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  1. This site advertises Storm Chases in the US. Do you think people that go on these tours hope they don't see any severe storms, tornadoes whilst there etc? Its a weather forum site, it's going to attract people who like severe weather. They want to see blizzards, they want that severe thunderstorm to strike.
  2. Weather affects all wildlife. Do you think the current flooding is not effecting wildlife? Do you think a very mild winter does not effect wildlife? Winter 2013-14 was very mild but look the misery that caused with the flooding . Look at the summer of 2018, do you think the drought and wildfires didn't effect wildlife or the summer of 2012?
  3. Being into photography, the sheer beauty of it
  4. We are on the verge of overtaking autumn's 2012 rainfall total for England and Wales then making this autumn the wettest autumn since 2002. Wettest autumn since 2000 is on the cards.
  5. Another possibility would be say early January 1982, the 13th December 1981 I mentioned I would have thought would have said snow turning to rain for the SW.
  6. Talking politics. Theresa May will be the first ex PM to stand at a general election since Ted Heath in 1997.
  7. It was a "bright" night last night with the full moon. It was really high
  8. Same here. Funny how the memory works at times. Sometimes you need something to trigger it.
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