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  1. A high of 21.3C, sunny and above 18C most of the day, can't complain about that really. It did get a bit breezy in the afternoon but that was only a minor niggle.
  2. At least one patch of snow still surviving on the hills to the North of Loch Affric. Didn't notice any further west where I've seen them in previous years, but I wasn't really looking. A kind of drizzly, midge infested start to the day in Glen Affric turned into something much brighter by the afternoon. Still not warm as such, but warm enough to be down to two thin layers walking the dog this afternoon. Heading back home to Aberdeenshire tomorrow and given the forecast we'll pack as much as possible tonight to avoid getting too wet in the morning.
  3. It's been a reasonable few days weather wise in Cannich but nothing fantastic. Temps in the mid to upper teens but a lot of cloud. Nothing much in terms of rain though so for that reason alone I won't complain. Went for a cycle with the youngest yesterday up past Tomich and the across the hill on forestry tracks to Loch Bienn a' Mheadhoin and back down Glen Affric via Dog Falls. A nice little 15 or so mile route but barely within my current fitness levels, especially the climb over the hill.
  4. Arrived in Cannich yesterday for a few days in the motorhome. Rained yesterday evening but today has been war as forecast. A hazy warmth though with little real sign of the sun and a gentle breeze made it pretty pleasant for the 3hr walk we've just done along Glen Affric. It's been a few years since we've been here, used to come frequently, and it's still one of my favorite spots in Scotland, possibly my top one.
  5. Bound to happen... schools go back, so Aug will be glorious.
  6. We live in such a beautiful country, but the weather does really suck much of the time. Its probably why we're so obsessed with it. It's stopped raining here too. Windy and not much sign of the sun. We have friends coming over later for a BBQ, looks like it will be a cook outdoors but eat indoors affair.
  7. Probably not a bad estimate as going by the data recorded on Wunderground from the weather station belonging to the guy up the road from me there was nearly 28mm here. Total of 100mm for the month to date so nearly a third of the total was today. At least I won't have to worry about watering my garden for a while, even if the probably brief warm spell at the end of the week does come to pass as forecast.
  8. ... That is not all... Horrible afternoon too. Forecast was way out. It was supposed to stay dry until around mid day but the rain was already on by the time I woke up around 8am. Has got heavier as the day has progressed (14mm current total) , reminding me that next time I take the pup out for a walk in the rain I need to get the full waterproofs on and dig out the waterproof shoes. Squelchy feet, sodden trousers and damp undies is no fun.
  9. Nothing much to complain about here. Not exactly what I'd hope for from July but 18C and sunny for a large part of the day is better than most of the month. Dry too, but tomorrow is looking like a wash out from mid day onwards if the forecast is right.
  10. A rather changeable day overall. 6.1mm of rain, half of which probably came in one downpour early afternoon, after which we managed a dry walk with the dog. A fantastic sunset, which as normal the camera just didn't do justice to.
  11. Plenty of heavy showers here but nothing thundery. Might have heard some in the distance, but then again it could just have been a tractor with a rumbly trailer. Feels warm, was up to 20c earlier and still 28C even now despite a lot of cloud and occasional rain.
  12. Back in Aberdeenshire myself and yeah, not a bad day. Mainly sunny with light winds which allowed it to get up above 20C for a couple of hours early afternoon. As @bigsnowsays, thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon, but it keeps changing when. They are always a bit hit or miss anyway.
  13. Our big wild cherry had virtually no fruit last year as it was hit by heavy winds which stripped it when they were small and green. The year before it was laden. This year it looks like something between. No good for eating as the fruits are small and mostly stone. However some big jars, lots of small cherries, some sugar, cheap brandy and a bit of patience and by around Xmas you have some more than acceptable cherry brandy. Dornoch has continued to be breezy with broken cloud and not exactly warm, but there's been no rain. The dog got into the sea far enough to be classed as her first swim yesterday, followed by a mad run around the beach with a 5mth old cocker-poo. She's certainly enjoying her holiday.
  14. If you'd been hanging around you would know... she's a Fox Red Labrador, just à few days shorts of 6mths old. Picked her up the weekend before lockdown started, from Ayrshire. She's certainly made lockdown easier, given the whole family a focus. Daughter took some great pics of her on the beach earlier, I'll grab her laptop later and post one.
  15. A bit of a persistent breeze in Dornoch today but the early cloud has broken up and it feels warm in the sun. OK out of the sun too, as long as you are also out of the breeze. The puppy (at 6 months she has grown and bulked up but still has 'puppy brain' at times) had her first excursion to a beach, which seemed to be a hit with her. She's now lying contentedly outside the motorhome watching the crows.
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