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  1. <puts fingers to temples> ''nooo snoooow noooo snoooow noooo snooooow'' Now you have someone to blame when it doesnt snow over the next few days.
  2. This whole site has gone super duper. No fun, full of bloody kids whining. Weather was supposed to be fun and exciting.
  3. I'm expecting snow about as much as I am expecting... erm... Um... er... Dunno But not much.
  4. 3.18am noisy, windy, wet and then there was the weather outside
  5. nothing good can come out of this, this 'heat' in bloody January!!! Last time it was like this we had the Easter floods in 1998.
  6. Its like a spring night out there! The air is so warm! As for windspeed, definitely a trouser flapper with moves to a distinct hair ruffler later, beer - 3 and rising.
  7. Lovely spring day - April called and asked for it back once we've finished with it.
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