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  1. The truth is we don't suffer from hurricanes, typhoons etc, severe tornadoes, gigantic hailstones, inferno heatwaves, very severe cold, rarely from severe droughts etc We don't suffer like other areas of the world can suffer with the weather. And we don't suffer from active volcanoes and severe earthquakes. We are fortunate in this regard.
  2. It didn't last winter, zonality struggled last winter. There were all sorts of predictions including weeks on end for how long a zonal spell was going to last winter but the fact is zonality will last as long as long as the circumstances allow it. To know how long zonality lasts is like knowing how long a piece of string is.
  3. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    364-4 Bairstow scoring his century
  4. That cluster of showers across parts of Ireland. They may hit our region if they survive later tonight.
  5. Looks like the comma cloud is going to miss most of the region, though.
  6. Last winter, we had snow falling from some some pretty unremarkable uppers.
  7. After Sunday's debacle, I trust no preciptation model now.
  8. Manchester TAF 30% : Temporary from 13 at 17 UTC to 13 at 24 UTC Visibility: 1400 m Broken clouds at a height of 200 ft heavy rain showers, snow, snow showers
  9. We have to remember it is what happening up there is very important. It maybe cold at the surface but if there is a warmer layer up there, we won't get snow. Who remembers that day at the end of 2005 when we had heavy rain and temperatures of just 1C!
  10. Manchester Winter Index is up and running and this winter has easily surpassed the winter of 2013-14
  11. Last Manchester Airport TAF mention possibility of sleet for tonight Temporary from 12 at 18 UTC to 12 at 23 UTC Visibility: 4000 m Broken clouds at a height of 400 ft rain, snow
  12. I rememer the January 2015 one A magnificent winter's day. Clear blue skies and a whiteness from yesterday's snow
  13. It could be an icy nightmare tomorrow morning for many southern parts of our region