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  1. Much as the models have delayed any real chance of cold, so the Met Office outlook continues to say a higher chance of cold, but always in the later period. Plenty of caveats in there too. We shall see.
  2. I'd say the 06z GFS is ok for snow for the Hereford area Thursday night - Friday. Milder air being held back a little? Snow depth looks ok by Saturday.
  3. How does this compare to yesterday's? Does this suggest the op is one of the 'milder' solutions?
  4. Yes, apparently so, as Judah Cohen was comparing similarities with the split vortex then, to the forthcoming one. He mentioned it on Twitter.
  5. Hi all, I have a Barigo barograph bought in about 1990 which is in perfect condition, apart from the odd miniscule scratch. It is housed in a mahogany case. I do not have any paper or the pen, but these can be bought. Last time I looked, a new one would cost about £1000. I need to sell it which isn't that easy, can anyone suggest where I should sell it? I have tried eBay, but there was no interest. Thanks!
  6. Well I've been enjoying working outside in the last two days of sunny-ish weather. Looking forward to the first 20c in hopefully not too distant future. Then some proper summer heat and storms hopefully. If I can't have snow, that's the next best thing!
  7. HI all, is it unusual to have 100% ensemble agreement for an upcoming SSW?
  8. I do wonder whether an Easterly is possible, the ECM keeps picking it up, and the METO update today seems full of uncertainty. Perhaps they haven't entirely discounted it.
  9. About 4.15pm 17.12.16.
  10. I looked it up......."A Hovmöller diagram is a commonly used way of plotting meteorological data to highlight the role of waves. The axes of a Hovmöller diagram are typically longitude or latitude (abscissa or x-axis) and time (ordinate or y-axis) with the value of some field represented through color or shading." Now I will have to read that again and think about it for a few days before I can tell you what it means!
  11. Hmmm....I have to say the comparison with last December is closer.
  12. Of course. Every evolution has a knock on effect. But the chart I referred to in Paul_1978's post shows how the knock on effect could be a good one.
  13. Exactly. Does it matter what happens next week? Its the evolution thereafter that counts.
  14. Am I dreaming? Good agreement between suites, a mean Easterly flow, heights to our North, and Christmas week. How often are those 4 things together in one paragraph? Can't get better than that at this range.
  15. True enough. Colder temperatures tonight and tomorrow night than 99% of nights last winter! But, yes, a blizzard would be better......
  16. I hope that the cold when, or if, we get it is as persistent as this high pressure is likely to be!
  17. Well, the Met Office are still obviously thinking that the 'potential' for cold weather this year is strong. And to be honest it appears to he a blank canvas after the next 10 days or so. Less analyzing the minutiae, more listening to the experts, and the Met Office don't generally jump the gun.
  18. I don't post on here much, but I have to say a great forecast Stodge, may well prove correct, especially the first half. I'm going with the most Wintry period of the Winter to be around Christmas. This is based on little more than optimism and gut feeling.
  19. When is the EC Monthly due out? I thought it was today, but not seen any mention of it.
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