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  1. How things !Just to let you know JOE B says brutal cold about to smash into Northern Europe cannot provide link you know weathe r Bell.

    1. lassie23


      lol i'm sure joe says this every winter 

  2. T96 on ecm a nice step back to colder regime. The more stagnant cold we can get before the main diving PV segment from the NW the better. So the full on easterly seemed too much of a bonus but also on that the total collapse with no NE or E flow also seemed wrong. Much better this morning Lol the Navgem....hasn’t batted an eyelid through all this. BFTP
  3. We want rinse, repeat AND improve though Ed.....let’s see.....I actually like where ECM heads....and 18z BFTP
  4. So below average, ECM not as awful as 00z but leads again down the line to a big PV displacement at end of the month. The way next week looks it can’t be trusted....but its the preferred route and would lead to our pot of cold. was there ever an easterly? Clearly not.....this winter should ne called the t240 winter... BFTP
  5. ECM backtracked to extreme as was the incredible easterly? As I followed up with. Yes I think so as I expect a little more vigour in the initial dropping trough. UKMO had moved ‘towards’ ECM as expected.....but no disaster as mot jumped on board but chucked a line to pull them together to get a solution..... and ‘primed’ for a much better diving trough to follow. BFTP
  6. 12z started, at t 84 looks like a 100m....etre westward correction....looking good BFTP
  7. It’ll disappear just in time for summer...you watch BFTP
  8. Scandi HP was always transient effect for U.K. initially for me......although I did expect a more vigorous trough over us next week but that is shallowing on current runs. Within t72 then I’ll review that affair BFTP
  9. Indeed, but what happens if we get another pain in the rear storm over he states down the line? We need even this downgrade to be within t72 imo....to verify BFTP
  10. Not liking the GFS....t90 to t96 we see the slug nudge east, it’s going to flatten? BFTP
  11. It was supported well enough Nick by each op yesterday morning. I’ve always gone for a transient Scandi HP which will directly then indirectly, then directly etc affect us as I seem a futher diving displaced PV NW/SE towards us towards months end. That means I was quite surprised by the strength of some easterlies...but happy if they come off. I think ECM jump is too extreme, but also think we’ll see a general move away from major easterly into transient ones at this early stage. Its about the troughing over us and into Europe for me BFTP
  12. It isn’t but then yesterday morning it was almost all supported. For me models are t72/96 restricted.....beyond that....well. UKMO model 12z is the one today....I think it’ll jump ‘towards’ ECM. Interesting that GFS holds back a bit then goes into the deep freeze.....could the ECM be too extreme a move and edge back a bit? Very possible BFTP
  13. ECM huge backtrack as The Slug fights back. Its a big swipe at such short timescale, for me it makes it poor as well as the others....because if it was so good how come such a climb down at such short range.? Ah well.....we definitely ain’t there yet BFTP
  14. RJS what does your research index model suggest as favourite? Clearly this winter profile is a nearly but too Far East set up. I’m not in ECM camp but middle ground again? BFTP
  15. I’m personally not concerned re a west based -ve NAO Mr AO.....I think the ECM would get there, just delaying it somewhat. I think it’s got initial LP plunge wrong....let’s see BFTP