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  1. The ECM builds a heatwave but GFS short bursts it and breaks it down. I think there’s going to be a mud bath again at The Festival with torrential downpours. Let’s see could do with some BBQ weather!!
  2. We had a months worth down here. The rain just stayed and stayed.....dangerous driving conditions. Another wet belt coming up tomorrow which I think is being underplayed BFTP
  3. I think the whole pattern is set against any real lengthy summer weather setting in for this summer. I think take the short hot spells and run is the order. Very early indeed but the patterns do seem to set in. An incredibly autumnal spell to come over the coming days, very unusual set up indeed.... BFTP
  4. Looking like a wet Wed to Fri, will help those that went for a fair amount of rain in the guess. Today could be interesting inasmuch could be the record low maxima beaten for Mayday BH BFTP
  5. Then we can’t expect a long hot summer? Very different start but also late autumns haven’t helped winter outlooks either so all up in the air (pardon the pun). One thing though no anticipated plume warmth by some arriving yet...very very tough to call what’s coming.... BFTP
  6. Interesting month developing, there is very strong cold for time of year around and the nortthern blocking is a January DREAM. Worth watching this with southerly tracking lows.... BFTP
  7. Ok, I think we are seeing signs of a cold April with general E to NE flow (blinking typical) but also very dry. So 6.6 and 25mm BFTP
  8. I think HP nudging in yet again will be dominant. Will check RJS’ post before doing temp and rainfall....but we seem to have a semi permanent AZH BFTP
  9. This is getting more unusual as we go deeper into a very deep minimum. The whole of Feb was sunspot blank....and still we are blank. North America experienced insane cold again. Our time to be wrong side/right side of very disturbed jetstream? Some extreme March weather showing and is the record breaking cold assisting the super deep lows projected attacking, let’s see how this pans out. BFTP
  10. Wasn’t meant to be a representation post but that very warm or very cold here doesn’t prove/disprove enough. Interested in the Siberian sector as they have also experienced well below recorded average temps so that warm blob seems odd but may be part of the extreme swings of the jetstream. Also the Antarctica temp anomaly...they have recently discovered that they have underestimated cold temps.....so I’m sceptical re the polar regions be it warm or cold. also NW America doesn’t produce its own deep cold pool....it has to come from somewhere just like other parts of NA.....it’s insane cold there this year. BFTP
  11. What about last summer, perfect Synoptics but we couldn’t break warmth records which surprised me, so I wouldn’t worry too much for our small island. I’d worry far more for large swathes of Canada and US with the amount of record snow and cold gone/going on. BFTP
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