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  1. Much of the concrete ice hanging on here, helped by an overnight frost. It was -2C first thing and didn't warm up as much as expected, only got up to about 3C. Just want rid of it, you can't make snowmen or snowballs out of what's left and it certainly doesn't look pretty.
  2. You posted the first quote in response to a 1st Jan 0100h chart though, no wonder people are confused!
  3. Sheesh, talk about jumping the gun. The end of Dec, assuming we're talking the 31st, is nearly 2 weeks away, and only really the GFS to go on at that range. That's the last 4 GFS runs for the morning of the 31st. No real blocking in evidence for us, but such huge differences even within the same model that you'd never bet on any of them to actually be correct.
  4. Maybe not what we are looking for but quite impressive in it's own way...
  5. A definite thaw on here, temp currently 4.5C but was up to 6-7C earlier. Snow disappearing but the ice is more reluctant so just spent some time outside breaking it up on the paths and driveway to help it along. Boy was that hard work in places, even with a heavy metal spade.
  6. Yes, some of the deepest snow at Glenshee that I've ever seen, and most of the ski resorts spent lots of effort digging out lifts. There was a very distinct, and fairly high snow line though, luckily for Glenshee it sat just below the lowest point to of the resort but I don't think The Lecht did as well, being lower. A cold/cool NW zonal flow is probably the best base building weather for the Scottish Ski resorts as it tends to bring much more precipitation than a northerly or easterly. Getting back on track, I'm not sure the models really have much of a clue at the moment past mid week. As the chart below for my location shows, they start to diverge around the 22nd, but the last few runs the red mean line beyond then has slowly been dropping.
  7. Yep, similar here. Everything has frozen up again, including last nights small fall if wet snow and everything is covered in a layer of white ice, looks like the kind on an empire biscuit. Temp sitting at 0.7C currently. Despite the council actually gritting the roads in our estate the other day, I saw the gritter go past and nearly died of shock, it's made very little difference. They must be using budget grit this year, with a very low salt content. Same here, it could be age, but I'm putting it down to not having the dog any more. Walking her every day, in just about all weathers (even she had her limits of what she'd go out in), helped acclimatise me throughout the year.
  8. You really must have chosen a house in the sweet spot. We had some more snow earlier here too but no more than a dusting. Temp currently sat at 1.2C.
  9. I know it's probably considered sacrilege around here but we could do with a thaw and a reset. What snow is left is either a slushy mess or, especially in the car parks, a super slippy version of concrete. Otherwise, cold but not cold enough for snow do a mixture of rain and sleety stuff from occasional showers.
  10. Weather can't make its mind up here. 4C+ earlier with rain turning the lying snow into a wet slushy mess. Now it's - 4. 5C so it'll be back to the skating rink pronto. Looking good though for at least some of the lying snow to make it to the one week point on Friday. Not bad going to have it lying that long so early in winter.
  11. ???? I'd be curious to see the charts for that, the only chart I can find on the ECM 12z run that has the UK in +ve 850s is this one at D8... By D10 it's back to... No hugely cold by any means, but I fail to see how the temps are going to be "toasty".
  12. Come back to us when that poly-tunnel is an igloo. Nice pictures though, and unusual from Lewis. Lets hope so, we could do with a wee top up. Warming up here, now only -3.4C, if it keeps going we might hit the high for today yet.
  13. I doubt we've got above -3C today, can't tell exactly as my weather station got the sun, but even then was only reading around 2C. Currently back down to -5.3, but forecast is for it to start warming up rather than cooling down.
  14. Just checked again and we're now down to - 9.0C. Lovely looking day out too, if you can brave the cold.
  15. Temperature was - 7.2C here when I checked about 20mins ago, and a low at some point of - 8.0C. Not too bad for early Dec, but nothing overly unusual for around here. There's going to be some good snow pics coming out from Southern/Central England, and Wales from the look of the weather radar. .