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  1. Maybe we've just hit on the one very messy type of pattern that the NAVGM is better at handling? We know all of the models have thier weak and strong points after all, even the 'mighty ECM'.
  2. @More Snowyou should do well enough there I'd think, nice and central and nessled in the hills. Good luck with the move. Cornwall is nice to visit but I'd not like to live there.
  3. You know the answer to that. Started off the day here having to scrape my car windscreen, 2C at my house at 7.30am despite it being around 15C when I drove home the night before. Lowest I noticed on my commute was - 1C this morning, about 10C this afternoon. That's me got all-season tyres both front and rear now, pity we're not going to have a winter then (courtesy of some in MOD thread), as I could have saved myself some dosh. @More Snow, are you heading back to same house/area as last year then? Bet the kids are stoked at the prospect of another winter in Scotland, and plenty of 'snow days' off school.
  4. Which is why us located north of the border are much more relaxed. For us it's usually a case of "oh well, if it doesn't snow this time we'll get another go later", cos it usually will. The southerners are so used to snow being a relative rarity that they get stressed over the most marginal of situations. I mean, I've already seen snow both falling and lying this 'winter' (autumn really), albeit the latter was at around 400m and wet. At this stage its pretty much odds on to be noticeably colder by this time next week, but snow... maybe for a lucky few but we ain't likely to see anything significantly exciting unless one of the more extreme model runs of late actually verifies for once.
  5. Depends on how you define soon. Not much chance in the next week, but after that possibly. Likely to be high pressure over or around us so possibly dry and cold, after that is a developing situation but plenty of signs of something 'tasty'. At that range though it could easily turn out to be nothing.
  6. I've just fallen in love with GFS p8... A definite tick downwards of the mean on the ensembles diagram for my locale at the end of the run, with the 'snow row' up to 20%. Way too early to start getting excited, but in the meantime it looks as if it'll be largely dry for the next week.
  7. Lovely day so far, such a difference from last night. The lounge windows are looking nice and clean this morning after the wind and raid battering off them yesterday. Models looking interesting but really it's anyone's call what will happen next weekend onwards. Changing every run.
  8. Rain really rattling off the lounge window now.
  9. Sat in bed one Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago and watched a massive flock of redwings strip the rowan trees in our garden. They left the Holly out front alone but I noticed a couple of days ago that the Holly is now bare of berries too, and it'd been plastered in them for weeks. Hopefully a portent of what's to come, but I'm a sceptic in that regard. How could nature know what the weather will bring weeks later? Then again, there's a lot we still don't understand about the planet we live on. Been an varied week of weather, but largely unremarkable. Foggy going over the top of the hill the other day, disconcertingly so. Very wet another. Had to scrape frozen rain off the car this morning. Windy at times too. As I said, varied.
  10. Coldest of the 'season' here this morning at -4C at the house, and as low as -5C on the commute. Bright sunny morning as you'd expect to go along with that, but little real visible evidence of frost despite the low temps, except on the car and well shaded spots.
  11. Scraped a good layer of frozen slush off the windscreen thus morning, then proceeded up the toad and over the hill, which had a thin layer of lying snow for the top 100m or so. 0c at the top at 7:30am. 1C and heavy sleet on and off on the commute home. I'd rather it doesn't get any worse for the moment as my alternate, lower, route is closed for roadworks. That's a longer route to start with, the diversion will be massively worse.
  12. Nope, other than the fact I'm at my parents near Glasgow, I've realised a major flaw with our new house. There's not a lampost for miles around and it's therefore pitch black outside. The light at our font door has a sensor and no override so is useless for snow watching. The garage flood can be overridden but isn't in an ideal position. The two out the back are about as bright as black holes and need changed. Today though it was 2C and sleeting as I left for work, heavy hail on the way home at 2pm, and definitely wet snow at around 3pm once I was back home. Heading down towards the central belt we headed over the B974 to avoid Aberdeen and it was 0C, snowing (and lying lightly) at Cairn O Mount at around 4pm.
  13. Getting some impressive drifts in front of my garage already, of leaves. The strong wind of the last 2 days doing a much better job of piling them all up neatly than I could ever achieve. Despite the cold forecast coming up i doubt they'll be replaced by snow drifts. Might see a flurry here, but I'm in Glasgow area at the weekend so sods law is I'll miss it.
  14. Lovely day in Aviemore yesterday and ok today although a lot cloudier. Heading home now, back to reality. Been away since Sunday and have avoided being rained on or blown away, which is a real bonus for Scotland in October (or any time). Need maybe to think of getting my two rear tyres changed to all seasons like I did with the front pair last credit card period. Of course, when we all do, it'll set in motion a change to an extended mild outlook.
  15. Only venture in that direction I've seen so far is here.. If you are hoping for cold then it's not a bad start. Back to the here and now, we're at a small campsite at Daviot at the moment and spent a large part of the day at Culloden in what was pretty pleasant weather. Off to Aviemore tomorrow for a couple of nights before we probably have to think of heading home.