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    Total lunar eclipse at moonrise: 27th July

    Apparently the eclipse coincides with the moon being at its smallest for 2008, a so called "micromoon" So if you think "supermoon" is bad enough, we have got "micromoon" that will catch on Mars will be rising with the moon as well but below it.
  2. If we have clear skies to our eastern horizon on the evening of the 27th July, we should able to see a total lunar eclipse moonrise. The total eclipse phase ends at around 10.13pm, partial phase at 11.19pm and the penumbral phase at 12.18am. The further south and east you are, the greater the length of time you will witness the total phase as the moonrise earlier and the greater the altitude of the moon will be just before the total phase ends. For instance, moonrise at Dover is at 8.41pm and the moon is close to ten degrees above the horizon just as the total eclipse ends. From Londonderry, moonrise is at 9.34pm and the moon is just under 4 degrees above the horizon as the the total eclipse ends. Visibility of the eclipse is just not dependent on clear skies but also the clarity of the atmosphere. A lot of pollution, aerosols etc could make the eclipse very dark. Lets hope for clear skies that evening.
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    Noctilucent Clouds Season 2018

    18th June 2009. Amazing displays that evening. A blue electric colour and almost near the zenith,
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    Did you know.

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    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Noticing how brown the grass is in places. The ground is very dry and any rain that has fallen is quickly soaked up.
  6. Looks like the driest first half to June since 2006 for England and Wales.
  7. GFS 0z op run is a dry run even further north its not that wet compared to say the 06z run
  8. Why do people bother with CFS, especially Crewe Cold?
  9. The GFS 06z op run was a dry run for most of England and Wales
  10. Weather-history

    In Memoriam

    Only from 2012 onwards though when Savile's crimes came to the fore.
  11. Weather-history

    The Lingering Twilight

    Just a week to go to the longest day
  12. Weather-history

    The Lingering Twilight

    We are now approaching the time of the year where it never goes completely dark at night and the UK night is actually a lingering twilight. For twilight to end, the sun has to be 18 degrees below the horizon. Date when Astronomical twilight is not reached for these locations Lerwick: 21st April Aberdeen: 1st of May Belfast: 10th May Manchester: 15th May London: 22nd May Plymouth: 30th May At the solstice, the sun skims across the horizon at the latitude of the Arctic Circle (66 2/3 degrees north). To calculate the maximum angle that the sun dips below the horizon around the solstice, you simply deduct the latitude of your location from the latitude of the Arctic Circle. eg Manchester's latitude ~ 53 degrees N therefore maximum angle that sun is below the horizon is (latitude of Arctic Circle - latitude of location) = 13 degrees below the horizon. Manchester is within the 18 degrees limit and indeed no location in the UK is outside this limit. The critical latitude is 48 degrees N, so places in the Med do not experience the lingering twilight. Civil twilight: When the sun is between 0 and 6 degrees below the horizon Nautical twilight: When the sun is between 6-12 degrees below the horizon. Astronomical twilight: When the sun is between 12-18 degrees below the horizon. Only when the sun is 18 degrees and more below the horizon is there true darkness. The lingering twilight can be seen to the north between midnight and 1 o'clock as a glow near the horizon. The brightness of the glow depends on how far north you are. In the Channel Islands, the glow is very weak but in the Shetlands it is bright. Midnight looking due north, 12th June
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    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Seen quite a few twigs and branches down today.
  14. Weather-history

    Storm Hector - Atlantic Storm 8

    Not a lot of rain fell
  15. Weather-history

    Noctilucent Clouds Season 2018

    Best noctilucent season by far was 2009. Some of the displays were magnificent. Recent times have been pretty unspectacular not aided by the weather trying to see them anyway.
  16. Met office wrote a blog on this in 2012, so it is not so much a theory but a recognised phenomenon but like anything when it comes to meteorology it's not a guarantee that it will happen. https://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/2012/06/08/what-is-the-european-monsoon/ It stands out if there have been a dry period before it or the previous May had been pretty good and the following June is poor or a June with two distinct halves. May (very good) and June 1990 (poor), May (very dry) and June 1991 (wet) June 1997 and 2004 had two distinct halves.
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    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Ronaldsway on the Isle of Man has already recorded over 100 hours of sunshine this month. The last 6 weeks have been one of the sunniest spells on record for around here. Hopefully when the unsettled spell arrives, it will not be a total cloudfest.
  18. Weather-history

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Yesterday just seems to emphasise the struggle to get thunderstorms around here. Cells developed yet they hardly produced any sferics.
  19. Quite an accumulated rainfall contrast on the GFS 0z run.
  20. Weather-history

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Right near the edge and all we got was a few drops of rain
  21. Right on the edge of the shower area.
  22. Weather-history

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Clouds building up all round but still dry here.
  23. Weather-history

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    More oomph to the cumulus clouds now. Not sure if anything will develop around here.