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  1. That is dry away from the far north and even that is not that wet for autumn. Out to 384
  2. Weather-history

    Harvest Moon

    And tonight is the night.
  3. Weather-history

    July to November 1993: cold

    25 years since this extended cool to cold period CETs July 1993: 15.2°C (-0.9) August 1993: 14.6°C (-1.2) September 1993: 12.4°C (-1.2) October 1993: 8.5°C (-2.1) November 1993: 4.6°C (-1.9) It turned out to be the coldest autumn since 1952 for the CET and the coldest July-November period for the CET since 1919. Unusually cold weather at times occurred during that period and seems to have started with that cold front of 9th July 9th July: dramatic mid summer temperature drop 23rd August: chilly late summer's day Mid October: early start to winter season 22nd November: severe frosts in the SW 24th November: Mild in far SW, very cold in far NE The cold period was broken in December for the CET area but further north, December was a cold month as well. Question is what caused it and why did it last so long? Looking through my diary from that period, I noticed how often I mentioned "cool or cold". Over 50 times.
  4. Weather-history

    Autumn 2018

    2015? I remember Septembers 1993 and 1994 being chilly
  5. Ice on roof of car, Orion hangs in the sky, winter is on its way.

  6. Weather-history

    Autumn 2018

    The autumn equinox
  7. Weather-history

    Things that tick you off?

    Does Nationwide tell the advertising agency to produce the most annoying adverts?
  8. Weather-history

    Least favourite weather events

    Least favourite weather events? I look at it from the view of the event hitting you full whack and not an event that only partially affected you or failed because that is a failed weather event. Least favourite weather events are severe gales, the least favourite of them being storm Kyrill and the Christmas Eve gale of 1997.
  9. Weather-history

    North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

    The three month period May to July 2018 was truely exceptional for NW England and North Wales, the closest I can think of coming to it in my life time would be May to July 1989 and even then it wasn't that close. I did a "summer" index for that period and it came in at around 296 which is better than every summer measured by the index since 1900 except 1995 and 1976 Summer 1976: 301 Summer 1995: 298 May to July 2018: 296 The one thing that stands out more than anything for me from that period were the sunshine levels, they were phenomenal! Looking at the Met Office regional figures for the NW England and North Wales area May 2018: 256.5hrs sunniest May ever June 2018: 257.1hrs 4th sunniest June ever July 2018: 250.1hrs: 4th sunniest July ever Total of 763.7hrs or 8.3 hrs of sunshine per day Sunniest ever season for the area is summer 1976 with a total of 681.5hrs or 7.41hrs of sunshine per day. May to July 2018 recorded 82.2hrs more sunshine than during summer 1976. Sunshine totals for May-July 2018 Ronaldsway: 754hrs Shap Fell: 689.2hrs RAF Valley: 779.9.hrs Aberardon: 801.9hrs Maximum temperatures are another standout for that period. May 2018: 17.3°C 2nd warmest ever May June 2018: 20.3°C 2nd warmest ever June July 2018: 22.3°C 3rd warmest ever July The maximum temperature for May to July 2018 average at just under 20.0°C. They were only 5 summers since 1929 warmer than this in terms of maximum temperatures. Rainfall totals are interesting, only summers 1976 and 1995 were drier than May to July 2018 for summers since 1929. May to July 2018 will linger long in the memory: hours of sunshine, land getting parched and cracked, the smoke coming off the Pennines and Winter Hill, the glorious sunsets almost every day. It will take something for a future May to July period to surpass it.
  10. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadukp/charts/hadukp_daily_plots.html
  11. I don't want to derail this thread but there hasn't been a lot of cold Marches recently. There have been only 3 sub 5C CET Marches this century. (2006, 2013 and 2018) 4 in the last 30 years.
  12. Weather-history

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Jennings is a lucky boy. Don't think we will see Stoneman nor Malan play for England again.
  13. It isn't but you do seem have a fascination with CFS when it shows a "cold" March. Its almost a running joke.
  14. Figures to the 20th September are 51mm, so not as wet as you think and that includes 21mm for the 20th.