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  1. June 2017 turning into a funny old month, warmest June temperature for 40 years, wettest June day for 10 years, those strong winds earlier in the month.
  2. Unfortunately Euro 4 was near the mark
  3. 25C and a dew point of 20C at 9.20pm at Manchester airport.
  4. That finger of preciptation running from Cumbria back towards Dublin must be some kind of trough.
  5. Altocumulus castellanus producing crepuscular rays.
  6. A dew point of 20C, not often you see that on Manchester Airport METAR
  7. Sky looks tropical, sunshine and rain.
  8. Lol, neighbour caught out mowing lawn and suddenly the heavens open.
  9. Yet the clouds look like they are hardly moving. Lots of altocumulus castellanus around but they don't look as though they are zipping pass.
  10. Nitroglycerin won't explode unless something triggers it. It will sit happily despite how unstable it is.
  11. More sferics again in the Irish Sea,
  12. Current preciptation charts look somewhat like Euro 4 charts for about the same time, just underestimating the rainfall further south. Got to say that is not good news as Euro 4, at least the 06z one, goes for virtually nothing, storm wise, away from that Scottish pulse.
  13. Sunshine has returned. Had a very short sharp shower from cloud bank.
  14. On the satellite, you actually see the cells developing.