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  1. A touch of snow early doors but rain, rain and more rain since. Big puddle in the middle of the garden now.
  2. Showers coming through are now solidly snow from start to finish. Just need something a little more prolonged and it should readily lie. Current lamppost shot.
  3. Mix of rain, sleet and wet snow. Lay for a little while but now melted. Not expecting much from today.
  4. Still and almost feeling warm in the hazy sunshine. It's February and I am outside in a T-shirt. The weather has malfunctioned!
  5. Something quite sleety passed through overnight and then froze. Thick ice on everything this morning. Now sun, no wind and feels quite spring like.
  6. Started as heavy snow and gave a very respectable fresh covering. Now turned to heavy rain.
  7. Some great pics and nice to see some more substantial snow around the country than we had here. The snow from Tuesday and Wednesday is still hanging on despite the Cooncil's best efforts. That's twice in the last two years we've had a gritter up here!
  8. Amazingly and unexpectedly, it's snowing.
  9. Whilst only based on the car, locally it never went above freezing today. -3 now. Headed down to the coast this afternoon. Somewhat surprised to find snow on the ground in Kilmarnock and Irvine given they are two of the least snowiest places. Beaches at Prestwick and Troon were frozen. There was even ice on Troon beach. Something you don't see every day.
  10. Day off today and a fantastic winters day. Cold, sunny, snow on the ground with no sign of a thaw despite the sun. Could see some tiny sparkly flakes in the sunshine which I assume is the moisture in the air freezing as, unlike @Huntforsnow there, is no fog here. Looking west, I can certainly see the big bank of fog that must be hanging over the Garnock Valley.
  11. Car says -7. Yesterday's snow cover holding up well.
  12. Car reading -4.5 already on way home. Temperature inversion in evidence over the snow with small pockets of mist and fog sitting in all the dips. Nice to have some proper winter weather finally. Hopefully see a bit more over the course of the next month or so.
  13. Light to moderate snow here. Lying on all untreated surfaces.
  14. Heavy snow when I left the house this morning down to around 100 metres. Now bright and sunny at work in Greenock. Not really the day I was expecting. Not seeing too much on the radar for south of the central belt. The current big blob I think will be north of here. Not quite the day I was expecting as I thought much more frequent showers.
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