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  1. Personally I've been loving the tweets of snowy pics from around the world, particularly the snowstorms hitting parts of the US. Keep them coming I say.
  2. Have woken up to heavy snow here in Yate. Everything turning white. Nice surprise.
  3. I measured 17cm of level snow at its peak here in Yate. Around 10cm of that fell in the few hours of Friday morning as the front stalled and kept intensifying. I was lucky enough to have a day off on Friday so I could really enjoy it. Still a good covering here this morning after a freezing night. A truely memorable event for me.
  4. Some of the biggest flakes I've ever seen falling here now. Getting absolutely pummelled! Pure weather porn!
  5. This is amazing, just amazing. Far from fizzling out, the snow has just got heavier and heavier here. Easily 6 inches now and pelting it down. And the best bit, absolutely no sign of that dreaded noise of the drip drip!
  6. This is an event that just keeps giving! The snow started in our area 12 hours ago now, after spending the day thinking it might not even make it this far north. Now I'm sat here watching it snowing heavier than ever with the snow really piling up. Happy days!
  7. Heavy snow again now in Yate. Must be getting on for 5 inches of level snow now. The roads are very quiet so lots of people have decided not to travel. A really good event.
  8. Just been out to measure up and there's now bang on 4 inches of level snow here in Yate, South Glos. Moderate snow still falling.
  9. Morning all from a snowy Yate. I would guess at just over 3 inches of snow here. Light snow still falling.
  10. After a long wait we've had an hour of steady snow here now in South Glos. A good covering everywhere and hopefully a fair few hours of it still to come. It was well worth the wait!
  11. Things really seem to be firming up for widespread snowfall for our region Thurs into Friday. With the precipitation making it less far north with nearly every run, I would say the sweet spots, as it stands, to be the sw moors, the northern half of our region and south Wales. Plenty to be happy about.
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