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  1. Wow , three claps of thunder. 

  2. John Hammond giving hints of what was to come. Everything for a winter lover around here seem to come off, most of the marginal events came off. The one disappointment was that easterly short spell in early January, it was poor for an easterly. When you saw the charts at the start of January and given how cold and snowy had been before even an easterly developed. Also notable how mild spells showing up in the charts even at medium range seem to downgrade as we got closer to the timeframe. That first week of February and it looked, we were going to have the mildest spell since the start of December but that just got downgraded quickly and the block was back.
  3. Hmm Start of March 1995 and ECM 0z mean chart at 240 hrs Then from January 1984
  4. If your are looking for another December 2010 forget it. However, it could be more akin to December 1993
  5. RIP Bob Willis Watching him destroy the Aussies at Headingley 1981 was one of the great moments in British sports
  6. Have to admit although I have contributed to that site for years, I have never understood why the media so often quote him if a weather event is about to or is happening.
  7. Thinking back to 10 years ago, I wonder if it was about this time that we start to notice something maybe afoot midmonth?
  8. The closest analogy in recent times, I would go with is November 2012, infact Autumn 2012. A much wetter than average and overall coolish season.
  9. I was going to say. Also those Novembers were drier than this November by a bit of a margin.
  10. 9th January 1968: Low sliding down gave a big snowfall as cold air turned the rain to snow
  11. Wasn't even stormy and neither was October but they were both wet.
  12. Temperature wise, it has been a very seasonable autumn. Too often recently, one of the autumn months has been very mild but not this autumn. Also, I mentioned a few times, gales has been totaly absent, infact this year has not been very windy. It would be interesting to see what the average daily windspeed for this year has been for the region.
  13. Some drivers. Behind a vehicle mounted crane and the van behind me got impatient so they overtook me and the crane. About 15 seconds later, we both passed that same van turning right!! What have they gained by doing that silly impatient overtake? NOTHING!
  14. This caused chaos on the 13th January 1977 Reports said about 3 inches of snow fell in 1 hour in west London. 4 to 6 inches fell widely around Greater Manchester Liverpool Airport was shut for a time Powers cuts for parts of Yorkshire
  15. Wettest autumns on record for England and Wales (mm) 502.7 2000 455.8 1852 438.6 1960 424.1 1935 ~407mm 2019
  16. Wettest autumns on record for England and Wales (mm) 502.7 2000 455.8 1852 438.6 1960 424.1 1935 402.4 1770 400.6 1772 399.1 1875 398.7 1768 396.9 1799 396.8 1976 394.3 1872 ~393 up to 25th Nov
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