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  1. Those that have snow falling.... is it settling? We just moved to Crowborough, 183ft ASL so I’m kind of hoping a good winter!!
  2. It is here too. We couldn’t work it out!
  3. About 4 inches in Tunbridge Wells, still snowing!
  4. Snowing properly in TW now. Was so busy sulking that it wasn’t here yet I didn’t look out for half an hour or so. Everything is white! Yay!
  5. Thanks - I have to go to Crowborough later, keep us posted? :-)
  6. Anyone in Crowborough? Any sign of anything there?
  7. Ooh where are you? I’m speldhurst/Langton and nothing yet!
  8. Nothing here in TW yet, but oh my goodness it’s cold! Can see dark clouds and some precipitation in the distance to the north. Come on snow..... kids are going to be gutted when I wake them up.
  9. Nothing in TW yet.... come on snow, come on!
  10. Is it all off then?? I’ve been away all weekend, just got home after leaving husband a list of preparations to make. He’s been out and got logs, candles, wrapped the outside taps up and now I’ve got to tell him it’s not happening??? I was looking forward to sitting down to watch the radar now and being snowed in in the morning??? Please tell me we are still getting some snow! My kids may never speak to me again.
  11. I’m officially excited! Massive shop done today and we are ready..... thank you to everyone here for all the explanations and deciphering of the charts the last few days. Bring on the snow!!!
  12. Couldn’t sleep, so had a cup of tea and looked at the models. Just placed grocery order for delivery.... tinned things, candles, bottled water. As soon as my mum is awake I’m going to organise one for her too, she’s almost 70 so I don’t want her worrying about running out of food. There, that’s probably jinxed it. Although actually despite spending the last ten years desperate for this weather I’m now a bit scared!