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  1. Month dominated by HP to W and NW bringing flow from Northern quadrant. Could be notable month for how cool it will be but fairly dry, particularly W and NW U.K. For me we are heading down with this year part of the step down. It has potential to knock on records door......but due to the general ‘warmth’ starting point it will be notable more so for current times. 9.4c. And 34mm BFTP
  2. Karl Below average for first 10 days or so with HP holding firm to NW with E/NE flow with general troughing Europe. Then I’ll bring warmth back with me as HP builds across us and to our E. Very deep (noteworthy) LP system to ‘switch’ the weather cool again as it crosses right through the U.K. for last 10 days or so. That’s generally my April outlook. I like the idea of the GFS deep FI BFTP
  3. Well off to Orlando next week, need a touch of warmth, Spring isn’t coming yet! UKMO looking cold, snow will be used again in forecasts for many particularly next week 3-8 April. Enjoy and I’ll pop in when back after taking on The Hulk. After my dad passing away....sod it in for a penny...big hols blow out BFTP
  4. Interesting re BA mentioning MJO. After this next bout of cold I anticipate a reload early April with Deep LP tracking NW/SE which as I mentioned will be part of well below normal first ten days to fortnight of April. Looking at 18z GFS tonight seems the right sort of idea BFTP
  5. Just a pop in from me and this catches my eye. I believe Spring will be well on hold ‘generally’ and early April towards mid April could be way way below normal. ECM and GFS 12z.....worth keeping an eye on..... further attacks from N to E quadrant? 😉 BFTP
  6. Very potent cold incoming again. This Spring just isn’t going to kick in....not properly and for sone time. I like what the 18z does with a plunge from the North after this bitterly cold thrust as pressure builds to NW. For me I believe this may be the year I’ve been waiting for... BFTP
  7. I think we have further model watching fever ahead. Now this LP that arrived isn’t doing what I thought it would of Benelux centre but sits with us....pity. However, I believe this will become the eventual outcome with HP to our NW. Very cold air remains over Scandi and I think will intensify, thus remaining within striking distance. With the jetstream almost heading towards the equator (exaggeration I know) but I won’t be expecting a decent Spring burst for a while yet. BFTP
  8. Just walked to and from The Millhouse in Salfords with my 12 yr old son. Snowball fights, drinks and chips at the pub....and then a very cold and snowy walk home.......amazing and 2 happy boys. Warming up now at home with a vino and pointless. Life is good today BFTP
  9. V Light rain in Redhill, pavements have become very icy as it freezes on contact...bitter cold BFTP
  10. Others have hinted and the fact we haven’t reached what is going to happen and the difficulty in ‘deciding’ the outcome.....what’s disappointing? Have you seen Schafernaker’s forecast last Monday to how it may occur now? BFTP
  11. So we close in on Emma, where will she go, how far north, back west, split and slide east. Well I am very interested in 12 ECM.....far from over...indeed it hasn’t even started yet 😎. ‘Blockbuster’ snow for some to come. BFTP
  12. First? It’s been touted 🧐😜. What a great run.....could this be the start? BFTP
  13. A lot of the snow in my area gone, no wet though as trodden on stuff is hard ice, so sublimation here. Bitterly cold. I think the North Downs/Surrey Hills will be north extent of snow tomorrow/Fri if it arrives. BBC London showed West Sussex and Surrey for frontal snow on Fri BFTP