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  1. I am babe yes can’t wait !
  2. It’s lovely ! Sitting in garden ( solar lights on) coffee ... stars , moon ...and music in my ears ! Have a wonderful summer everyone xx just to clarify the stars and moon are not in my ear
  3. Oooooo lovely more toasted baps time ... may throw a few snags on the bbq too
  4. Told u TAME the beast ! ..... nothing left of the beast now lass ... time to let go
  5. Now ed some would say awww but most would say LUCKY you ! No moaning or “nagging “ lol
  6. Will you shut the stuff up ! Get a fan and be quiet enjoy the heat oh Greek one
  7. Did you know.

    Yes lass I am
  8. Did you know.

    I lived in catsuits and known for my high boots ... now it’s jeans and flats and a blazer
  9. Did you know.

    Oh god I miss them and goat suits with high boots yes I was a tart ... with a heart
  10. Did you know.

    Goat pants ?
  11. Showing your age now eh
  12. Did you know.

    Y fronts haven’t heard that in a looooong time
  13. Wow what a lovely hot , uplifting day ! Enjoyed mowing my lawn before I jet off into more sun next week ! My neighbours ginger cat got stuck up my tree so rescued it ! And to finish the day off I had to burn my baps so all in all a fab day !
  14. Did you know.

    With the new songs it’s easy : just swear with a tune
  15. Did you know.

    Oh goat be so sure .... I adore music ( all types ) from classical to r&b ... I sing away to all the new songs and my kids are like erm mum how do you know this song ...