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  1. Martins certainly here, arrived on Sunday, swooping under eves of house checking out the old nests, and sitting on the telephone wire chattering away whilst I was working outside the garage. Not noticed a swallow yet. Warm on leaving work, 19c or so, and a lovely evening here tonight. Bees finally getting a good chance to swamp the massive cherry tree that overshadows thier hives now that the weather has warmed a bit.
  2. Had to have a go at the second grass cut of the year after I got home from work. Even with the ride on I'd to give up after doing the top half of the garden as I was emptying the collection basket every 2-3mins. Of course the mower was also getting clogged so it took ages. I'll do the rest of the grass tomorrow afternoon, but it shows that despite the cool/cold weather the grass has been growing like crazy. Need to strim too, so gonna be busy.
  3. Well I drove through some real heavy wintry showers on the way to work this morning. Some really impressive black clouds in the background St times too, with obvious white sheets falling from them. Turned more to hail in the afternoon, including one that had me abandoning attempts to put the bikes on the back of the motorhome and scurrying back to the shelter of the garage. Drive down the A90 then across from Forfar to Dunkeld was largely uneventful, but the quality of the light was marvellous at times. Real blue skies, punctuated with showers, and lush green vegetation contrasting with it. Could have stopped many times to get the camera out, but campsite at Blair Atholl was calling, or more importantly the desire to get there so we could eat was calling.
  4. Just walked out to car to go to work and it's snowing, it's actually bloody snowing! 3C according to car, and was bright and sunny before the snow shower arrived.
  5. Don't particularly mind a bit of wetter than average as the garden could do with a good soaking. I'd prefer mild to warm wet weather rather than what seems to be lining up. Yr.no forecast for here has maxes of no more than 8c right out to the end of the forecast i.e. for the next 10 days. That's just dismal for May.
  6. Well it was a rather cool, dreich day on Saturday, perfect for a family day out shopping, cinema, meal etc in Aberdeen. Rain really welcome for the garden though. Sunday in contrast was rather pleasant, as was yesterday, and probably today if the forecast is right. We're off to Blair Atholl in the motorhome on Friday afternoon to meet up withy folks in thier caravan. Was hoping for some more warmth, but thinking of putting the snow chains back in instead.
  7. Clouded over a bit in the afternoon but after we sat out in the garden for lunch. Not sure how warm it actually got, but clad in bee suits, even after it clouded over, our first inspection of the hives this year was certainly a sweaty job. All 3 hives survived through the winter, even one we thought might not, but that one is still touch and go. Hopefully with a decent spell of weather it might take off again, a few larvae in there so must be a queen.
  8. Freed 3 from the garage today, not sure if they got in today, or pupated In there. Wasn't too bad, but then again we're up a hill and it hasn't exactly been a warm spring in the NE. Still, looks much better, all one length rather patchy.
  9. Very pleasant and sunny here although stiff breeze is taking the edge off of the temperature. On way back from shopping trip to Inverurie earlier the car thermometer showed 19C. Off out in a bit to fire up the ride on mower and give the lawn its first hair cut of the year.
  10. Woke to this, our motorhome to the left. Had to push the snow out of the way to get the door open. At least 12 inches, probably more..
  11. Snowing on the Austrian Alps too. Been pretty much pishing it down with rain all day in Solden (snow line above the town). Started snowing at town level a couple of hours ago and already got at least 4 to 6 inches outside the motorhome. Still snowing hard so god knows what we'll wake up to. Was hoping for a powder day on the slopes tomorrow, but might be lucky to get skiing at all (sure I'm being pessimistic and Austrians will be well used to de long with this, getting the ski area open).
  12. Sat in our motorhome somewhere under the English Channel. On our way to Austria for our final snow fix of the winter, and if forecast is right we should even see some fall mid week. In the meantime,pisted this on my Facebook feed to wind some people up... "Well that's us finally on our drive through France, Belgium and Germany on our way to Austria. Got a bit of a shock after driving off the Eurotunnel train. Heard an unusual knocking sound from the back of the motohome, which we had to pull over and check. We were stunned to find a family (mum, dad and 2 small kids) hiding in the garage. Turns out they were from Glasgow, trying to get to the EU prior to Brexit taking force. Handed them over to the French authorities, and they have claimed political asylum. Gendarme said it is an increasingly frequent occurance that is expected to get worse." Oh and we're due back in UK on 12th Apr, which could be interesting. I wonder if May will be on 'meaningful vote' 7 by then?
  13. Nasty day here on the whole. Bright and sunny a lot of the time but with a strong, bitingly cold wind that made it feel much colder than the 8c or so. Then there were the showers, heavy, blustery and turning to sleet or even wet snow at times. Picking son up from Alford around 1pm I watched the car thermometer drop from 8C to 3C in the space of a couple of minutes as a squall hit.
  14. Got a decent covering yesterday albeit a bit patchy, but rapidly thawing now. Mainly sunny but still the odd sleety shower passing through.
  15. We're heading to Austria in 2wks time, it'll be the latest I've ever skied in the Alps so it'll be interesting to find out what "spring skiing" is like. Chose Solden as not only does it have height, but more importantly it has a campsite with availability for our motorhome. Piste condition currently look good and despite recent, and forecast, switches between cold snowy to warm bright and back I'm hopeful conditions will stay good into early April. Since we made the decision last week I've been on constant webcam and forecast check.
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