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  1. So how many in the SW of the country think today's low should have been named?

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      not in the SW, but should have been without doubt,

    2. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Samere here, 252 - given what's showing-up, I think they've underestimated it.

  2. Here's a thought, the time period sine the Berlin Wall came down is now longer than the time period that the Wall was up.

    1. Coopsy


      And yet David Hasslehoff is still living off of that infamous night in 1989 in Germany

  3. Two years since the red sun 

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    2. Weather-history


      Also two years of Summer Sun and his daily observation thread

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      is Summer Sun real or a bot?

    4. Weather-history


      Sometimes wonder, at times they post as though they are a newsfeed. 

  4. Last quarter of 2019 and the last 3 months of the 2010s

  5. According to today's Times, there is    a black hole in the centre of our solar system....🤨😗

    1. Spikecollie


      Maybe that's where the gold bog has gone. Seriously, it's silly season for the rags. But maybe, just maybe...

  6. What the hell is going on in the US?! Two mass shootings within 24 hours.

    1. lassie23


      trump thinks london is a crime pit, needs to look in his own backyard

    2. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      That's Tejas for you! It ain't called the Lone Braincell State for nothing...?

    3. lassie23


      terrorist attack on foreigners

  7. 15C, what a contrast to 48 hours ago.

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Yes, the temperature has gone down to 19.C in South Ockendon according to my weather station which has it slightly lower at 18.C, while the Met Office has it at 17.C.

      The dew point is still high at 17C.

  8. Its 25 years since Wet Wet Wet's verison of Love Is All Around was number 1 through the whole summer of 1994

    1. mushymanrob


      a dreadful dirge that sucked all the emotion out of the troggs superb original... lol

  9. 25 years since Ayrton Senna was killed during the San Marino Grand Prix

    1. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      It doesn't seem that far back...😢

  10. What a difference compared to last Saturday

    1. cheeky_monkey


      you can say that again..has been snowing all day 

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      Aye was thinking no consistency, 20th hot and sunny, 27th 'child of nadine' style washout, 4th May bitter cold and dry

      3 completely different on the trot

  11. Game of Thrones, has anyone else never seen it?

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    2. snefnug


      criap?  Hmmm, a GOT indigenous term?  Sounds way better than crap.  THAT WAS PURE CRIAP.  My go to word of the month.  Thank you. 😊

    3. snowray


      Well I was worried that crap might be considered offensive and the post deleted, got to be cautious these days with all the pc babaloox (another new word for you) that's going around.😋

    4. snefnug


      Do so like babaloox!

  12. The Rise of Skywalker

    1. cheeky_monkey


      and the fall of stars wars :wallbash:

    2. Paul


      Looking forward to this, although we a bit disappointed with the last jedi. Think the best films of the new batch have actually been the standalone ones, rogue one and solo. 

  13. This year is flying by, April is already within GFS 384 range.

    1. Paul


      Yep, soon be Christmas 😄 

    2. CreweCold


      Maybe we'll get a winter this year 🙄

  14. 25 years since John Candy died

  15. 50 days since Christmas...100 days since Bonfire night....:oldp:

    1. lassie23


      1 day since yesterday

  16. 10 years since the snow of early Feb '09. 


    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      It was something I remember very well as the last time I saw the forecast for London and the South East, it showed snow coming for Kent but not for Essex.  It was a lovely surprise in the morning when I saw the snow as I became very excited at the sight as I look out through the window at the front road. I needed to get to Grays for the appointment and I was prepared to walk to Grays a 4 mile walk as I thought the buses were not running.  The traffic was slower and more quieter than usual which pleased a lot as traffic noise causes me a lot of stress.  I did get the bus to Grays and arrived much earlier to my appointment where I had time to have a bacon sandwich and cup of tea at a local cafe.  If this type of snow event happened again I would become ecstatic. The snow in Thurrock was not mentioned in the London and South East local news.

  17. "I'm an Aussie and after you've been through a 48 degree (118.4 fahrenheit) week of non stop buring heat 37 degrees (100 fahrenheit) is a cool change. Stop your moaning UK."  Lol, a response to my YouTube upload of BBC news report of the hottest ever maximum in 2003. 


  18. Burns storm was 29 years ago today

  19. All this talk about global warming, CO2 etc and what did the world do at midnight? Pumped a load of more air pollution into the atmosphere by letting a load of fireworks off....Boy I'm a cynic...😁

    1. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      You're at least more of an optimist than I am.

  20. Well another year of timelapses done. Here's hoping to an even more meteorologically interesting 2019  with thunderstorms this time

    1. lassie23


      have you tried time-lapsing the drunks in London on new year's eve🤮

  21. How many remember Dick Emery? 

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    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      no, rings no bells, just seen died '83 so nope

    3. lassie23


      was he related to dick von dock

    4. Mokidugway


      I find it a bit painfull on sensitive areas 🤔

  22. Where is the woman? If you will not tell me I will hurt people. ROFL, how bad is Superman IV: The Quest for peace?

    1. Mokidugway


      I prefer iron man movies

    2. lassie23


      quest for peace isn't even one of those so bad its funny movies, it's just bad

    3. Yarmy


      Ha, I was just thinking that yesterday. It's actually astonishing how bad it is. When the bad guy carries the woman into space at the end and she is somehow still alive...

  23. Buncefield fire happened 13 years ago today.

    1. Mokidugway


      And will happen again unless there's  major investment  in oil refineries and storage in UK

    2. Despicable Weather

      Despicable Weather

      Remember it well only being 7 mile away, curtains sucked out of open window then blown in and up to hit the ceiling! Made for a breath stopping moment in the darkness, sure glad injuries were minimal and that it wasn't what I thought it was in those first 60 seconds!

    3. matty40s


      I remember it well as running service stations on the m1 at the time. Complete chaos of closed motorway was followed by the disruption to fuel supplies(although the government assured us there would be no problems!!!). Luckily for me Motorway services are classed as the priority customer after emergency services and armed forces so we were able to keep supplies available - albeit with long queues and some rationing!! 

      I also remember driving down to the site and wondering exactly how nobody had lost their lives in the destroyed factories and industrial units surrounding the site.


  24. What a washout, today has been.

    1. Mapantz


      Very much the same here. Wettest November I have recorded on this station, and 2" of rain in the past 5 days.

    2. matt111


      Could've said that about several days lately. ☔

  25. So what happens to storm name Deirdre? Met office have a list of named storms and the date when they are used? Diana isn't in that list.

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    2. Roger J Smith

      Roger J Smith

      Named by Portuguese met service using their list, I think what happens now is the next named storm will have to start with E, from somebody's list. 

      Not 100% sure about that, maybe they use up the unused name Deirdre anyway. In England it will be deer-dree and in Ireland deer-druh (I learned much about this from a Deirdre herself). 


    3. shuggee


      It's almost like we need some sort of European co-operation amongst neighbours to come up with a list for the continent....:whistling:

    4. Mokidugway


      Ha shuggie European  co-operation 😂

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