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  1. I'll be going bed early tomorrow night, it was fun...the storm overall for me in exeter was pretty good, I think we had gust of 68mph, it wasn't as strong as a couple storms we had last year but still interesting and the worst so far this year
  2. I can't say, it may diminish or get worst but it was worth me staying up, good luck!
  3. Squal line should be hitting Exeter in Devon soon will let you know what happens then bed zzzz have to be up at 7 for work
  4. It's blowing a gale in Exeter...must be gusting nearly 60mph so far and it's meant to reach peak at night plus there is a leak in the window so water is dripping through so I basically have to stay awake until the squal line passes Should be here in an hour or so... My head is aching? Maybe pressure drop, who knows
  5. It's quite windy here in Exeter and the worst is meant to be just before 12 so maybe an hour or two after for you? I'm staying up til the squal line passes as that's when the strongest wind will be I skould imagine
  6. I hope your roof gets blown off for making that comment! LOL *Joke* But wouldn't it be funny in a weird kind of way. I understand where you're coming from and you are most likely correct but I think their will be big gusts when the squal line/cold front goes through over night.
  7. I feel like this storm will be stronger than most are expecting in the south, coasts especially.... If you go on the following link you will see that the wind has already picked up in the southwest irish coastal area's and the wind gusts are higher than were forecast for this time.... http://www.xcweather.co.uk/ It's just a hunch but anyone looking at predicted gust amounts on the met office website could be lulled into a false sense of security, the winds are not very severe for southern coasts that I can see
  8. Thankyou Winter, I can't seem to find out how to look for a close weather station in the southwest that's either in Exeter or nearby though?
  9. I've got a feeling this storm will be worst than what the met office think, just been on the website and I don't see anywhere in southern England gusting above 65mph overnight... In exeter the highest gust I saw was like 55mph lol It's times like these when I wish I had a weather station or knew someone in Exeter who did. Here's what I've found on the three weather websites I usally go on for Exeter and the highest expected gusts for Exeter Weather Outlook.com - 65mph Metcheck - 57mph Met Office - 45mph
  10. Who's Kirsty McCabe? Thankyou for the graph, looks a little too 'in general' though as I don't know anywhere in the southwest, apart from possibly Cornwall who have been forecast gusts over 70mph?
  11. Bleeding nora, don't be greedy now with the amount of storms you guys get! Ireland looks to be worst hit with this storm
  12. My area/Exeter tends to do quite well from gales when the wind is coming up from the south so here's hoping for a great gale tomorrow evening as the cold front moves through. Obviously didn't want anyone to get hurt but was hoping for an epic storm like a couple of the ones we had last year. But going by the GFS and GFSP it has down graded slightly on each run, should still see maybe 65mph gusts or maybe even over in Exeter....I've read on here it is a complex system and tomorrow mornings run will be clearer, I've a feeling they are underplaying the potential strengh of the wind.
  13. Wow that's quite a jump from what Netweather are forecasting for you which is 61mph! In Exeter is 66mph from Netweather but only 55mph from Met Office. In my experience Met Office are really awful at predicting wind gusts though expecially for Exeter and they are based here which is the scary thing!
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