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  1. Never understood why some people join forums but then hardly post anything about the main subjects of that forum but they constantly post in the sideshows eg 900 posts but only 6 weather related and the rest is COVID and the 1st weather post is after they made made 200 posts
  2. When was the last time you saw an eclipse in this country at least? Did you see the 2015 one?
  3. Definitely not rainfall, our recent summers have got wetter despite 2018
  4. Found this from the Manchester Evening News. Date is confusing because it says February 2007 and January 2013 but I recall John Kettley's infamous BBQ friendly summer prediction was 2004 It's time to light your BBQ and put the Kettley on - Manchester Evening News WWW.MANCHESTEREVENINGNEWS.CO.UK THE rain has so far poured scorn on top weatherman John Kettley's prediction of a barbecue friendly summer - but that's set to change this weekend. But here is the point I posted this. "Looking more long-term, Mr Kettley predicts Greater Manchester can loo
  5. Angelici Magiovinium? A.J? Bottesford? John Kettley's BBQ summer index? (long before Met Office's infamous BBQ summer forecast)
  6. Just spotted this. This is easy to explain, the politics threads were closed (3 years ago now) and since 95% of their posts (out of thousands) were to do about politics.......
  7. Anyone knows what happened to Darren Bown? Use to be a regular contributor in this thread.
  8. Haven't found many photos of the actual annular eclipse probably because it occurred over a remote area
  9. Best satellite view of the annular shadow on the Earth that I could find so far
  10. Some cracking photos about, sunrise and sunset make the best for a partial
  11. Final stages, can just see a tiny notch at 10 o'clock with the last photo
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