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  1. Hi, taken in Newton le Willows, Merseyside this evening looking towards Manchester. InShot_20200615_223017587.mp4
  2. Apart from the impressive squall line, I've had stronger wind after eating sprouts!
  3. Just goes between calm and breezy here in St Helens. Nothing major yet, apart from heavy rain.
  4. Getting really dark here in Newton le Willows. Distant thunder, no lightning as of yet.
  5. Oops. Sorry mate. Top one is mine! Didn't realise I'd attached all the ones below. ?
  6. There's been heavy to torrential rain here in Newton le Willows, Merseyside for the past 30 minutes. Surface water on roads, guttering overflowing, etc. No thunder and lightning yet though, but a cool breeze.
  7. It's been seriously disappointing here in Newton. The kids have desperately wanted a snow day!
  8. Very windy and almost blizzard like conditions here in Newton le Willows.
  9. The ten o’clock BBC news gave Ophelia approximately 30 seconds coverage. The next item, a tennis tournament got longer coverage.
  10. This is what we had here in Newton le Willows. Woke the kids up and they're all upstairs with me now! IMG_0758.mov
  11. Here in Newton le Willows we've just had a ten minute spell of torrential rain, forked and sheet lightning and squally winds. People running to get indoors. Passed over quickly. All calm now.
  12. Can hear the Thunder rumbling away in the distance here in Newton Le Willows.
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