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  1. It’s been snowing for three hours in crowborough, looks heavy and promising but it’s not really settling. Very frustrating!
  2. Proper snow in crowborough now! Settling too. Long may it continue!
  3. Where is my snow? All I’ve got is tiny specks and it’s blowing upwards in the wind....... Crowborough.
  4. We did very well last night - I think we had about 5/6 cms this morning. Still got a lot of lying snow now too.
  5. Proper settling snow and still snowing... and that road is the main bus route Brighton to Tunbridge Wells through Crowborough. Not fancying the school run tomorrow!
  6. Snowing in crowborough and almost to the minute on the meto forecast.
  7. Please can people put their locations in posts! So annoying can’t see where “here” is on my phone.
  8. A all day long for me! Imagine! And it must be snowmanbuilding quality snow, the kind you can roll up like a carpet. No powdery stuff that you can’t make into a ball haha!
  9. Ask them Everyone on here is happy to help others and they all love talking about the weather, and not just from an imby perspective. Unless you get snow and I don’t..... I might not be so helpful then
  10. I don’t post very often but I’ve been a member since 2012 and I read all the time. I’d be really sad if this board got split. Valued posters from north and south of the region and a vibrant community feel. When the board was split during the beast last year it lost something imho.
  11. It’s not the only reason I moved here.... but it might have been a factor!!
  12. My first winter in Crowborough. I’m excited for the week ahead!!
  13. Those that have snow falling.... is it settling? We just moved to Crowborough, 183ft ASL so I’m kind of hoping a good winter!!
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