere, where this humid air is and the sun comes out for longer than ten minutes.
  8. Sun keeps coming out here, but we also have convective looking cloud, and sea mist. Very yuky feeling air.
  9. Yes the lightning was always where the light rain was, during heavy rain there was nothing. I guess the friction was between cells? In fact we had an over head bit off lightning when rain was just almost drizzle, then the heaviest burst we had came along a min after.
  10. Has it cooled down, I'm still sweating buckets lol, ok so it's not high twenties, but it's not fresh either. Very sticky warm feeling air.
  11. I repeat I'm sure this is low based, loud thunder, and moving against the upper flow, I'm not sure this is it. We'll see later of course.
  12. Ok can here the storm watched it approaching from the SW while clouds above were moving NNE. May not be elevated.
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