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  1. Looks dark looking north
  2. Can see lightning on Hamburg Airport cam. There is a delay so storm is already there.
  3. Carry on Columbus. That was painful! Grease 2: how many songs can you remember from this sequel?
  4. What are some of the worst films you have ever seen? Went to to a cinema and walked out during film or came out of the end of it wondering why you just wasted 2 hours of your life?, rented a video (remember those days?) and wished I went for the other film instead? Here are some of my worst. Jaws 4: The Revenge The title should have given it away to me on probable quality Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Big Star Trek fan but came out of the cinema thinking that was crap! The Swarm: another Michael Caine atrocity (he was in Jaws 4!), criminal waste of those stars. Howling II: your sister is a werewolf. The Conqueror: seeing John Wayne as Genghis Khan was hilarious. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Saw that at cinema and came out feeling very, very underwhelmed. Airport 79: The Concorde. Concorde flying upside down whilst the pilot fires a flare from the cockpit to attract a heat seeking missile from the plane?! COME ON!!
  5. Caught lightning on my time-lapse last night. Sheet lightning.
  6. Yeh, seen that version. I shouldn't laugh because it is meant to be a serious scene
  7. Which version of the Blob? Steve McQueen was in the original.
  8. When a forecast mentions thundery rain, you can almost be certain that you will not hear thunder.
  9. Howling II: Your sister is a werewolf. Saw that on video in the 80s. BAD! Grease II Mac and Me 1941: a rare Spielberg dud.
  10. Very poor summer for thunderstorms, one of the worst of recent times around here. Not one decent storm during the meteorological summer thus far and time is running out fast. Last two years were poor overall for thunder but there was at least one decent storm.
  11. Time-lapse of Earth shadow as it retreats on the dawn of 26th August 2016.
  12. A decent day, a far cry from yesterday
  13. Bewitched I Dream of Jeannie
  14. Ghost Story: some veteran actors were in this one including Fred Astaire. Popeye with Robin Williams in the title role. Howard the Duck A Summer Place, I have never seen that at all on TV but the theme tune to it famous and has been used in TV adverts.
  15. Twilight Zone the Movie, seen that a few times Horrific what happened to Vic Morrow and those two kids in that film. Amazed there was no "in memoriam" to them in the credits.