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  1. Evening All South Eastern Snow Friends from South Wales. Despite it forecasting a good event and the radar returns showing quite decent signals, its been snowing off and on for about 8 hours and ive got about 5mm.... mostly snizzle Those who are missing out, you are not alone!? Sometimes things dont quite go as hoped. Just thought id have a look in and see how things are going on the East Side Massive?
  2. OK so its now just gone 10 pm and lets see where we are compared to forecast.....see charts above for 10 pm forecast. Latest Radar 21.55 models for 1.00 am 18z gfs 1.00 am 12z gfsp 1.00 am 12z Arpege 1.00 am 18z Hirlam 1.00 am Not looking such a fail after all.. just less intense than we were hoping for. Front is filling in south west areas and i can con firm it is snowing here but light. some legs in it... Notice the 18z runs show it a bit more intense at 1.00 am than the 12z with newer data. Couldnt use all 18z as ha
  3. Well.... Yesterday mornings model runs were epic and thing seem to have lost intensity since then for Wales. 11 am today the Met had my location down for 3 hours of heavy snow and then 3 or 4 hours of light to moderate, so far weve had 10 minutes of heavy snow and some snizzle...... This afternoons 12z runs: gfs for 7 pm gfsp for 7 pm Hirlam 7 pm Arpege 7 pm current radar image 18.55: Big fail there over Wales so far.... lets see what they show for 10pm: gfs 10 pm gfsp 10 pm Hirlam
  4. Turned back from sleet to light rain in Carmarthen
  5. Just started to rain here in carmarthen. 5 minutes later it is now sleet
  6. Every weather event goes down to the wire no matter your preference. Someone posted in the MAD thread yesterday i think, that 1 in 10 channel lows verify. Personally I think 1 in 10 snow events verify anything like modelled. But... there is nothing better than just when your expectations are low and your fed up with all the hype and down it comes sticking like sh#t to a blanket and covers everything for miles around. Trainers or shoes wont do, need to find the wellies and it keeps snowing. So white and so clean, like a picture perfect postcard and its silent. Some of us are goi
  7. My best guess Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire, and south of M4 yellow warning 3 to 10cm Further east you are so Cardiff area more chance of being in the amber zone Valleys and Mid Wales up to about Builth Wells, Amber Warning 10 to 20 cm may update to red in the morning if still taking similar track as it will be disruptive in evening rush hour and therefore dangerous for those on the roads trying to get home Further north remain in yellow warning as uncertainty of northern extent.and less intensity. However these are based on computer Algorithms and are just
  8. Icon - Welshpool Arpege - Welshpool. Hirlam - Liverpool Gfs - Liverpool Gfsp - Chester Also to add possibly coldest night this winter tonight so ground will be hard cold which is what we want ?
  9. Icon 06z also a great run for us tomorrow keeping things further south which means less marginal at the coast. Gfs 06z slightly further north Cardif still all snow... It then goes on to build a scandi high by Tuesday putting us in an easterly flow Hirlam 06z good run 12+ hours of snow Arpege 06z good run 11+ hours of snow more marginal for Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire on the coast but is out weighed by the rest of the suites Will definitely be Amber warnings out for south wales based on that lot ??
  10. Different setup this time. Last time it was ene winds with bands of precip coming from the east. This time ese winds with a system moving up from the SW. I think West facing and South facing hills will be hit hardest.... And to answer some concerns Yes it is still on! 06z Gfsp is a stonking run for mid and south wales...... north wales still sees snow just less intense
  11. The latest Harlem run shows all snow for the south coming in to the south west at 12pm and snowing for 13+ hours..... Here's Hoping!
  12. I think Thursday could turn out similar if the shape of the low is not favourable for us down south as to much warm air will be pulled up in front of the system. I am hoping it does not do that!!! Just trying to keep grounded at the min and it has shown this option on some runs.
  13. One of Thee best snow events i can remember was 2009 i think! Got up for work 6am straight to the window, gutted, it was raining heavy. Left at 7am drove into Carmarthen through the rain and on the top of the last hill it was a bit sleety and then back to rain...... I was depressed...... At about 9am it turned to sleet, then snow. I thought what a waste it wont stick now there were streams of water running down the road and everywhere was soaked. To my surprise it started to stick, the streams quickly turned to streams of snow! Within a few hours it was chaos! The gritters were out
  14. A lot of posters claim the ECM to be the current top dog of the models and when checking the verification stats it does indeed mostly come out on top..... Now the BBC have switched from METO to ECM their forecast is now poor apparently!........What????
  15. To early to tell about Tuesday, not even the pro's know the answer to that sorry. It is easy to forecast that there will be rain but to forecast snow in systems moving from way out at sea is more a case of following where these systems end up heading and what the conditions are like when they arrive in to our patch.
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