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  1. That's good to know I can't book my flights until February/March 2016 as I'm moving so hoping for a good deal too
  2. So they don't don't sell fruit, veg, nuts, crisps, gaucamole, hummus in the these places? lol I've been to USA three times, over 20 states I will be fine I can always stock up lots in Denver and then Walmarts as we travel. Plus I have my 'Happy Cow' app on my phone which tells me veg friendly places in the vicinity.
  3. wELL IT LOOK Yes I thought we weren't going to get any rain in the southwest to speak of but then I went on bbc weather forecast animation and some heavy showers could be here by this afternoon
  4. I've booked tour 4 so see you all there Who is on tour 4 please? Maybe we can connect on Facebook, my name is 'Allysa Call' but please send me a message as sometimes get some strange friend requests.
  5. Thankyou Ian, I will email you in a second, I think I'm going to book tour 4
  6. I am thinking of booking but wandering what date is best to choose? Plus i'd most likely be going by myself, do we get picked up from the airport and what do we do on down time, group activities like bowling, site seeing or to a bar etc? and do we get paired up with someone with room share? What happens if we don't see a tornado either (is that quite rare to not see at least one tornado?) It would be my first time too on a storm tour/seeing a tornado too Plus I am a vegan and I know I can easily find food to eat in a walmart (love walmart) or the equivelant but are the restaurant stop offs ok for food? Thankyou
  7. I'll be going bed early tomorrow night, it was fun...the storm overall for me in exeter was pretty good, I think we had gust of 68mph, it wasn't as strong as a couple storms we had last year but still interesting and the worst so far this year
  8. I can't say, it may diminish or get worst but it was worth me staying up, good luck!
  9. Squal line should be hitting Exeter in Devon soon will let you know what happens then bed zzzz have to be up at 7 for work
  10. It's blowing a gale in Exeter...must be gusting nearly 60mph so far and it's meant to reach peak at night plus there is a leak in the window so water is dripping through so I basically have to stay awake until the squal line passes Should be here in an hour or so... My head is aching? Maybe pressure drop, who knows
  11. It's quite windy here in Exeter and the worst is meant to be just before 12 so maybe an hour or two after for you? I'm staying up til the squal line passes as that's when the strongest wind will be I skould imagine
  12. I hope your roof gets blown off for making that comment! LOL *Joke* But wouldn't it be funny in a weird kind of way. I understand where you're coming from and you are most likely correct but I think their will be big gusts when the squal line/cold front goes through over night.
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