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  1. Jim Perry has died aged 93. Creator of Dad's Army with David Croft
  2. Kes is hunting
  3. Saw an episode of the Sweeney, the other day. This was the mid 1970s and what struck me is that no one was wearing a seat belt. Infact the backseat of the car did not look it had any seat belts. Seat belt usage became compulsory for front seats in 1983 and back seats in 1991. High speed chases and no one was wearing a seatbelt. Imagine now, they would have to take off their seat belts before jumping out of the car. Also they were on a building site, no hi-vises, no helmets. Any visitors now to a building site would have to wear them. Also they smoked like chimneys!
  4. How quick the light goes in the tropics. Chittagong is within the tropics.
  5. A possibility it could be the driest October since 1978 for England and Wales.
  6. autumn

    Lovely halo around the Moon this morning
  7. Doesn't weak zonal Novembers mean the polar vortex is weaker or displaced anyway at that point? Also aren't you more like to see a sub 5.5C CET November with a weaker zonal set up? Therefore shouldn't you want a more zonal November going off your earlier point?
  8. Killer by Adamski, that song is over 25 years old! The Power by Snap
  9. That was crap that song
  10. They wrecked the Christmas number one. Do they know it's Christmas? The original, fine but did we have to be subjected to the remakes in later years?
  11. I don't think England have ever faced so much spin during the first session of the first day of a Test as they did today. 81-3. Root is another world compared to the rest of team.
  12. Cheshire Gap effect this morning
  13. Whatever happened to Mika? Remember Mika's Love today....? The Crazy Frog was annoying made worse that it was also an advert. Whigfield "Saturday night" Ketchup song Culture Beat: Anything. One of the dumbest lyrics I've ever heard "shall I let the green grass turn black for you" Two Unlimited: "No Limit" Ricky Martin: "Viva la whatever it is" Anything by Westlife