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  1. We have an absolute humdinger of a thunderstorm going on here in South Glos. Frequent bright lightening, massive claps of thunder, heavy rain and squally winds. Loving it!
  2. It's been fantastic here in South Glos in the hour since I woke up. Continuous heavy snow has added a couple more cm's in no time.
  3. It's certainly coming down thick and fast and building up nicely. Looks like a few hours of snowfall still to come too. I can see the main road running through north Yate has a good covering. It's going to be tricky on the roads to say the least
  4. Just woke up early and really glad I did. Coming down heavily here in South Glos. Think we'll end up with a good few cm's from this.
  5. Been snowing here quite steadily for the last hour or so. Got a slight covering on all surfaces. Wind gusts blowing the powdery snow around a bit.
  6. Have woken up to snow swirling about in a bitter wind. A great start to the weekend. Looks like it will get more interesting as the weekend goes on. Enjoy!
  7. I'd go for snow definitely, heavy maybe. Too early to call it accurately.
  8. I have about 50 red wings sat in the big tree at the front of my house. The're just part of an even bigger flock! Beautiful birds.
  9. Snow coming down heavily in Yate over the last half hour. Level snow hard to measure as it's been blowing around so much but I would guess at around 15cm and counting.
  10. After a morning of light snow and ice pellets the snow has picked up here in South Glos again.
  11. Very true. The sheer bitterness of the cold and the persistent powdery snowfall has reminded me a lot of the great two day blizzard of Jan 82. Who knows, by the end of tomorrow we may even have snowfall totals somewhere approaching that incredible event.