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  1. First notable frost of the season here too. Cars, grass and roofs all frozen. Disappeared quickly in the sun.
  2. Subsided here now except for a few squally showers rattling through. A lot of trees down locally, the most I've seen in one go for a while. Guess that is to be expected when they are still in leaf.
  3. Where did summer go? Not that mine went to plan anyway as I came down with severe pneumonia and had weeks in hospital. So didn't see much of it! First lively weather of the season and it has really picked up here now. Mix of sunshine and very squally showers. Wind really gusting now. Plenty twigs and small branches coming down from the trees behind the house with the occasional thud as they his the greenhouse. Reports of a number of local roads affected by branches and fallen trees.
  4. Flipping heck, was surprised by this on the run to work this morning. Heavy wet snow, lying well down to about 100 metres and compacting onto the roads.
  5. Just a slight covering on the grass etc. The band just wasn't very heavy here and it's looking like it's about past here now. Still, snow in April. Don't get that every year.
  6. After a day of sleety pish, it is now proper snow here. Not that heavy and it is only lying on the cars and the greenhouse roof so far. 2018, the winter that just won't leave!
  7. Cloud breaking with a bit of sun coming through. Around 6c according to the car. Looking dry here for the weekend. Met Office automated symbols are showing heavy snow for me overnight Monday into Tuesday. I am sure that will chop and change between now and then however.
  8. Cracking sunny afternoon and feeling warm in the sun whilst digging the garden. Certainly don't want cold sleety rubbish for Easter. Either proper snow or the same as this weekend please.
  9. Wall to wall sunshine today. Felt quite pleasant in the sun this afternoon. Snow patches still holding on with a bit of elevation on my way to work. Grass frozen as soon as the sun went down.
  10. Carbon copy of yesterday here. Feels bitter, few flakes blowing about but otherwise sunny.
  11. Sunny and snowing at the rate of about 10 flakes a minute, occasionally a little heavier. Feels incredibly cold in the wind.
  12. A cold, grey day which felt more January than March although it is slightly brighter at home than it was at work all day. Doubt I'll see much more than a flurry over the weekend but I might be surprised. Not sure how anyone is meant to make sense of the Met Office warnings for tomorrow!
  13. Fun and games in some very unexpected conditions this morning. Snow down to relatively low levels and snowing well on the high routes. Ended up having to dig the girl in the Mini out the snow bank. I was the only one with a shovel. The polis were as much use as a chocolate teapot when they turned up and the girl in the Mini couldn't find the towing eye to fit to the back to pull her.
  14. Heavy snow here. Everything turning white. Wasn't expecting this this morning.
  15. Rain, sleet and wet snow this afternoon and evening and a light slushy covering. I could see this weather far enough this afternoon rolling about the ground trying to change wheels due to a nice big screw in a tyre. Not the best time of year to have to try to source a replacement winter tyre.