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  1. Another factor, it was wetter than average for England and Wales, which is probably why it has never really stuck in my memory. August 1998, for England and Wales, was sunnier and drier than August 1997. August 2014 which is generally remembered as a poor August was actually touch sunnier than August 1997
  2. The first few days of March 2013 wasn't actually that cold, infact by the 9th, it was 4.9C for the CET. That's what makes that month really remarkable to go from 4.9C to 2.7C in a month that climatically on average gets milder as the month progresses. The first 9 days averaged 4.9C, the last 9 days averaged 0.9C
  3. With all due respect, Pete, I'm a weather historian and I take the opposite view, I don't take personal experience at face view as people tend to look through nostalgic glasses or they allow their nature (eg pessimists) to look through a narrow prism. People say that "summers were better when they were kids" etc. as an example. I look at the hard stats evidence to back up what they say.
  4. I don't see how you got wintry showers with that chart. Looks more like rain crossing the country. Look at the uppers ? Also winter 1963 effectively ending in the first week of March. March 1963 had a CET of 6.0, no way that March could be described as cold overall especially it came after a sub-zero February, it would have felt positively balmy after two and a bit months in the freezer. London got to 17C on the 6th March 1963, I don't think London has recorded above 16C this year thus far.
  5. I would have said more like 1962 rather than 1963. 1962 had a really cold March which started at the back end of February. I actually think more recent bad summers have been generally worse overall than the poor summers of the 1980s. Only recall 1984 onwards though. 2007, 2008 and 2012 were rank. 1987 was closest to being as bad but 2012 was a shocker.
  6. Winter 2017 2018 General Discussion

    I think parts of Midlands down to the southwest of England and parts of central and south Wales have had a snowy season, it sounds like it anyway by the reports. We still got the rest of this March, April, maybe even May.
  7. Things that tick you off?

    Moan drones. If the weather is so constantly crap for your area, get a new hobby! Why maintain the interest if there is nothing to maintain the interest.
  8. No, you got the wrong stack, it wasn't me blowing mine, it was Carrington's petrochemicals, blowing theirs.
  9. Old radar images of past weather events.

    14th May 1993: late season snowfall in Scotland 14th October 1993: early season snowfalls in the far north 20th November 1993: early season easterly blast 6th January 1994: forecasters caught out by snowfall 19th February 1996: snow showers 12th January 1999: frontal snowfalls 1st August 1999: thundery breakdown of heatwave
  10. The years when these months first returned a month that was at least 1.0C below their 1961-90 averages. January: 1997 February: 1991 March: 1996 April: May: 1996 June: 1991 July: August: 1993 September: 1993 October: 1992 November: 1993 December: 1992
  11. We not had a very cold or even just a decently chilly April for a long time. Believe it or not, the first April that was at least 0.5C below the 1961-90 average since that average came into existence wasn't until 2012! Even that was still less than 1.0C below the 1961-90 average. In other words, we still yet to record an April that was at least 1.0C below the 1961-90 average since that average came into existence.
  12. Met Office loses BBC contract

    Bill Giles is not holding back "“as disappointing as a downpour in high summer.” http://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-03-19/bbc-weather-graphics-bill-giles/
  13. Are you serious? Not a chance, anyone remember February-April 1986?! That period was colder than most of the winters of the 1960s!
  14. Old radar images of past weather events.

    9th June 1993: storms 23rd July 1996: golf ball sized hailstones 17th May 1997: cricket sized hailstones near Thame