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  1. Got beyond Glasgow. Pic below is Greenock at sea level on 2nd March. Something like 40+ms of level snow from an Easterly. I'm half way between Barrhead and Kilmarnock and got less than half that at home. I thought we had a lot for an easterly until I made it to work in Greenock.
  2. Some quite big flakes here now. Lying on the grass and untreated surfaces. Might not be much but it is the first snow of the winter for me.
  3. Light sleet/snow at sea level in Greenock. Wife reports light snow at home.
  4. No snow here, but didn't expect any. Cold though. Could barely get the car doors open this morning. Ground stayed frozen anywhere the sun didn't reach with the frost lingering. Day off today split between a morning walk and poking about the garden this afternoon. I'd say the garden is 4, maybe even 6 weeks ahead of where it should be. Hopefully the coming days / weeks will slow it down. Barely a cloud all day.
  5. January last year was great. I got around 22cms off that!
  6. Another grey day with no sun, no wind, no rain and no frost. It seems a close to not actually having any weather as possible! At least I have been able to get outside. Finally put the winter tyres on today so guaranteed not to snow now!
  7. Just as the rain was starting to turn to something more wintry, it stopped. Hadn't realised just how sodden the garden was until to went out for some logs. I see @More Snow has popped into the Model Thread with a few pictures
  8. Hour upon hour of heavy rain for me. Once again, a case of what might of been. Seeing some reports of snow in the higher parts of Inverclyde which has similar elevation to me and even been sent a pic of some whiteness at low levels in Helensburgh.
  9. Traditional wet, heavy rain with occasional hail.
  10. Currently good old fashioned traditional wet rain. Occasionally some, what appears to be, hail or ice pellets in amongst the rain. I am under the amber for freezing rain, just outside the amber for snow south of of the central belt and at around 130m asl so who knows that I will see today!
  11. A real winters day today. Felt very cold in the breeze, car refroze by mid morning and the ground stayed frozen anywhere the pale, barely there sun didn't reach. Not sure how tomorrow will pan out. I still think I am too far west for anything other than good old fashioned wet rain. However I may be surprised. Never experienced proper, extensive freezing rain. Still no winter tyres. They have finally been declared lost by DPD. Hopefully a new set on their way to arrive at the beginning of the week.
  12. Automated forecasts are fair chopping and changing. At the start of the week the BBC said snow on Saturday for me but the Met Office wasn't having any of it. Now the Met Office say snow but the BBC is going for a day of rain. My feeling is that I am too far south and west to see any snow but I do have a little elevation so who knows. This years winter tyres are currently lost in transit anyway so happy to leave the fun until January. Been a grey week so far. A little sun today when I was in Kilmarnock and mild at 10c according to the car. Pretty grey though when I headed to Glasgow later.
  13. Some brilliant patterns on the windscreen this morning. Not easy to scrape! Nice day after last nights rain. Broken cloud with some sun. Feeling cold out of the sun. Saturday looking like a washout.
  14. Frozen windscreen this morning and a fantastic clear and sunny day. Very pleasant change from the constant dreichness of recent days. Some nice sunny days ahead by the looks of it together with some chilly nights which will be perfect for trying out the new woodburner.
  15. First notable frost of the season here too. Cars, grass and roofs all frozen. Disappeared quickly in the sun.