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  1. Well this is the craziest storm I have ever witnessed- live from the south France! VID_20190906_010540.mp4
  2. Well worth staying up for! SL_MO_VID_20190724_033458.mp4
  3. Down to London for the weekend and so glad I did! Crazy storms here, big crack of thunder and loads of lighting ?? 112F0603-17FA-4C65-89BA-07BA1E4C4067.MOV
  4. Heating still knackered at work! And snow still going nicely! It’s Going to be a long cold night
  5. Snow blowing about in the air which is nice to look at but not much on the ground which is frustrating heating broke at work overnight which wasn’t enjoyable!
  6. Yeah same for me in rubery, until I looked again 5 minutes later and it’s gone back to light snow all day
  7. Think I'm just south of the heavy shower passing... 30 seconds of rain then nothing, wind picking up
  8. I'm in hall green at the moment, but chucking it down at home (rubery) aswell! Meto have us down for heavy snow until 5 am
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