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  1. Ehm, why didn't he just give the winning scratchcard to one of his kids and promise to bung you a few quid for confirming that it was the kid that bought it? Or is it just me that's 'devious'? Haven't played the lottery myself in years, when I did I never won more than £10. I have though just recently found some shmuck who gave me their savings account details in the belief that even though it only contained 1p I couldn't trick their bank into parting with more.
  2. Breezy but quite sunny today so far with broken cloud and around 3C at 8am. Hills to our west looked nice with their white covering this morning but I'll guess it'll be gone by the time I get home. I tried to take some quick photos on my phone but they turned out rather rubbish.
  3. 2.9C at home this morning with the remnants of a wet covering on the cars and select spots. A rash of heavy wintry showers rattling through on a strong wind so far, a real mix of everything but on the wetter side of the spectrum. Hills to the west of Kemnay had a white covering of wet looking snow as I left for work as did anything with just a bit of height (roughly 200m and upwards).
  4. 1C, snowing and a thin covering lying on the cars and grass.
  5. After a bit of a break we've had wintry showers again for the last hour or so. Temp in Dyce stubbornly sat at 3C so not lying, nor at home from checking my webcam. Aboyne temp dropped to 0.2C at 4pm though.
  6. Wind has dropped right off now and now we have big, fat slow falling flakes of snow. Temp dropped to 3C in Dyce.
  7. Snowing here in Dyce now. Quite heavy, probably wet (I'm not going out to check) and being driven by a strong wind. Still far too warm for anything to even attempt to lie though. Edit: Ehm, scratch that, it's heavy enough that it's attempting to lie on the cars an some surfaces.
  8. 2.9C at 7am this morning in Kemnay and the rain showers had a definite sleety element to them. Temp heading up at the moment before it's due to fall again this afternoon with more wintry showers. Currently fairly sunny with scattered fluffy clouds. Later this evening through into Tuesday morning looked interesting on the BBC forecast earlier. Could I wake up to a covering of snow tomorrow? Frankly, despite loving the cold and snow I'd rather it just warmed up now that it's approaching May.
  9. Somewhat like the MOD thread in winter, especially when there's a 'phantom Easterly' being predicted.
  10. Hit a brief high of 18C in the sun in Dyce yesterday. I wonder how log it'll be before we see that again? This morning it's 7/8C with lots of grey cloud and patchy rain. Won't complain too much cos we probably need some rain.
  11. Well it hit the dizzy heights of 16.4C around here yesterday (official reading for Aboyne, but was around the same at my house early evening) but as has been said, it's looking like back to cool/cold after today. I really wasn't wanting another cold spring but hey, it's been dry, so it beats mild wet muck.
  12. How the heck can there only be 2 Scots in The Lions squad yet 12 Welshmen?
  13. Same here. Wife and I watched S4 Ep1&2 on BBC then though "I wonder if the old series are on Amazon/Netflix?". Watched S1&2 on Netflix in the space of about a week, then followed up with S3 on Amazon (which we actually bought, which we don't normally do). Problem now is having to wait a week between episodes after getting used to being able to 'binge watch' 2 or 3 per night. It has it's holes (they seem to get forensic results back hell of a quickly for example) but the characters (especially the 'baddies') and acting are fantastic.
  14. Weather station recorded an overnight low of -3.5C but still only a slight grass frost when I got up at 7:30am (1C by then). Pretty much 100% cloud cover at the moment and the cool/cold feel continues.
  15. Over the weekend....nothing, nada, completely empty. OK, so we'd to turn it off to defrost cos it's developed a fault that means it ices up and eventually the fan rattles on the ice build up. Fridge contents went into electric cool boxes and freezer contents into chest freezer in the garage. We'll eventually replace it but as we're hoping to move house there's little point doing it until we know if we have to and/or what space we'll have.