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    Favourite unexpected snowfall?

    What was your favourite unexpected snowfall? One where the forecast suggested rain or it was suppose to be dry or it was expected to turn to rain but it didn't? A couple that have stuck in my mind was one from 24th February 1989. It had been a very mild and virtually devoid of winter until late February when on Friday evening of the 24th February 1989, steady rain turned steadily to sleet then snow. After a while, a covering developed on all surfaces despite how wet the surfaces had been and we had our first snow cover for that winter. Didn't expect it at all and the cover lasted until the afternoon of the next day. About 3 weeks later, another rain to snow event occurred and we had another snow cover. Another was 20th December 1993, it had been a mild weekend but it turned colder on Monday but it was cloudy. I remember looking out the window and was surprised to see it snowing about 5pm. The ground got whiter and whiter and we had a covering. After the virtual lack of snow with the two previous winters, it was great to see a snow cover for a change and also it was less than a week before Christmas
  2. Weather-history

    Favourite unexpected snowfall?

    That was a strange one, 4th March 2016. The coldest air was on the underbelly of the system and rain turned to snow on the westerly flow. Then the wind direction switched direction to one with a northerly easterly component and temperatures rose as we got the less cold uppers.
  3. Weather-history

    Favourite unexpected snowfall?

    Boxing Day evening 2014, the risk was there but turned out better than expected
  4. Would require about 11.7C daily just to beat it. Only 1 day in February 1998 actually recorded higher than that. It doesn't look likely, It would require a truely extraordinary spell.
  5. I didn't see any forecast as such. Where's the predictions for each month? Edit: He went for 5.2C for January and 100mm. 4.0C and 47mm final figures in January CET EWP prediction thread. I could have said, "mostly mild, odd wintry episode, some wet and dry spells" Amazing how acurrate you can become, the vaguer you are.
  6. ROFL, that has got to the coldest westerly flow in decades
  7. Weather-history

    Favourite unexpected snowfall?

    Remember that period well, came two months after that warm spell during mid February 1998, something to bear in my mind members given this February. Snow fell every day that Easter and the two days that followed it. Snow and hail showers broke out the Saturday, it was clear skies to start with on Easter Sunday with a frost but the showers exploded into life earlier afternoon with hail and snow. Easter Monday was dry during the day but heavy snow showers moved in from the Irish Sea that evening. It was strange seeing flowers in bloom and everything covered in snow. The snow cover thawed the next day but early afternoon we had sleet and wet snow and it just got heavier and heavier. By that night, it was billowing down and everything was covered in snow apart from the roads. Never seen a heavier snowfall during April. A severe weather warning was given for the area for heavy snow.
  8. I posted this earlier today on TWO. This from 29th February 1960
  9. Could there be a bit of dust with any rain, today? Saharan dust tracker
  10. Weather-history

    In Memoriam

    Marcia Williams, Lady Falkender, died earlier this month. She was Harlod Wilson's private and political secretary. Whiff of controversy surrounds her, she seemed to have a lot of clout with Harold Wilson when he in charge of the Labour Party and when he was PM. John Stalker, the former deputy chief constable of Greater Manchester in the 1980s has died aged 79. That's a name I recall from the past.
  11. Weather-history

    Spring 2019 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    If there are any doubts that Betts is not a mild ramper they must be dispelled by now. Crikey, this weekend isn't over and he is going on about next weekend? Surely that can't be a normal weather broadcast?
  12. Weather-history

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Fantastic win by Sri Lanka with the last wicket partnership getting them over the line against South Africa.
  13. There was a cold spell at the start of the winter. 28th November-15th December 2008 had a CET of 2.1C
  14. February 2009 was interesting because we had a spectacular SSW event just before that month but the northerly blocking at least on our side of the globe was not spectacular. You compare that to the following two winters when we had more robust northerly blocking before any SSW events had occur, although with 2010-11, it weakened after the New Year. I don't think there was a SSW event during 2010-11 anyway.
  15. Yes, these anomaly charts look good but like you said the average pressure could be say 985mb, an anomaly chart could show it was +25mb that would only mean it was an average of 1010mb. That's not high pressure, it just means a weaker low pressure. This is the problem I have with these analogue charts that have been posted in the past. They give years when such pressure anomalies have been similiar along the bottom of the chart and too often I have seen the years given, they have given different weather to the UK.
  16. Weather-history

    Spring 2019 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Use to be the stats that was alway trotted out about two great summers going in pairs. Summers 1975, 1976? 1983, 1984? 1975 was a very great summer followed by an even greater one the following year. Manchester Summer Indices were 268 ('75) and 301 ('76), 278 ('83) and 271 ('84) The other pairs trotted as examples: 1989-90 1994-95 I think summer 1990 is overrated as summer 1994 is underrated,
  17. I remember posts just like this before 2008-09 and the criteria for cold was 2005-06. Infact 2005-06 was touted as the baseline. Then came 3 winters in the trot colder than 2005-06. What I find remarkable about your post is that you question if 2017-18, the modern version of 2009-10? 2009-10 was just under a decade about! What is your definition of modern? How can you question if a spell like 2010 is possible anymore when before 2010, question were asked if we could even get a sub 3 CET? The 31 day run up to Christmas 2010 were the coldest such run up to Christmas for the CET since at least 1772, that was only 9 years ago. Then we had March 2013 to take into consideration. If these happened over 40 years ago and nothing happened since then maybe questions could be asked but not when they happened within the last 10 years.
  18. Weather-history

    November 1965: A very snowy month

    6 of the Novembers of the 1910s were colder than the subsequent December, that is some quirk and 8 of the 14 (1910 to 23) were. 1910, 1911, 1912, 1915, 1918, 1919, 1921, 1923
  19. Weather-history

    Mars Opportunity rover 2003-19

    Sadly Mars Opportunity rover has "died". NASA declared it's mission has ended after being silent since 10th June 2018. The rover was launched on the 8th July 2003 and landed on the surface of Mars on the 25th January 2004 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3026722.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3427045.stm The mission itself was planned to last only 92 days but infact last over 14 years. The rover travelled just over 28 miles on the surface of Mars. From NASA on twitter #ThanksOppy for being the little rover that could! A planned 90-day mission to explore Mars turned into 15 years of ground-breaking discoveries and record-breaking achievements. Here's a look: https://twitter.com/i/moments/1095760482844184576
  20. Weather-history

    What ever happened to ?

    ....Star Gazing live? Looks like they have cancelled it because hasn't been on since 2017
  21. Weather-history

    North West Regional Discussion 30 Jan 2019 onwards

    Ice on cars where the dew has frozen. Looks a lovely sunny day,
  22. It will be gone in time for Easter, May Bank Holidays and the start of summer......