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  1. The snow has been pelting down for best bit of an hour here and I am only 70m above sea level.
  2. That's the snow back on heavy here, certainly heaviest since Friday morning. It's like the snow Gods knew that all the local primary schools had organised voluntary snow clear ups at 11am
  3. I think I might be under that wee red blob in the middle - hard to tell!
  4. Thunder and a massive flash of lightening in Bo’ness!
  5. I have never seen snow like this in my life! Blowing a horizontal hoolie so it just looks like fog. Tracked it sauntering up the Forth. 12 yr old away out to play
  6. Youngest son learned his lesson - don’t attempt a snow angel with a lab puppy around!
  7. Back on here now and the radar looking packed. That's all Falkirk district schools already announced as closed tomorrow.
  8. Oh I'm watching that streamer and willing it towards me! Got a couple of very impacted centimetres here but nothing major. The noise through the night was proper 'Day After Tomorrow' stuff! What a racket.
  9. No been out with the ruler yet (I would need to get my big coat on, it looks a bit chilly). From my lampost spotting seat though I can see the moon just now and it is absolutely beautiful, so clear and bright!
  10. Tons of the wee blowy stuff streaming in sideways Right, where is the ruler...
  11. Yup all school in Falkirk Council catchment closed tomorrow. I have a couple of thrilled kids here!
  12. It does, thanks for that! I'll add it to my list of weather terms I bandy about to appear far more knowledgable than I am And it's just coated the ground nicely for the big fluffy flakes
  13. That's the hailstones on then!
  14. Few wee snow showers here today. Ground drying up between each one. Bit nippy out Today I am mainly staring at the snow radar willing the pink blobs up the Forth.
  15. Just had to forcibly shove the dogs out for their nighttime 'business'. Absolutely bitter outside. Think the youngest Lab may have broken the land speed record getting back in. I hope to see a snaw dusting in the morning (who am I kidding, I will be up at least twice for a lampost stare).