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  1. Official, Antarctica and particularly the South Pole region has just had the COLDEST 6 months on record. No warming, smashed the 1976 record. It isn’t warming down there…this on the back of recent Record ice extent years. There’s a spanner in the AGW works…make no doubt about that
  2. Warm to very warm at times and mainly dry but with thundery outbreaks bringing some downpours . 15.9 C and 47mm BFTP
  3. Anyone seeing the chance of a lovely HP getting sat over us as we approach June....#hopefulforflamingjune
  4. I think a relatively cold and fairly wet early part of the month. High pressure again to play it’s part and could be a very warm latter 3rd depending on positioning. 11c and 75mm
  5. What we are seeing in synoptics and going forward is quite incredible. Certainly got me really sitting up in the background watching this. Gosh it was chilly today, what a switch from yesterday. LIA footprint BFTP
  6. Look at op and para on NH profile and the t850s....the expanse of deep cold is just extraordinary....Grand minima imo is showing it’s hand now BFTP
  7. There’s no early breakdown or ‘Mediterranean’ mixing out on that chart. Atlantic is nowhere to be seen. I actually think this is on the table BFTP
  8. Every chance. Winter isn’t over imo. We are going through the 10 days of milder stuff but signs are there for blocking to return . The sun has been blank for 2 weeks again, this current minimum won’t give up yet with cycle 25 struggling to get off the ground as it were. I think a Scandi block in early March is a reasonable call. Any cold blast if it happens has a real chance of having some bite too ....global temps dropped dramatically in December AND January...and in Feb we are currently running 0.1c below the 79-2000 baseline. The vast cold in the NH continents...It’s impressive considering the ice melt and relative warmth in the Arctic. BFTP
  9. There’s definitely a 10 day mild to average window, possibilities of return to cold by last few days....I suspect there’ll be a cold Spring to pop up. This cold spell for temps has been good...and incredible for the NH generally. This winter is round 1 BFTP
  10. looking an incremental upgrade to me...Scandi to follow? BFTP
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