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  1. Pretty deep stuff looking to rattle in Tim with not just the NW getting it with little troughs on southern flank. Admittedly though come first couple of days on Nov a deflection could occur with ECM definitely wanting to see a pulse of HP coming up from our south. (Would be lovely golfing weather!) GFS still toying with more unsettled approach but edging I now think towards ECM approach. 10 days to go, so both are FI. Knowing the UK I know which is fav, especially with North America being bitterly cold... edit...06z doesn’t want calm and HP....Cornwall disappears. Hmmmmm BFTP
  2. My thoughts are far from warmth, anyone worried about potential serious storm conditions....could be a couple rattling in with early Nov of real watch territory BFTP
  3. GFS wanting to build deep and entrenched cold over Siberia. Lots of LP before deep FI a large HP starts to build. Be interesting to see where we are come 2 weeks, but with cold spilling well south and lots of LPs I’m anticipating we’ll be in a good place as regards to the October Snow index. Very interesting synoptics content over us too, LPs on very southerly tilt.... BFTP.
  4. MIA the models forecast a lot of Widespread deep cold within the arctic And punching well south around the NH. And if right, there should be shedloads of Snow gain over next 2 weeks. BFTP
  5. Well I’ve been on the train that says very cold December with major winter outbreak for last 3rd Dec. Re Jan I personally think it will be a ‘westerly Atlantic’ mild one with a getting colder Feb. Nice to see other early updates Liking the front loader part. I think the Siberian snowcover will be expanding like crazy over next 2-3 weeks. Last chance for my major winter hit in next 3 years....so here we go. The depth of this solar minina provides me with great hope ....and the incredibly meridional jetstream is a joy to look at. BFTP
  6. And looking at the models that will only continue to increase over the next 2 weeks....at some rate too. BFTP
  7. Tomorrow will dump 30-50mm Alone....anyone low on precip are in trouble. A lot of coolness ahead too BFTP
  8. Ever thought that the sun ‘feels’ hotter these days? I’m only worried about January re the La Nina....Mild to me. But could be early fireworks! BFTP
  9. I’m going for a major Winter outbreak last 3rd of Dec....with a general ‘cold’ theme Nov into Dec. BFTP
  10. Beast from The East in December Mild Jan mixed Feb with cold end BFTP
  11. Why? A snapshot? Greenland really doing well re SMB....worth looking at whole run and see how it develops BFTP
  12. Potential big drop coming from Next week if the models have it right BFTP
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