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  1. Left work early in the drizzle and the run home was a mix of rain sleet and slush, even at relatively high levels. Got to about 3 miles from the house when conditions changed in the space of a few hundred metres. Roads compacted snow polished to ice an at a ground complete standstill. Headed off up the back roads where the Firestone Winterhawks came into their own and managed home. Just measured and got 18cms lying from this week. The most for me since 2010. Looking at the radar, I should make 20cms.
  2. Apparently the roads at home are an absolute riot. This will be a fun run home!
  3. Bright sunshine in Greenock but very heavy snow reported at home with that next big blob looking like it will be on a similar course.
  4. It's raining here, and I am at 130 metres. The Killie snowshield must be fully extended.
  5. Currently snowing at sea level in Greenock. Alternating between sleet and wet snow but wasn't expecting to see that so low down today.
  6. Light, occasionally moderate snow on and off for much of the evening. Has given a slight covering anywhere the lying snow has been cleared. The heavier band to the south doesn't look like it is making it any further north. Friday looking like a repeat of Tuesday possibly?
  7. Hmm, not particularly heavy but it has turned to wet snow here now. A slushy covering on the cars and drive I cleared earlier.
  8. A fine snizzle to the soundtrack of drip drip drip!
  9. 10cms measured in the garden this morning which is the best snow for me since 2014. Sleety mix at lower levels this morning although it was snow when I left the house as I have a little elevation. Mixed bag on the roads but no problem for the winter tyres.
  10. Plenty snow on the way home earlier tonight. Heavy, drifting in places. The winter tyres were faultless and I prefer being able to stick to be empty back roads away from all the muppets. About 8cms at home. Not snowed for a while but the radar is looking good to the west. That's some warning map from the met office!
  11. Home time. Let's see how the Firestone Winterhawks do tonight.
  12. Looks like the run home is going to be fun. Showers really ramping up now. Wife works in Kilmarnock and reports the Killie snow shield was obliterated this afternoon. Reports of thundersnow at home too.
  13. From my run to work it is very much a high ground event here in the west. Green fields at low levels and a sleety mix. Heavy snow in the higher parts of Inverclyde.
  14. Not much here so far. Sky looking dark to the west as I head off for work.