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  1. Just been speaking to a mate, used to be a meteorologist for the army, he thinks it' going to be a big winter for snow in the se. We will see. He also thinks the models are off and snow will be quite widespread around Christmas. Although I agree with that bit, I think from the north west with the cold pool from this high helping with snow for down south. He thinks from the east.
  2. I hope they do something about it soon.
  3. Well of course, as to what it will be, who knows, even the models keep changing still.
  4. tbh the outlook looks very blocked on the 12z just not quite in the right place for us. I'm personally not looking that far ahead yet though, let's see what the high coming over us soon does.
  5. Didn't even realise it was windy, quite still here.
  6. Just rain jere, would assume this front is a cold front, with the cold air behind it anyway, there is always at least a trough were the air changes. The cold will set in quite quickly once it' passed.
  7. Temp 3.3 dp 1.5 think rain with he very outside chance of a bit of sleet if heavy rain drops temps a little.
  8. Doesn't look like there's as much rain as the models where pointing at in that band, or is it going to build more behind it?
  9. Winter isn't over the cold comes back tomorrow. Though not cold enough to bring snow to the se most probably. However later in the week looks interesting. I'm also not sure about the models at the minute. They are notorious for trying to end cold early. We'll see where we end up next week then.
  10. Its coming up from there but it' over us with us in an easterly flow, how the 12z had it anyway, haven't seen 18z just got in from pool night.
  11. No snow here either and only sleet fell.
  12. Think it will Defo just be rain here tonight, not even front edge snow. Mind you dp is still in minuses just.
  13. How, hasn't the cold got to you yet? I would have expected it to be ice.
  14. Thunder snow, hope it' heading towards you. Get ready for a lot more snow if it is.
  15. Wind here is NW so those showers unlikely to reach here. In fact our line of showers can be clearly seen missing to our east.