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  1. Having said that if you look at the last occasion of a really deep solar minimum before the space era and that was around 1911-14, there were no outstanding winters in that period.
  2. I point out that 5 or more days of sub zero temps are a rare event to begin with. The cause of a sub zero CET month being sub zero is the minima and not the maxima. Take January 1963, the number of days where the CET maximum was sub zero? Only 11 And the last sub zero CET month was only 9 years ago with December 2010 and that was the coldest late November to Christmas period for the CET since at least 1772
  3. Yes it was just the April of 1989 that was below average, May was a fantastic month that year.
  4. When people talk about cold springs following mild winters what they really mean is the main "wintry" spell or spells occur in the spring season. Cold springs following mild winters are not that often but if you have a wintry spell or spells during the following spring, it can give the impression it was a cold spring. Take spring 2016, it wasn't that cold neither was 2008 nor even 1995. I reckon you have go back to 1975 what I would call a mild winter followed by a cold spring.
  5. Like a lot of the winters of the 1990s...... There is only really one winter in the 1990s that really lacked zonality and that was 1995-96, most of the other winters had at least one notable zonal spell. Probably 1991-92 you could add as well because of its anticyclonicity Feb 1990 Christmas-90-New Year 1991 Feb 1992 January 1993 January 1994 February 1995 February 1997 Christmas 97- early mid January 1998 December 1998
  6. 4 of the great winters of the 20th century occurred close to solar maximum
  7. Wow , three claps of thunder. 

  8. John Hammond giving hints of what was to come. Everything for a winter lover around here seem to come off, most of the marginal events came off. The one disappointment was that easterly short spell in early January, it was poor for an easterly. When you saw the charts at the start of January and given how cold and snowy had been before even an easterly developed. Also notable how mild spells showing up in the charts even at medium range seem to downgrade as we got closer to the timeframe. That first week of February and it looked, we were going to have the mildest spell since the start of December but that just got downgraded quickly and the block was back.
  9. Hmm Start of March 1995 and ECM 0z mean chart at 240 hrs Then from January 1984
  10. If your are looking for another December 2010 forget it. However, it could be more akin to December 1993
  11. RIP Bob Willis Watching him destroy the Aussies at Headingley 1981 was one of the great moments in British sports
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