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  1. Is that where the spring came from, with the glow in the dark water.
  2. Was wet here, but didn't notice any wind.
  3. Tbh lots of easterlys in summer months are nice warm and sunny, normally followed by a plume in the west, northwest.
  4. Now that would be something to remember, but hopefully just a figment of someone's imagination.
  5. Glad I missed whatever happened, as I may have gotten myself banned. I've always liked Tom, and saw nothing wrong with his game, during Cheltenham, was just fun.
  6. Here lol, best we've managed is about five centimetres, Friday first easterly, which was gone the next day lol. Other than that it's fallen and wet the ground or left about mm even after a 12 hour fall lol.
  7. High here of 0.5 today so far, sun is out now so may be may get a bit warmer before dark. Dp is still very low at -3.6
  8. Maybe they mean drifting snow, however it's all ice here now, guess most snow has done the same so unlikely.
  9. Band just south of me clipping Folkestone, can't believe I was right about something.
  10. Everything recently has been further north then modelled or just turned up unannounced, euro 4 has been terrible but let's hope it right but with northward adjustment, but only if it doesn't bring rain instead lol.
  11. No idea, but I expect I'm to far north for them if they do, thinking Folkestone westward.
  12. Well it's warmed things up, not sure occlusions are meant to do that, confused.
  13. Think it will drop again later a warm front just went through, hence the convection stopping. However there should be a cold front along all this still moving west towards us.
  14. Maxed out at-0.4 here, then went down to -1.3 unfortunately now temp going back up, currently -0.4 again. I think your temp will start rising too.
  15. Ok I think I now we have a warm front, as temp and DP are rising, hopefully not to far. Think this is the front that was supposed to be south of us on the fax chart this morning. If so it goes cold, which came through earlier, warm coming through now, then cold again.