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  1. Anything but chilly here this morning with a temperature of over 17C at 8am. A bit cloudy and breezy with it.
  2. It's going to be a stonker of a winter for cold weather, with frequent periods of heavy snow, starting in November. Why? Well instead of a 24 mile return commute on major roads, soon I'll be doing around 85 miles every day, cross country, on minor roads. For that reason alone I'm predicting NE Scotland to see its snowiest winter in years.
  3. Same here, been reading occasionally but not been posting due to too much 'stuff' going on in my life. Not really been much worth getting excited about weather wise anyway. Thought my weather station was playing up this morning showing 1.6C (overnight low of 1.3C), but a quick look on the Internet showed that Aboyne hit 0.4C so my reading should be relatively accurate. Not far off the first frost of the Autumn/Winter, but not quite, just heavy dew. Settling our bees down for the winter now. It's been a strange, strange season in the bee world but we end the season still having 2 colonies with laying queens. One of those definitely has a new queen, the other we're not sure about, she could be a new queen or she could just have stopped laying for nearly 2 months. As for honey, loads of it in spring, mainly off the rape crops, very little over the summer. A real pity as the blossom/heather honey we got recently was much nicer than the rape honey we were drowning in in May. Hoping for a proper winter this year to make up for the lack of much that could be called summer.
  4. Qualifications

    Snap! Completed mine in 2009 I think
  5. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Must be just the right weather for my Runner Beans this year, we're getting loads so stashing some in the freezer to avoid getting sick of eating them.
  6. I did think saying that the Queensferry Crossing would never need to close in high winds was tempting fate somewhat. Might have been better saying that it was "much less likely" to have to close in high winds. Looking forward to driving over it some time, but at the moment it looks like it could be a while before I have the excuse to be any distance south of Aberdeen.
  7. At last, you seem to have been around most of Scotland in your search for a house. Sounds like a reasonable chance for snow in that area if we get a decent winter. You should be able to catch anything coming in from the NW through to the East, much like me.
  8. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Loads of gooseberries here too, mainly made into a surprisingly red looking jam. Mind oyu, they were mainly a red variety. I planted 2 bushes a couple of years ago, one red, one green, and the former is doing much better than the latter. As for Blackberries, we were at friends the other night who have a huge bush along their fence, which is absolutely plastered with green berries. Once they ripen we've been invited to take as many as we like as they can't imagine being able to use them all. Just started cropping courgettes from the two plants I grew, from the two seeds I had left over from previous years. Runner beans have been flowering for a little while but nothing from them yet. French beans have gone mad and are currently trying to grow tall enough to be useful in a Jack and the Beanstalk panto. Just starting to flower. Lettuce is reliable as usual but the later sowing of radish seem slow to grow. Oh, and I have beetroot in 'potato' bags that seem, from fumblings in the bags, to be all leaf and not much root so far.
  9. Weekend into Monday here was so, so. A bit of everything and although not what you'd call warm it wasn't cold and miserable either. Talking of birds, we had an almost tame Thrush in the garden the other day. It was quite happily hopping around whilst I was working out there, and even came within about 6ft of us at one point as we sat and watched it. A real treat as it's a bird we rarely seem to see in the garden any more. Used to be regular visitors to my garden when I was a kid. Some good news on the bee front too. After weeks of not seeing any evidence of queens laying new brood in our two bee hives, we checked again yesterday and found brood in both. One had quite a lot actually, and we think that hive might have a new queen (if we can find her we'll know as the old queen was marked). Seems to have been another 'strange' feature of this year as a few beekeepers have noted a distinct lack of laying activity from queens since mid to late May. Might be related to the warm spells in Spring, that led to a boom in bee numbers, then the subsequent lack of any real warm weather as summer has progressed?

    @carinthian, we've all stopped replying to you out of extreme jealousy, as we sit here in the dismal UK under frequent cloud and rain.
  11. Usually plenty of wild geese around Monymusk, just not the right time of year for it. Been pretty decent day in Dyce from what I've seen of it through the window at work. Phoned the wife earlier and she was sat out in the garden so it must be warm in Kemnay for her to do that.
  12. A rather nondescript few days. Some pointlessly dull and damp, some 'usable' at best. Today has started dull and drizzly again.
  13. BBC so called stars are paid

    The world of TV has changed fundamentally since the introduction of the TV Tax and the BBC should be required to live in the commercial world like every other entertainment provider. I don't buy the argument that it would automatically cause a reduction in quality, mainly because there's already been a huge reduction in quality over the last couple of decades anyway. There's only one reason I can see for governments continuing to support the License Fee and that is that it allows them to retain a degree of control, or influence, over the 'State Broadcaster'. It seems to be the majority opinion, on here at least, that sacrificing Chris Evans (that's one reality TV show I would watch) would actually increase quality. I have nothing against the likes of Lineker, but really, would paying someone else a quarter of his fee for hosting Match of the Day really reduce the audience by much, if anything? The same applies for most other 'stars'. I mean, Claudia 'the fringe' Winkleman, among many others, is another 'star' that it baffles me why anyone thinks she has even the merest spark of 'talent'.
  14. Drove through some torrential stuff on the A96 on my way to work this morning. I counted at least 4 flashes of lightning, didn't see any directly though as the cloud/rain was obscuring everything.
  15. Cloudy, breezy and a lot cooler, with temps in the mid teens. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.