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  1. Very true, my husband is not doing very well in this heat at all. I'm only just coping myself.
  2. Sun is finally back out in Dover, should clear from anywhere else effected soon hopefully.
  3. Me but only if it's just rain. I don't go out during lightning storms.
  4. Like this morning a nice storm heading right for me even strengthened in the channel, and then decided to die completely, not even rain, but the cloud is now here, being a pain.
  5. Must be wrong, got se Kent involved. I given up lol, everything dies about ten miles off the coast.
  6. I couldn't sleep last night, probably had a couple of half hour naps at best. Been alright on other nights.
  7. At this point, I wouldn't care whether it was just rain. My garden needs water.
  8. I'm not so sure, I think we may get something, at some point. Edit: I think I just heard a rumble now.
  9. In that case I think they are nearly here already, been watch radar and lightning maps all morning, got woke by flashes at dawn.
  10. More flashes in the channel, wonder if this lot makes it. To light now to know if they've stopped flashing or not lol.
  11. That didn't start flashing till about ten mins after my post. Or at least I didn't notice it.
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