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    Comet 46P/Wirtanen

    Comet 46P/Wirtanen is a short period of comet taking just 5.4 years to complete its orbit around the sun, it is rarely in astronomers' interests. It is a small comet with a nucleus of about 1.2km compare to that Comet Halley which has a nucleus of about 15km long.The comet on this orbital run has sparked up interest because on the 16th December, it will come within 7,260,000 million miles of Earth and will put on its best show for several centuries, however it is still won't be a brilliant comet to the level of Hale-Bopp but it should be easily seen with binoculars and possibly naked eye under ideal conditions. At closest approach, it will be ideally placed as it will be close the Pleiades or Seven Sisters and they will act as a signpost to locating the comet. The comet could appear as a fuzzy patch in the sky something like Comet Holmes did back in 2007 if members remember that comet. The cometary coma could be twice the size of the full moon at closest approach, however the light will be diffused. Magnitude predictions for the comet suggest 3-4 at best. The comet will be on view for much of the winter as it heads into the north polar region of the sky. It makes a very close approach to the brilliant star of Capella around Christmas Eve.Here's hoping for clear skies at closest approach.
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    Comet 46P/Wirtanen

  3. Did a quick research on google 1957-58 is interesting CETs December 1957: 4.5 January 1958: 3.4 February: 4.7 March: 3.7
  4. I wonder what past winters were like when there has been a strong Aleutian low-weak Icelandic low combi?
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    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    India beat the Aussies down under by 31 runs.
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    Christmas TV of old

    Here's a website that have TV listings for the Christmas season going back to 1936 http://ukchristmastv.weebly.com
  7. Polar vortices at the tropopshere and stratosphere look under stress on the 12z run
  8. Weather-history

    Winter 2018/19

    The CET maximum for the 1st of March 2018 was -1.2C, that was lower than any CET maximum that was recorded for 2009-10, lowest CET maximum for that winter was -0.7C on the 7th January. To record a daily CET maximum in March of -1.2C, you got to say it was exceptionally cold. The difference is that the late Feb-early Match 2018 spell was that it was accompanied by a strong wind which accentuated the cold. The coldest spells during winters 2009-10 and 2010-11 were under calm condiitons with snow cover and that resulted in very low minima, a series of daily December records were broken during that December of 2010. The CET daily maxima for that February 1991 spell, three on the trot were sub zero, -2.2C, -1.2C and -1.5C 28th Feb 2018: -1.3C, 1st March 2018: -1.2C. Even the first part of March 1947 didn't record a CET daily maximum that was sub-zero.
  9. Anyone recall the GFS runs up to Christmas Day 2004? That showed a cold NWly flow way out in FI for the day and it more or less stuck with it right up to the day, itself. Remember montioring every single run and the excitement building up getting closer and closer.
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    Interesting although you missed out on the grandaddy of them all, December 2015 with a whopping 9.7. As I mentioned in my post, Ian Brown, restricted the very mild December doesn't bode well for the rest of winter from 1987, which the data above seems to fit in with. My issue with that is that cold months in this period have been very restricted anyway. There have been far many above average months, so how do you separate the theory from the background noise since 1987?
  11. Winter charts from the great cold snowy spells, we have become familiar with eg January 1987, February 1991. So here's a few selection of lesser well known ones 12th February 1870 Early January 1893 Early January 1894 22nd January 1897, how's that for a NEly 23rd January 1907: monster high brings frigid air 29th December 1908: battleground scenario, the remarkable thing about this set-up is the temperature contrast between the airmasses 25th January 1910 2nd February 1912: a cold spell during a very mild winter overall 20th January 1945: How this for a NWly Early February 1954
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    July to November 1993: cold

    The evening of 8th December 1993 was a stormy one for much of England, Wales and Northern Ireland as a vigorous low tracked across Scotland. I remember it being very windy that night here. Maximum gust in mph Aberporth: 95.4 St Catherine's Point: 85.7 Leeds Weather Centre: 81.6 Odiham: 80.4 Valley: 79.4 Cardiff Weather Centre: 78.2 London Weather Centre: 75.9 Nottingham: 75.9 Bedford Airport: 74.9 Bristol: 74.7 Aldegrove: 71.3 Withering: 70.7 Stansted: 70.2Forecast by Penny Tranter Resized to 98% (was 823 x 656) - Click image toenlarge
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    July to November 1993: cold

