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  1. Must be as it's as humid as hell here. Glass keep steaming up.
  2. I assume it did turn post tropical at some point? If not the sea must be much warmer then normal.
  3. alexisj9


    Ok I'll give this one a go, wonder if I can move up on last place.
  4. Don't know why but my house actually got hotter last night, think maybe a bit of humidity has come from somewhere, may as well still be 30 out. At least outside is usable.
  5. alexisj9


    I'll have another go on this one.
  6. The ones on my neighbours tree have looked ready for picking for a while already, we've eaten all our black beries already, waiting for the later ones to mature.
  7. It was still t-shirt weather down here today, rain is only just going through now.
  8. Mmm don't know where but someone in the storm thread was under a storm with rotation that at one point looked like it had a wedge, but they don't think it was down, just a very low cloud base. Just wondering if the trees are down in that area. I'm glad I've not seen ball lightning, think it would freak me out.
  9. Another heavy shower but no thunder with this one. Three showers so far today, 1 with thunder.
  10. Sun came out followed by a rush of showers building. It seems the energy is there today, however I'm not sure they didn't build to quick and use it all, which may keep them as heavy rain showers. Sometimes isolation makes better storms.
  11. Wow finally there's a few drops falling out of the sky, still not wetting anything though. Grass is starting to look green again now.