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  1. Well the current event is being named by followers of twitter as Storm Brendan.
  2. Daft neighbours leaving the kids' trampoline up at this time of the year and it blew over again. Can see it go over at 1.32 in the bottom right corner . Can
  3. Kirk Douglas is 103 today, not a bad age.

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    2. Weather-history


      He's not senile or suffering from dementia etc. He still pretty sound mind this was last year


    3. Snipper


      Well that is great.

      In the case of my mother her memories drained away years ago.

      I go regularly armed with an iPad and show her photos of family, friends and places. Apart from her mother and father, where there seems to be some vague recognition nothing. Not even her own wedding photographs.

      It is so sad. I know my mother’s views about what her situation now is. She told me often enough.


    4. Snipper


      sorry pressed save twice as nothing appeared to be happening


  4. Funny enough the British Isles looks the least mild region on that map perhaps apart from Iceland
  5. Nothing has changed. Weather events since then Thunderstorm early hours of 24th July Scorcher of 25th July
  6. What has Jimmy White done to his hair? He looks he could have been an extra in the film "Coneheads", just with hair?!

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      the pic you put up, wouldn't know it was him

    2. Weather-history


      Better off losing hair gracefully than having that. Terrible.

  7. © Kevin Bradshaw

  8. Thanks Mike, so OK to analyse at a macro level but not when it comes to the a small area such as the UK. I thought that.
  9. Never seen a snowless winter. Even 2013-14, it still managed to snow.
  10. Actually how are those verifications worked out? Does a computer calculate it got that ridge right size, that low pressure the right shape, that high pressure in the right position, that low pressure the right intensity.
  11. Having said that if you look at the last occasion of a really deep solar minimum before the space era and that was around 1911-14, there were no outstanding winters in that period.
  12. I point out that 5 or more days of sub zero temps are a rare event to begin with. The cause of a sub zero CET month being sub zero is the minima and not the maxima. Take January 1963, the number of days where the CET maximum was sub zero? Only 11 And the last sub zero CET month was only 9 years ago with December 2010 and that was the coldest late November to Christmas period for the CET since at least 1772
  13. Yes it was just the April of 1989 that was below average, May was a fantastic month that year.
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