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  1. After that, look at the insane cold coming of f the Atlantic at t276 (deep FI). From t168 onwards...its cold and getting colder, even when depth of cold dissipates as it’s HP surface cold will be well in place.....for this winter 06z is a peach....will HP build in right place and not my forecast wrong place.....it won’t take much for it to be either bitterly cold or drab. Anyone got the UKMO t168? BFTP
  2. Yes I believe We are in the same position re solar cycle as 08/09. Mild Feb (HP led but can bring pretty chilly nights) but a Cold Spring in the offing. This minima being slightly deeper and cyclically heading downwards....very interesting. Several runs showing HP developing t192 with cold air available....some pretty cold nights to be had if maintained with -6c no problem, with the 18z double digit minus’ will be had BFTP
  3. Further nudges southward to come? Could be a few more felled trees and fences for southern areas again. I agree with Catacol as have always thought Jan and Feb would suffer with wrong place HP cells for proper cold. Feb not here yet but these patterns generally last well into Feb when set in like now. But I too can see a pretty cold Spring coming BFTP
  4. Feb, I’ll agree that could be the transition week....I anticipate a cold Spring, early at least BFTP
  5. No Aaron.....they’ll go mild EVERY YEAR without fail. BFTP
  6. Only point of interest will be how high this HP cell will be, can we crank over the record....and we may get some pretty cold nights under clear skies. Nice to dry out a bit BFTP
  7. One will have to get used to what we see, Feb has a chance of being even milder for most of the month. The HP cell/s will continue to be in the wrong place as being shown imo and no signs of any early change unfortunately BFTP
  8. RJS posted a response to me in Jan CET thread. Proper arctic outbreak overthere entrenched. Like mild is entrenched over here BFTP
  9. Hi Roger, Vancouver Island been on the news with Meghan there...very snowy scenes indeed. Yes I’ve never been hopeful for Jan or Feb for decent cold here, but December did very much disappoint me with the shift of the jetstream to a milder pattern. Spring looking cold to me....seems to be becoming a theme if it turns out that way. My Feb CET guess May get scuppered if the anticipated transition occurs before months end, I’m anticipating a large HP to our East last third of the month (got an overnight golf society trip booked for 29th Feb so hoping I’m right) to shift position to usher in the Spring cold in March. This HP if it brings the clear cold nights could drop the CET a bit....for my Jan guess I hope so BFTP
  10. Looks very much in the wrong place? Pete . Still going to be nice to get some calm dry weather BFTP
  11. You’re having a decent winter re cold Roger? I think March will lick a few lips over here. But as noted even during 1700s there were notable mild winter spells....I bet they loved them back then BFTP
  12. It was the last week then that skew whiffed the CET then. The First 3 weeks were very mild indeed. 1 cold week leading to a very cold March BFTP
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