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  1. Well im very disappointed , Been raining heavy all afternoon here , was forcast 6 hours of heavy snow on met app which slowly got less and less to now rain and sleet for rest of night . Gutted.
  2. Still snowing heavy where i am . Powder snow with big flakes mixed in now. Temperature minus 1c
  3. Still coming down well here in ashburton devon . 3 to 4 inches on ground , temperature minus 3.3c .
  4. Hi all , haven't been on here in a while but being in the red area I thought i would help keep all updated on snow. So far just a dusting really . Snow has stopped , now waiting the the 12 o'clock shift . Bring it on .
  5. Heavy snow in Ireland right now according to a twitter post I just read
  6. Local weather just watched it short but it shows the snow.... but it's raining outsidetrim.8AB87974-D5FA-4493-842D-705B2D2BA0F4.MOV sorry i thought this vid would be viewable on here not a download.
  7. just watched the bbc local weather on telly and they are showing loads of snow moving over devon from about 10 till 1am . but my temps are rising , now 3.6 dew 1.0 and its raining outside, whats going on .
  8. last post temp 5.9c dew 3.7 pressure rising 1004.7 now .... temp 4.6 dew 2.5 pressure rising 1005.4
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