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  1. Just on the very edge of that shower. Mix of graupel and snow. Didn’t last long but just visible on the grass.
  2. Another dry and sunny day here although still feeling mightily cold in that stiff northerly wind. No flakes here but wouldn’t have expected any. Nice to see some snow pics again in what must be the last gasp of winter. Got to say that by 6th April, I am looking for some spring warmth. Latest snow I remember here in recent years was on 4th April. Although I do remember going to my standard grade geography exam in snow in mid May in the 1990s.
  3. After feeling thoroughly spring like yesterday, a pretty foul day today. Less rain than expected but the wind was pretty gusty, particularly early afternoon. A few trees down locally and roof slates flying about.
  4. Heavy snow now switched to freezing rain. Oddest sound. Sounds like hail hitting the window. Outside it’s tinkling on everything as it falls, the drops are frozen where they land, yet if I stick my hand out it’s wet.
  5. Felt like a really old fashioned winters day today. Light to moderate snow for a time falling on existing snow, no thaw, a biting wind, snow whipping up where it was lying on the fields and a very wintry looking sky. Shame today didn’t end up with heavy snow in the west, everything was right for that except the intensity of the precipitation! Won’t take long to disappear here when the thaw sets in. Had plenty snow events here since 3rd December and many crisp and icy days, although nothing spectacular. Been a good winter and hopefully a big final event for us in the west wil
  6. A morning trip up to Whitelee with some great skies. Surprisingly quiet also which was a bonus. Currently under a green blob on the radar but only the smallest and lightest of flakes blowing in the wind.
  7. A paltry 3cms here but being 10 miles from the Ayrshire coast and with a set up that didn’t bring many showers in this direction, I don’t think that’s too bad. Enough to get out sledging with the kid so I am happy. Maybe get something on Saturday although not sure it looks too promising. Then a warm up but hopefully something else will come along before the winter is out.
  8. Watching the last blob approaching. Bottom half on a perfect track for here. Then the bottom half just fizzled out. Looks like the showers break up as they head over the Eaglesham Moor. So nothing reaches here but the top half stays intact and [email protected] B and @Stormeh. I blame the wife for choosing where to live. Mind you, she’d have us on the Ayrshire coast if left unchecked! Just back in from the evening torchlight walk. Cold, crispy and a few flakes in the breeze. Photos taken in complete darkness. Amazing what the camera on the phone can pick up.
  9. Just had the best shower of the day. Also seemed to re-intensify a little as it passed. Conditions in Dundee are looking mad!
  10. Really not catching any showers here. Still either to the north or fizzling out. Nice lunchtime walk though. Edit: some lovely fluffy flakes now falling again. Nice to watch but not going to make much impact on the ground.
  11. Some great photos on here this morning. Not much here. Showers either missed to the north or fizzled out before they got here. Decent falls from an easterly in Ayrshire are hard to come by, but nice to get a covering.
  12. Given I’m 10 miles from the Ayrshire coast, not a bad wee shower off an easterly! IMG_0332.MOV
  13. The showers are just a touch south each time to the point I caught the bottom edge of the last one. Unfortunately it was losing its intensity, but at least I join the party!
  14. @Mr Frost must be getting some action? A shower making it to Gourock.
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