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  1. What Mum forgot to tell her son was that his dad died from visiting McDonald's too often. Who the hell thought this was a good idea for an advert?
  2. A bit of convection today
  3. Spotless Days Current Stretch: 5 days 2017 total: 35 days (26%) 2016 total: 32 days
  4. Spotless Days Current Stretch: 4 days 2017 total: 34 days (26%)
  5. Spotless Days Current Stretch: 2 days 2017 total: 32 days (24%) 2016 total: 32 days (9%)
  6. It has got to be said some of their forecasts have been way out. Spring 2017 forecast is poor with warmth delayed for our part of the world. We just had one of the warmest Marches on record.
  7. Very sunny so far this May, just Saturday gone was really cloudy
  8. Spotless Days Current Stretch: 1 day 2017 total: 31 days (24%)
  9. Do you know, I wasn't that impressed by the storm. A lot of the thunder was at altitude and although I got a storm it wouldn't be up there with some past storms I have experienced. Maybe it was the thunder part of the storm that knocked it down the list.