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  1. Seen posts saying that Emma looks like it's quite a bit further east and possibly north any chance of us in the south getting anything from it?
  2. Is there anywhere I can watch the forecast from earlier?
  3. Looking forward to the next week hopefully get some decent snow, just had a message to say all meetings are cancelled next week due to expected demand, so this tells me aa are expecting to be very busy
  4. Bbc app seems to have upgraded me again? Snow till 19:00 with more heavy snow symbols?
  5. Thanks, sort of thought that. Been reading every winter since the 2010 snowfest and noticed if it wasn't looking good for the south not much got said. Injoyed reading over the years learnt a lot even the other half asks me every winter now how its looking. Looking forward to Sunday I'm on shift from 7 till 5 (AA patrol) might get interesting.
  6. Just been browsing MOD thread there still going on about it sliding south quite a bit? Just hopecasting or truth behind it all? BBC showing heavy snow from 5am to 4pm at my location and has been for a couple of days now
  7. Hi everyone first time posting been a lurker for a couple of years now, what amazes me is even at this time, I have got 4 weather apps and there all saying different for tonight never mind later on in week.
  8. Hi everyone long time forum stalker first time poster, hope everyone has had a good Christmas. My question is my eldest son loves snow and would like to take them somewhere snowy for Christmas, I have 3 kids 2 that will be nearly 4 and 1 that will for 5 so skiing is out of the question, where would you suggest looking for a white Christmas holiday next year that we would all enjoy, (not Lapland as they are silly prices) Thanks in advance Rob
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