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  1. A little storm has just popped up to the west of Arran. Possibly that.
  2. I am inland a bit from the Ayrshire coast but it really is feeling exceptionally hot. No sea breeze here. I've put an old mercury thermometer in the shade and it's at 29c. The patio doors have expanded to the point they barely fit the frame. Don't get that very often.
  3. Nothing yesterday, nothing close enough to wake me overnight although friends in Kilwinning reported it was quite lively in the early hours. Everything today has fizzled out before it got anywhere near here. The blob currently slap bang over Kilmarnock is about 8 miles south of me and is rumbling away in the distance.
  4. The warmth of the last few days has gone and much cooler yesterday and today, but still pleasant enough in the sun. Working from home allows me to get out for a walk most evenings when I would normally be commuting. Despite the dramatic sky, it stayed dry all day.
  5. Just a slight slushy covering on the grass.
  6. Some wet snow earlier. Didn't lie. Some thunder and lightning about.
  7. Rain, sleet, snow, back to rain. Thoroughly unpleasant. Now back to wet snow and a touch of whiteness on the grass.
  8. Was alternating between rain and snow in Greenock at sea level. Few cars with snow on them driving about so possibly lying in the higher parts of Inverclyde. Might be worth a walk up a hill if you are at home @Mr Frost
  9. Not masses of snow but a decent covering and it's frozen and crispy, not wet and slushy. Winter 2019/20 won't go down as completely snowless for me.
  10. Shower has now passed through. Photo doesn't do it justice as it has stuck to all the tree branches, hedges etc. Unusual to see snow near the coast in Ayrshire @Ross B.
  11. These showers to the west are just starting to catch my location, and they are snow. Lying on the grass, but not hard surfaces.
  12. Some sleet and snow at home, not amounting to much. Snow line for lying snow on way to work was about 160 metres, but even then it was very slushy.
  13. I cannot remember a wetter day for a long time here. Roads are awash, water pouring off the fields. Castle Semple Loch at Lochwinnoch is the highest I've seen it by a long way in the 15 years I have lived in the area. Its fair to say my normal route home was off tonight.
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