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  1. Must be a cm or so lying outside this morning, much more than the 10 flakes per cm squared I was expecting. Radar up this way looks as if it's thinning out, so now depends on temperature as to whether what's there hangs around for the day.
  2. Decent dusting here, Winter's last fling maybe (only maybe).
  3. For most it might be best if the estimates are in units of snowflakes per cm squared rather than depth in cm.
  4. Lightly snowing/graupeling here too, but although it's lying it's barely enough to call a dusting. At least my driveway clearings snow patch, pathetic and dirty looking as it is, made it through to the two weeks mark. Doubt it'll survive the weekend though. Still giggling at @snowidea's perfect description of a walk with the kids. Sounded far too familiar.
  5. The only unpleasant thing about todays weather is tomorrow's forecast. Saturday = rain = just typical!
  6. We thawed. Nice drive to work this morning in the sunshine, with snow still on most of the ground and wispy mist around. Felt quite wintry. Noticeably less snow on the way home though, but it was the rain of the last two days that really did the damage there rather than today's sun.
  7. What is falling here seems to be rain, sleet at best. Lying snow has really taken a battering due to the rain but is hanging on for grim death. Grass showing though in places again though.
  8. Between 1 & 2C and heavy rain, there isn't a word invented to adequately describe this kind of weather and the resulting awful mess it's making of all the lovely snow. My now soggy piles have drooped and are looking rather sad for themselves. Need a good freeze to set them solid for a few weeks of slow shrinkage.
  9. Light snow here most of the morning but not really accumulating. That makes 5 days of falling snow, Wed-Sun, which ain't too shabby for late Feb into March.
  10. Ehm, you do know that everyone will need to stick around until the 'Kilted Thread Garden Snow Patch Competition' has a winner. Despite my impressive piles, I'm guessing that MoreSnow or one of the borders contingent will win out, with something surviving until mid April, especially if we don't have too much rain (which is usually the real snow killer).
  11. Mechanical assistance means they don't count.
  12. OK, I'm calling a halt to this madness, enough is enough. Just spent nearly 2hrs clearing snow, and it's not the previous few days light fluffy stuff, but heavy-duty industrial style snow so I'm knackered. My daughter is on a mission too, to clear the street single-handedly after she struggled to get the car out and in earlier. She has all seasons tyres but the depth was too deep for her poor little Picanto to overcome. It's amazing the mental effect of being stuck in the house with us for the last few days has manifested itself. Measured 7cm since yesterday on the drive, and it was snowing most of the time I was out clearing it. My piles must be able to rival anyone's by now...
  13. Looks like we have at least another 5cm lying on the previously cleared paths since yesterday evening, with more inbound. Once the thaw sets in, I'm going to be taking bets on how long it takes our driveway clearance pile to completely melt. It's pretty close up behind this house and on the north side so I'm estimating weeks rather than days.
  14. Snowing quite heavily here, and although I had to take a break from lamppost duty to watch a film with the wife, it has been on and off for the last couple of hours. Cars, driveway etc all turned white again.
  15. I'm beginning to have doubts myself, seems to be slowing down and getting weaker. Ah well, I'm getting tired of clearing the driveway, and running out of space to put the snow. He's near Rothienorman.