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    leigh on sea, essex
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    weather is a very strong interest of mine, and i love snow :D

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  1. Cloud number 1 of the day 4c dew point is 0c here in Leigh on sea
  2. Love watching times square, Dreaming too.... hopefully Wednesday night will deliver
  3. 3 degess here, using wunderground so dono how reliable that is, i am watching that radar very closely, thinking around 9 lol fingers crossed
  4. Your About 7 miles further west to me, got a dew point of 0 degrees here, good luck to you :')
  5. 3 degrees, 0 degrees dew point here in sunny southend. feeling hopeful tonight i reckon a dusting here
  6. In chelmsford; wow :O hoping for something in Leigh, still had nothing 2 years and waiting
  7. i can confirm... very quick snow shower in leigh on sea... in about four flakes have settled on the car
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