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  1. Two songs by The Doors with direct reference to the summers end 1.Summers almost gone 2. Indian Summer 'morning found us calmly unaware Mildew gold ran through our hair At night we swim the laughing sea When summers gone Where will we be'
  2. By both populations do you mean Ireland and England? What about those lovely Welsh and Scottish names? Some of those names can be crackers to spell. I think you are doing your fellow countrymen a disservice to suggest that they can't get their head around Ciara. It is fairly easy to spell if you want it to be.
  3. Hi Jason Fort William itself is fairly low lying and rarely gets snow in my experience. Obviously Ben Nevis is there but I don't think you want to be going up there over the next few days. Aviemore and the Cairngorms national park is a better bet generally. The A9 has high points on the road up so you have to be careful with snow gates being closed etc. I am speaking in general terms. I have not seen the specifics of forecasts in these areas over the next few days. Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip to Scotland.
  4. Have deleted most of the text from Catacols post to save space but this in one fantastic post. Easy to understand, very educational and well written. What makes it perfect is that this could actually happen in the next few weeks. Thanks Catacol. This is not to forget about some of the fantastic contributions from others in recent days. Steve Murr, Nick Sussex, Bluearmy, John Holmes etc (and my personal favourite Tight Isobar). I have been a reader of this forum since 2009 and when an upcoming cold spell looks likely to verify there is no better place to be. I remember being on the Weather
  5. How do .you know I am reading this now? Very impressive. Who needs computer models when you have these powers......? Seriously though, the point you make about us being geographically on the borderline between the mobile Atlantic and the near continent is what makes it so precarious every time. Much like waiting for the outcome of our political future, you have to be very, very patient to be a cold weather fan in the UK. You are absolutely correct. We keep coming back for more.
  6. Snowing heavily now and settling on the road. Good luck everyone for the night ahead.
  7. Very light snow started to fall in Lanark. We are on the Northern boundary of the Met office amber warning so a good fall here may give hope to those in the Central belt.
  8. Snowing here just now. First proper shower of the day/ eve. The ground is very wet so it is not sticking yet. Hopefully a further drop in temperature will allow the snow to settle.
  9. Now, now!!! Let's not be too confident. It hasn't happened yet, exciting as those charts are to look at. A Scotland wide snow event would be great, a UK wide snow event would be even better.The more the merrier I say. The Glasgow, Clyde valley will be less likely to get snow because of altitude as much as anything. I think that is covered by the Met Office 2-7 cm guidance. The lack of Amber warnings baffles me a bit but I suppose that the answer to that is in the word showers (rather than persistent snow). You can sense the excitement this eve. It's like waiting for Elvis to
  10. A very interesting week ahead. It seems strange to me that when we get PM sourced air from the North West in the middle of January in Scotland, that altitude still has to play a factor. Yet it does seem to still be a factor for Tuesday. 850 HPa temps at -7 or below, dry bulb/ wet bulb temps, dew-points etc all on the cold side of favourable (based on my very limited knowledge of the subject) and yet for low lying areas of the central belt sleet is still showing on Met Office/ BBC graphics for Tuesday. I live in Lanark at approximately 190 m asl so should see snow falling. I work in Mother
  11. What should we be cheering for? PM air from the North West moving South East or the High pressure to the East progressing west bringing colder uppers from the continent? I suspect that the answer to this question is dependent on geographical location. North Western areas will cheer the former, South Eastern areas the latter. Would this be a reasonable assumption or is this too simplistic? Part of me would like to see SM and others be right because it would prove to be a great call when all seemed lost for the block. I suspect however that living in Scotland, to cheer that horse woul
  12. With the focus that many people put on the stratospheric temperature, split pv's and ssw's it would seem almost incredible that your findings, if true, have been overlooked. I think people can agree that LRF's and global drivers are rightly under scrutiny just now. Lorenzo made a very honest, heart felt post a few days back where his exasperation was almost palpable. The conclusion may be that the forecast regarding blocking is actually not far off the mark but in terms of conditions on the ground on our small island, it would be hard to make a case for a front loaded winter (yet). I have
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