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  1. The Ribble express was in force this morning
  2. Lovely
  3. Quite a poky cell running along the north of Fylde.
  4. It's Michaelmas today.

  5. Graeme Whipps, time-lapse from the previous night, somewhere in Scotland.
  6. Back to the last time machine thread
  7. Sad news that former Aussie fast-medium pace bowler Max Walker has died aged 68. He was eclipsed somewhat by Lillee and Thomson when they were at their pomp in the mid 70s but he ensured that England would have no respite. Tests: 34 Wickets: 138 Av. 27.47
  8. Sunset from Irlam: 27th September
  9. Lovely sunset

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      posted it in midlands thread, pics appearing on my facebook as well

    2. Allseasons-si


      Just posted mine in here


  10. A big
  11. Golf's first superstar, Arnold Palmer has died aged 87. Seven times a major winner, he popularised golf to a wider audience with his style of play and the importance of the Open to American golfers.
  12. You gotta love Liam Dutton's war on Nathan Rao's crap

    1. lassie23


      Wonder how  much he gets paid for talking out of his weeble.

    2. Dami


      look on the bright side we know it's weeble but spare a thought for the 100's who still re-post it on places such as facebook thinking it's going to happen. Heavy snow in 6 weeks? The way he writes it will not only be 6 weeks away but also on a Tuesday at 5:23 and 12 seconds. It's pathetic.

    3. Relativistic


      I wish they'd just shut the **** up.

  13. The computer says garbage because that is garbage. Look at it. Too mild for snow in Northern Ireland and the north and the south but cold and dry for everyone else. How is that synoptically possible?