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  1. Cold, crisp, no wind and hardly a cloud in the sky. Car which sits in the shade is still frozen. In the absence if snow, you can't beat a winters day (albeit one in late autumn) like this.
  2. Cold, crisp and not a cloud in the sky. Felt a pretty hard frost this morning compared to other frosty morning so far this season. Going over the hill to work was noticeably icy for the first time this year. Good to see the first notable snow pics of the season also. Reminds me I've still to find myself some winter tyres. On the firewood question I've only had the woodburner since last year but have been using kiln dried mixed hardwood logs from a local supplier. They generally burn well and last a long time. Occasionally there is one that won't burn but most of the wood is good. 1.2m3 loose filled for £115 in these parts. Starting to build up a supply of free stuff for future years.
  3. First frost this morning on the cars, grass etc. Feeling very autumnal. Winter is coming...
  4. At least 14 hours of incessant, non-stop rain falling on sodden ground. A lot of surface water flooding on the roads with watercourses widely bursting their banks. Reports that both the Kilmarnock Water and River Irvine have burst their banks in Kilmarnock. Retail Park at Queens Drive apparently flooded from the river. Lots of roads closed in and around Kilmarnock. Hopefully this coming week will be reasonably dry as I have a week off work.
  5. Busy in here despite not being winter! Just in from work having missed all the fun at home. Pity it wasn't 3 hours later when I was at home. Quite a storm by all accounts, direct hit, severe thunder and lightning, and exceptionally heavy rain. Roads were a mess over the last few miles to the house with flooding, debris and parts where the water has ripped the surface up.
  6. A touch of snow early doors but rain, rain and more rain since. Big puddle in the middle of the garden now.
  7. Showers coming through are now solidly snow from start to finish. Just need something a little more prolonged and it should readily lie. Current lamppost shot.
  8. Mix of rain, sleet and wet snow. Lay for a little while but now melted. Not expecting much from today.
  9. Still and almost feeling warm in the hazy sunshine. It's February and I am outside in a T-shirt. The weather has malfunctioned!
  10. Something quite sleety passed through overnight and then froze. Thick ice on everything this morning. Now sun, no wind and feels quite spring like.
  11. Started as heavy snow and gave a very respectable fresh covering. Now turned to heavy rain.
  12. Some great pics and nice to see some more substantial snow around the country than we had here. The snow from Tuesday and Wednesday is still hanging on despite the Cooncil's best efforts. That's twice in the last two years we've had a gritter up here!
  13. Amazingly and unexpectedly, it's snowing.
  14. Whilst only based on the car, locally it never went above freezing today. -3 now. Headed down to the coast this afternoon. Somewhat surprised to find snow on the ground in Kilmarnock and Irvine given they are two of the least snowiest places. Beaches at Prestwick and Troon were frozen. There was even ice on Troon beach. Something you don't see every day.
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