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  1. Heat makes me feel alive ! No aches or pains with the heat ! Makes me happy and best of all I get all over tan
  2. What a mixed day ... morning sunshine then afternoon become cloudy and wind picked up then sun just come back out when the sun is out the wind chill still hits!! so not quite T-shirt weather that the hard Hayes men are wearing lol
  3. ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day 

  4. it’s national flying bag day 

    1. Mokidugway


      Teresa  may flown to Brussels again 😂

    2. lassie23


      once you have caught your bag, don't forget to recycle her

  5. Been snowing on and off here ( Uxbridge) made the most of my day off and went shopping as you do feels colder than yesterday? Glad to hear some of you whom didn’t get snow have got some now ️
  6. Well my daughter is home , so goodnight all and thank you for sharing all your snow reports and pics ! Sorry to those whom haven’t had any snow and hope you get some ! X
  7. Wow really heavy now ! It’s my daughters first time driving in the snow so I’m staying up till she gets home safely
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