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  1. Too busy clearing to measure but I'd estimate about 2-3cm lying at my house this morning. Commute was interesting. Back roads had been ploughed and gritted (I'd assume, but lack of traffic to work it in) but were white. A-roads only a little better, tram tracks, but very heavy snow between Huntly and Keith turned the A96 back to completely white as I was driving along it. Normal 45mins commute took 65mins, which wasn't too bad in the circumstances.. I'll try to get some pictures on the way home if I can. A real winter wonderland in places here, winter has finally arrived.
  2. Just to illustrate with regards to 'uppers'. That's my back garden tonight, turned from sleety mess to snow 5pm or so and started accumulating around 8pm (ground was very wet), with uppers that should be around -5C according to 12z GFS. Now I know I'm in what might be considered a 'favourable location ' compared to most, but it still shows the uppers don't need to be ridiculous for snow to fall.
  3. Stopped snowing again and moon out, letting me see that I have indeed reached the "can't see the grass" stage. Best picture I can do for now as I wasn't venturing past opening the patio doors... Right, time to sleep as i suspect I'll have to clear the driveway before heading to work in the morning as more forecast overnight.
  4. The snow I drove home through stopped just after my last post, but started up again an hour or so ago. Everything now having a good go at turning white but from what little I can see due to utter darkness, not quite at the "can't see the grass" stage. Still by far the best snow event of this winter so far, but that's from a very poor start.
  5. Just drove home from Fochabers to Alford through just about everything from rain through to proper heavy snow. Temps 1 to 2C most of the way but -1C as I arrived at house. Snow starting to lie as I came over hill to back of house, road still clear but very disconcerting driving with headlights against heavy snow.
  6. 2-3C this morning on the way to work and Moderate to Heavy rain. Seems to have been doing that outside ever since. A bit older and it could have been a lot more interesting. Forecast to snow later and overnight, exact detail change depending on when you look, and at what forecast you look, but expecting to wake up tomorrow morning to a white scene for a change. Pram filled with toys just in case I don't. Beyond today/tomorrow, well I've given up trying to forecast/guess that, because the models at the moment seem to be more guesswork than forecast. Worst comes to the worst I'd settle for snow at the ski centres so I can at least go skiing.
  7. Mild day, probably the last for a while (hopefully). I'm expecting to see some snow here Wed night through into Thu morning, a covering at least would be nice. After that? Models keep doing major flips and churning out completely different scenarios so for now I have no real idea what if any, snow any of us will see beyond Thursday.
  8. I see I'm not the only one reporting a very light dusting of snow this morning. Going by the iced up state of the car it obviously rained first, then froze, then a few snow flakes to finish off. Surrounding hills also show the merest signs of snow on top. Around -1C at 8:30am and bright sunshine. I need to drive to Edinburgh and back today so not looking too bad a day for it.
  9. Funny isn't it, I keep looking at the models, the 850s etc and think "bring it on" and then look at the model thread in bemused disbelief as half of them are moaning and searching for the fabled 'beast from the east'. I feel for those down south, I really do, but they just live in the wrong place. Mind you, send them to the likes of Austria at the moment and I swear they'd still moan... "too much snow... too cold". Decent day here I suppose, if unexciting. Maybe maxed out about 8C, dry, cloudy, bit of a stiff breeze at times. Bought a couple more bags of smokeless coal for the stove today and split some more wood, ready for next week. Should turn colder by the weekend, potentially some snow a day or two after that?
  10. Don't know about substantial or lasting snow quite yet, but Yr.no (ECM based) has me getting some snow Wed into Thu next week, followed by an ice day on Friday. Obviously at that range it can and probably will change.
  11. You still can't say it's not going to happen, unless the verification stats for the GFS Para at t384 are exactly 0%. admittedly it's unlikely to happen as shown, but there's still a slim chance that it will, and a slightly better than slim chance that something equally as good will. Until then, we'll dream.
  12. I was just about to post that myself. Also a slightly stronger (1040mb) Arctic high on the 18Z compared to the 12z (1035mb).
  13. Remind me, what season is this supposed to be again? 10C at 7:30am this morning. Currently breezy, but for once the sun has actually put in an appearance.
  14. Back to work tomorrow, 'mon the Snaw, won't be long before I'll NEED a snow day. I'll survive the first week, possibly the second, but by the third... Please let this be me... In the meantime, today wasn't too awful. On the mild side, dry, but utterly sunless (not quite as grey as recent greyness goes). Allowed us to get the motorhome emptied and cleaned in relative comfort, and the feed on one of the beehives changed.
  15. P. S. I'm betting on anything colder coming from a NW direction. The hints of this have been there for a while in the models, much more so than northerlies, and especially easterlies. The former just doesn't raise as much excitement in the MOD thread though as is not as good for most of the UK than N or E. Can be OK for most of us, and especially good for the snow starved ski resorts.