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  1. Lochgelly timelapse
  2. At around 11.14 you can see the damaged remains of the trampoline at the detached house go over. In the bottom left hand corner, you can see part of the felt on my neighbour's shed roof get ripped off at about at about 12.13
  3. Timelapse of Storm Doris as hit Irlam, today
  4. Liverpool's port has closed.
  5. Winds really picking up, gusts getting stronger.
  6. Wind has been steadily picking up, squally rain curtains coming down.
  7. Will they have to close Runcorn-Widnes bridge, Thelwall Viaduct and Barton high level bridges? If they do, it will be travel chaos.
  8. Britannia bridge has been closed.
  9. I wonder what the cable car station is like on the top of the Great Orme, Llandudno.
  10. Night approach of storm Doris to Irlam
  11. Latest Manchester Airport Taf Probability 30% : Temporary from 23 at 08 UTC to 23 at 15 UTC Wind 35 kt from the West/Northwest with gusts up to 55 kt Liverpool 30% : Temporary from 23 at 07 UTC to 23 at 17 UTC Wind 40 kt from the West/Northwest with gusts up to 60 kt
  12. Twilight Zone the Movie, Nightmare at 20000ft. A petrified of flying passenger, a raging thunderstorm and he's the only one who can see the gremlin damaging the plane outside.
  13. I wrote an article on that last month Predicted severest winds look more compact than that one.
  14. The areas currently under greatest threat looks similiar to the areas that were badly hit by that great gale of early January 1976. I hope it is not as bad as this storm.
  15. Richard of Aberdeen will not agree with you,