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  1. 80-100cm of snow in the SE is farcical at best. That's a couple of times a season dump for high ski resorts. My head says we should expect obligatory downgrades in the days to come and we end up with a chilly, but mainly dry spell with some snow around. I'd be happy with a decent covering that lasts a couple of days would be good. My heart says bring on the 3 feet of lying snow!
  2. Looking at the radar there looks some reasonably heavy precip heading into Suffolk/essex. Met office app just updated to show heavy snow for the next couple of hours! Not holding my breath
  3. Well I have woken up to the grand sum of a dusting on the grass, cars, roofs etc. Still snowing lightly
  4. According to Essex Weather Centre's response around 30% of members bring 'real cold' to our shores.
  5. Edit - I'm not superstitious, but just noticed the time I took the screenshot!!
  6. Another apparent let down in the chase for cold with the UKMO seemingly calling it right. I for one am enjoying the roller coaster though. Huge spread in the 6z GEFS. Nothing decided yet. I bet the UKMO flips on the 12z this evening and the EC/GFS go mild. Seen it so many times here in the past when the only model that goes against cold becomes the only model for cold!!
  7. Looking good out there on the webcams. Looks like more is forecast for tomorrow and Monday! Can't wait to get out there.
  8. We are going out to ellmau on the 26th jan. Massively keeping my fingers crossed as the rest of this week and into the weekend looking like being quite mild again to my untrained eye. Is it looking like a cool down next week again carinthian? Doesn't look like anything really cold in the next 2 weeks to me?
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