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  1. Quieter over SE Wales now. It's been a great week for storms, I think most parts of Wales have seen some now!
  2. And it has ended abruptly. Must have been about 30 strikes. Sun is out now mixing the ingredients for the next storm hopefully. Rinse & Repeat!
  3. The storm between Cardiff and Newport has been amazing. Lot's of strikes.
  4. Yep! On-off-on-off storms since 11am. Just had another storm with a lot of thunder & lightning (and it's still going on), shame it wasn't at night!
  5. Lot's of thunder and lightning in SE Wales. I can feel the house vibrating during the closer strikes.
  6. The hail was quite big, it was like marbles dropping out of the sky! We've been lucky so far today and hopefully more thunder, lightning and hail to come.
  7. Wow amazing day so far, we had an hour of heavy-torrential rain with thunder, lightning and hail this morning. Just had a second storm with thunder and pea and marble sized hail, it was pretty cool seeing them drop and bounce right back up in the air.
  8. Are there any webcams for the black mountains to see if there's snow cover? or can anyone confirm?
  9. First chance to see the northern lights and it's clouding over! AAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  10. Mediocre winds here tonight. What's all the fuss about over the channel in Bristol/Somerset areas?! The South and North of us seem to have got all the strongest winds this winter
  11. Although we have high tides into the weekend and early next week. So as more storms are appearing in the models, no doubt there will be a ton of coastal flood warnings to come
  12. So much sleet and snow showing across the uk on NW radar. Quite chilly in newport with rain.
  13. Rain and hail in newport. Never say never but snowless winter so far and no sign of change
  14. No snow in newport this winter yet and we won't have any this week, looks like snow for higher ground only *sigh* I'm missing last winter's slider lows dumping loads of snow on us and the easterly snow showers.
  15. Quite calm in the SE. Storm? What storm? Even later, the winds aren't forecast to be that strong.
  16. High tide in Newport and no flooding it seems; but a close call! seawater currently gushing out of drains.
  17. More flood warnings out for Newport; high tides, surge and strong winds are coinciding tonight. Got a phonecall from env. agency to expect flooding here. Winds are picking up but still fairly quiet
  18. Close call in newport today. Some flooding but nothing catastrophic. 3.64m of water has emptied out of the river usk in the past 2 + 1/2 hours; dropping 2.5cm per minute. And the possibility of thunderstorms with large hail at some point today. These fell in Wiltshire this morning. Incredible! http://twitter.com/RitzRovers/status/419047472917643264/photo/1
  19. Yep I saw that photo along with - It always gets worryingly high during the high spring tides but the Env Agency are predicting the next high tide at 8am will be 0.9m-1m higher because of the storm. Tomorrow will be interesting...!
  20. Cloudy all morning but now clear blue skies in Newport 24 degrees in the shade
  21. BBC saying snow tomorrow for south wales, even to low levels. What? How? Where did this come from
  22. Only patchy snow cover left in the Black Mountains. Although there are some big 6+ foot drifts in places. If the snow doesn't come to you, go to it!
  23. Bitterly cold strong winds here for the 500000th day this year. Not sure if I can love the cold weather for much longer!
  24. Wow I've seen lots of photos of streets completely buried. Where does the snow actually go? It looks like people can't physically get out so is there a rapid melt coming or what?
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