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  1. And use one of them foil things behind the rads ... keeps room toasty for ages ( reflectors ) maybe is what they are callled I just know how to turn the heating on and off not into the technical side
  2. U don’t have baths or showers ??
  3. Yes that’s what they said the reason was for leaving it on so it doesn’t have to keep restarting
  4. Lauren our gas engineer said keep it on all the time is more cost effective ... so we keep it on for water but heating we just switch on as and when needed
  5. Snowflake Queen

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Is it snowing yet
  6. Snowflake Queen

    Is Anyone Interested In The Paranormal? Ghosts Etc?

    Would love to know where my ghost has gone .....
  7. Time to get doggy jumpers ready for my little bob 🐾

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    2. Snowflake Queen
    3. lassie23


      i just realized you are holding a dog lol, talk about camouflage😂

    4. Snowflake Queen
  8. Lovely lass very festive 😂👍🏼

  9. Snowflake Queen


  10. What do people who draw prefer to draw with ? This is one of my pen sketches



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    2. shotski


      A good Artist will show you where to look but not what to look for......... 👣

    3. lassie23


      and a con artist will show you were to look whilst they take all your money👻

    4. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Lol lass !! 

      And shotski most of my drawings are just crappy doodles 

  11. Who’s hand is waiting patiently for a slice of melon ?
  12. Hunters moon 


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    2. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Lass .... just bills 😂😂😂😳

    3. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Is it true that, when the moon is full and bright, it's more difficult to see Uranus?:oops:

    4. lassie23


      i think uranus is visible 24/7

  13. Last nights sun set 


    1. Seasonality


      Red sky at night...

    2. lassie23


      angel delight

    3. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      It's an amazing sunset and I love the silhouetted setting.

  14. Lots of rain ... on the plus side I have very green grass ! Just need a dry day to mow it
  15. Weed is legal in Canada 🇨🇦 

    i always said I wanted to move there !! But no In all seriousness I think it’s a good idea mainly for the people whom use it for pain relief.

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    2. karyo


      I need to get some cbd for sleeping 🙂

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      It’s good stuff ! 

    4. lassie23


      i use oil of olay can get arrested with that