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  1. Manchester Summer Index is tanking, it has dropped to 176 up to yesterday. Looked at the sunshine figures at Rostherne which is near Manchester Airport, just 12hrs of sunshine this month up to sunset yesterday. Compared to 2 years ago when we were in the midst of a great summer spell with 108.7hrs.
  2. Only 12 hours of sunshine so far this month at Rostherne up to sunset yesterday. 2 years ago at the start of that July, it was beaten on the very first day with room to spare!
  3. Pete Lawrence has done a real good location map for the UK http://twitter.com/Avertedvision/status/1280069087608164352/photo/1
  4. Look out for Comet NEOWISE! RAS.AC.UK This month astronomers in the northern hemisphere are enjoying views of Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), discovered in March by the NEOWISE space telescope. The comet surv...
  5. I remember an absolute rank July day in 2004, I think it was the 8th. It was absolutely awful, compounded by a gusty NEly wind. At least yesterday, there was virtually no wind.
  6. June 2015 was a dry month, 25th driest June on record for our region. Unfortunately July and August didn't carry on in the same vein although they were not up there with those great summer washout months.
  7. Pretty good summer. Not up there with 1995 and 2018. I had a couple of day trips to Chester and York during early July 2013. Both days were stunning.
  8. Never witnessed this but I heard accounts about it from relatives and friends. Hailstorms of early June 1983 that hit parts of the region. I assume the storms were supercells.
  9. Good news are the latest FAX charts have the frontal systems and little lows further south.
  10. The problem with August 2008 is that it's mean hides the fact that maximum wise, it was the coolest since 1993. Thats why a lot of people perceive it as cool, the lack of high maxima. They are correct to perceive this. It's the minima that kept the CET mean high. For summer months, maxima are far more important. Who remembers a minimum of 17C to a maximum of 31C?
  11. Great photos. Sadly this comet will be nothing like Hale-Bopp. To show how amazing Hale Bopp was, it was already a naked eye object about 9 months before it even reached its perihelion. Despite this, it's a great that a comet is visible.
  12. Wettest and dullest ever August. What a month for Northern Ireland that was. ?
  13. Cloud has rolled in again. It has been a terrible period for viewing around here the last 3 or 4 weeks,
  14. Manchester Summer Index is the same and has 2015 as the best of that grouping and 2012 as the worst. I've got my timelapses from that summer of 2015, I'll have to look back at them, to gauge how many really good days there were during that summer.
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