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  1. Light powdery snow just starting here in Edgbaston. I see the forecast for today has just been upgraded with heavy snow forecast between 12 and 3pm today. I think we really are down to nowcasting so who knows what's coming Friday/Saturday?
  2. Remember it well. Had to abandon my car near the Plough and Harrow and walk home with everyone else in the city.
  3. Heavy snow here too on the edge of Harborne, just starting to settle on the roads. Looks like there's quite a bit more coming too if the current track holds.
  4. Me too, teeny bit lower down on the Harborne/Edgbaston border. Fingers crossed, we've an interesting weekend in store!
  5. I don't post much but I've been watching the forum and the model output discussion thread long enough to know that with snow in the UK we are pretty much down to now-casting the vast majority of the time when it comes to specific locations. I remember a massive snow event in 2005 that gridlocked Brum that the MetOffice assumed was going to be rain right up until it was actually snow, and an awful lot of it. Car abandoned, I trudged home along with 1000's of others in the snow and the silence that comes with a good fall with not one car moving. It was quite an experience.
  6. Lol I know - but given that I have to make that journey combined with my usual luck - your chances of a total white-out blizzard-fest have just risen exponentially Meanwhile Birmingham will stay as grey as a seriously wet grey thing.
  7. I seriously hope not, we have to pick my Father-in-law up from Hadfield soon! We're going to need a bigger snow-plough.
  8. It would be just nice to see a bit of the white stuff falling! Seems like years since we had anything decent here and the last time it happened I was in New Zealand (although I'm not going to moan too much about that!). I see the Met Office has upgraded the forecast here for Friday. Fingers crossed. I'm also very glad I've got winter tyres on my car, hopefully this year we will actually need them.
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