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  1. Wild and very wet as I drove home around 4:30pm. Got soaked just jumping I to the post office in Alford to pick up a parcel. Next weekend still showing 'potential' for some snow, but probably not widespread, and certainly not what I'd call 'snowmageddon'.
  2. If you do get buried it'll disprove my secret theory... that your move back North has jinxed us all this winter. Oh, and be realistic, you'll never be able not to blab about it, especially to the kids. Lol I know, cos I'll end up blabbing too.
  3. Windy enough as the wife and I unintentionally coordinated our arrival home at 4:30pm for us to have to 'rescue' the bins from the bottom of the driveway and stick them in the garage. First time we've had to do that in this house, but the wind was whistling up the road at just the right angle that they had no shelter or support. Rain not too heavy, but occasionally we'll hear it rattling off the windows at the front of the house. Heavy enough though to regret not having filled up the wood basket yesterday rather than having to pay a visit to the wood store tonight. GFS 6Z and 12Z both looking much more promising at the end, but that's still a VERY long way out so better not get excited.
  4. Decent day here. Bit of a breeze but not too strong, largely cloudless therefore sunny, temp on the cool side but OK to be working outside with just a hoodie on over a t-shirt. Just 'washed' my wife and my cars. Should get an extra couple of mpg out of them now as they'll be significantly lighter if the amount of muck that flowed off them is anything to go by. One of the few disadvantages of living in the countryside, especially at this time of the year, is the 'interesting' state of the minor roads as muck gets dragged off the fields.
  5. Please please be correct for once and shake us out of the current weather boredom...
  6. Only -8C according to my car as I passed through at 8am. 3C colder than at my house, but not usual as it's normally colder in valley.
  7. -5C outside our house just now, -6C between Keig and Montgarie. Definitely a good frost forming.
  8. I think the lowest I noticed on the car thermometer during that spell was -18C, but can't be sure how accurate that was. Why? Well the temp display on that car never was accurate after that morning, always a few degrees out Irrespective of the weather.
  9. Had to scrape the car here this morning and drive to work was -2 or -3C all the way. Bright but cold day in Inverurie and -1 or -2C on the drive home. Nice to see some snow pics, even if we'd all like it to be much snowier.
  10. Unsurprisingly, same sunset here, so you both saved me the effort of posting a photo. Been fairly mild feeling out despite the brisk breeze.
  11. Got back home last night after an overnight with my folks in the Central belt. Glad to be home, not so glad to look at the forecasts. Might as well stick the skis & boots in thier normal position at the back of the garage out of the way rather than leaving them more easily accessible.
  12. A couple more pictures of snow, just to remind you of what it looks like... That's the last now though, as after a very bright a d sunny drive yesterday (such a contrast to the outward trip) were parked up on the outskirts of a cold and misty Baden-Baden. Time for a look around this morning before we need to head closer to Calais. Ensemble spread on GFS at least suggests very little certainty looking forward for Scotland weather wise, although nothing particularly jaw dropping within the spread either. Patience is going to be the key, and if that doesn't work then celebration of a lower winter heating bill may be the only consolation.
  13. Well Happy New Year from Austria, Schladming literally has been exploding for the last few hours, with the last 15 mins being utterly nuts. If you think Guy Fawkes night is the epitome of fireworks then you should bring in the New Year in Austria as they outdo that tenfold. Couldn't sleep even if I wanted to.
  14. Oh well, that's the skiing aspect of our trip to Austria done. Boo hoo. Hopefully not the last snow we see this winter, or the last opportunity we get to ski (and hopefully without having to head to the Alps). Been decent skiing despite temperatures overall being above average. Today was bright and sunny with even the top of the slopes above freezing, but the snow held up. That was helped by a dumping above mid level on Xmas day, and a few cold days this week where the cannons were running pretty much constantly. They'll be hoping for some more natural stuff to see them through the season though, especially lower down, which remains very icy with a covering of artificial. We start the long drive back tomorrow, tunnel crossing Friday, hopefully tucked up in our own beds Saturday night. Tonight we'll see if the Austrians/Germans go as mad with New Year fireworks as they did in Mayrhofen a couple of years ago. It was crazy.
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