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  1. Last occasions of an above April followed by a below average May in terms of the CET was 2015 and before that 2010 but it depends on how you compare it against their averages, May 2007 wasn't cool overall not with a CET of 11.9C, shows you how "warm" it was before the cooler end during the last week of that May.
  2. Who is doing their forecast graphics now? Piers Corbyn? Talk about sensationalistic. Wild fire, drought concerns, severe thunderstorms. Two other things to comment on. One, I hate that term "mild" used during summer. Two, how can most of Italy be described as seasonable and just to the north (including northern Italy) be described as heatwaves? What weather set-up could cause this?
  3. RIP Niki Lauda Remarkable to have come back from that life threatening crash in 1976.
  4. © Kevin Bradshaw

  5. © Kevin Bradshaw

  6. Don't remember that one One way to gauge, the actual popularity of the UK song rather than quality is where it came in the UK charts and it has been getting worse! Last one in top 40 was the 2014 entry. The 2010 entry only got to 179 in the charts! The last one to get top 10 in the charts was in 2007 at number 5. The last number 1 was Gina G in 1996.
  7. Last time, the UK entry was in the top 10 was 10 years ago, the only time the UK entry has been in the top 10 in the last 16 years Don't know what happened in 2003 but ever since then, UK has come nowhere most of the time.
  8. Don't even know what the entry was. Can anyone remember any of the U.K. entries in the last 10 years?
  9. Once again it was a flop as regards to the aurora prospects, seems to be often the case when forecasters up the chance of good auroral displays outside the usual areas.
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