    25 years since this extended cool to cold period CETs July 1993: 15.2°C (-0.9) August 1993: 14.6°C (-1.2) September 1993: 12.4°C (-1.2) October 1993: 8.5°C (-2.1) November 1993: 4.6°C (-1.9) It turned out to be the coldest autumn since 1952 for the CET and the coldest July-November period for the CET since 1919. Unusually cold weather at times occurred during that period and seems to have started with that cold front of 9th July 9th July: dramatic mid summer temperature drop 23rd August: chilly late summer's day Mid October: early start to winter season 22nd November: severe frosts in the SW 24th November: Mild in far SW, very cold in far NE The cold period was broken in December for the CET area but further north, December was a cold month as well. Question is what caused it and why did it last so long? Looking through my diary from that period, I noticed how often I mentioned "cool or cold". Over 50 times.
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    Less well known eye popping winter charts

    Some low minima that were recordedSurreyWallington: -13.5C (5th)KentKeston: -13.3C (7th)SussexDitchling: -12.8C (7th)NorthamptonshireSedgebrook: -12.8C (6th)EssexChelmsford: -16.7C (6thHalstead: -18.6C (6th)SuffolkGreat Thurlow: -18.1C (6th)NorfolkBeccles: -12.8C (6th)DevonBuckfastleigh: -13.3C (7th)NottinghamshireHodsock Priory: -20.2C (6th)YorkshireWakefield Prison: -17.2C (6th)Driffield: -18.2C (6th)DurhamUshaw: -15.0C (6th)CumbriaWindermere: -13.3C (6th)PerthshireStronvar: -18.3C (7th)ForfarCoupar Angus: -23.9C (6th)AberdeenshireBraemar: -20.0C (6th)Cork: -13.3C (7th)Kilkenny: -13.9C (7th)Camden Square in London recorded a minimum of -10.5C on the 5thSome reportsAddington: The 4th was a bitterly cold day with high wind and frost and the 5th was remarkable for its very low max. (-9.4C) and the min. (-11.7C)Bury St Edmunds: Maximum of the 5th was -7.8CLangton Herring: -8.3C reading between sunrise and sunset of the 5thTorquay: Snow on the 4th, 5th and 6th, 12 inches deep.Woolstaston: -7.5C maximum on the 5thHaverfordwest: -5.6C maximum on the 5thA letter by Basil T Rowswell of St Martin's, Guersney"Systematical meteorological observations have been taken in Guersney during the last 50 years with standard certifed instruments and last Friday's readings broke the record for low temperatures. The mean temperature of that day was 21.9F (-5.6C) which is (excepting Thursday's, the 4th mean) 5.9F lower than the lowest daily mean previously recorded......The coldest day on record previous to this cold snap occurred on February 11th 1870, the daily mean 27.3F (-2.3C)
  15. Some hail in the showers today
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    Did you know.

    30 years since the Big O passed away
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    Less well known eye popping winter charts

    A couple of Channel lows 26th January 1939 12th February 1970
  18. The highest December CET following a June of 16.0C and greater is 5.8C We'll see if this December can surpass this.
  19. With all due respect Crewe, you are adding caveats to each of your responses. Mild Decembers aren't a good omen for the rest of winter historically...becomes Very mild Decembers don't usually spell good news going forward. I'm not talking within 1C of average here becomes So out of the 6 years you've mentioned (out of over 200 years of reliable records) one is >2C above the mean December temperature. I know there's more infact, you've got very mild December, average January, cold February. there's even a cold January sandwiched between two very mild months. It depends what you criteria is. Infact 1977-78 is another the December was 6.1 I know Ian Brown has mentioned this before but even he restricted it to his post 1987 period. Anyway we'll leave it at that