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  1. A fairly acceptable weekend up this direction. A bit too windy for comfort especially since despite a fair bit of sun it was far from warm. Stayed dry though so the garden has had more attention. The bees are still in a quiet period but some good news with them as we're sure we've now got a laying queen from one of the frames we'd to take out of a hive a few weeks ago to stop them swarming. That original hive though might be queen-less as there's till no sign of a queen laying in there, so we might have to try merging the new queen with the old hive. Alternatively if the new queen builds up her colony quickly enough we may just let the old hive die off as merging two hives doesn't always work and there's a risk the queen could get killed. Keeping bees ain't simple.
  2. Lol, reading this thread recently has just like being back in winter. Remember people, in the same way that people liking or hating cold has no effect on what the weather actually does, neither does hating or loving the heat. Heat lovers shouldn't feel guilty about the problems others suffer from due to the hot weather as they haven't caused the hot weather through some sort of mass telekinesis. Same with those of us who love cold and snow shouldn't be guilty if somebody falls and breaks a leg on a patch of ice. Just go with the flow and enjoy your preferred weather whilst you can because 90% of the time in the UK it's weather nobody likes.
  3. At least the sun is making an appearance this morning, feeling pleasant but not warm, especially in a strong wind. Lots of fluffy clouds around too. In many ways though I prefer this to warmer but cloudy weather, it'd probably be perfect without the wind.
  4. Yep, same here, an 'orrible grey 15C, but dry. Not liking the medium term outlook either for heat or interest, as it seems to have neither.
  5. Sitting here' you'd not think that parts of the UK are potentially going to hit record temps today. A max of 14.9C so far in Dyce and unlikely to top that as it's currently cloudy.
  6. Same here, a mostly sunny weekend with temps in the low to mid 20s. Helping ripen my gooseberries nicely, and even one or two of the raspberries are starting to turn red already.
  7. Well it maxed out at 19.1C in Dyce, which is fairly impressive given that although the early cloud did try to break the sun didn't really make much of an appearance. Back to a thick sheet of cloud now.
  8. Back to sort of 'meh' weather. Decent enough day yesterday but nothing special, well other than the short-lived, ark building biblical rain shower at around 5pm. Still pleasant enough at 8pm to be pottering in the garden though. Today has started mainly cloudy and mild with just a light breeze.
  9. She had a full melon last week, this week she's only been left with a few seeds. My first sowing of radishes were pretty useless, all leaf and stalk and very few actual edible radish (I'm not sure if that's another Tory joke too). Everything else looks to be doing OK, including the 2 courgette plants that I've got, which got transplanted from pots into a grow-bag yesterday.
  10. Well since nothing much of interest is happening this morning I though I'd better let everyone know that it's cool and dry here with the sun getting out though gaps in the fluffy white clouds. Not warm though.
  11. Sunday, cinema with wife and 10yr old...Guardians of the Galaxy 2...thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. Very windy this morning but at least the rain has stopped. River Don at the end of the road looking quite full, but within it's normal banks. Fells chilly in the wind, almost like a December day from the last few winters.
  13. If I can find one 'bright side' to today, at least I'm not going to need to water the veg patches and the garden in general for a few days at the very earliest. Oh, extracted another 40+lbs of honey on Sunday, so that breaks the 100lbs mark overall so far this year. At least as far as the bees are concerned it's been a good spring. Slightly worried that something has happened with the queen in one hive though as it's not looking 'happy'. Hopefully, nature will prevail and they'll create a new queen without needing too much help from us.
  14. One flash and bang here so far too. Comes after a decent sunny morning in which we managed to check the bees and get the grass cut. Time to be lazy now the rain is on.
  15. Saw that this morning and thought "naw, nae chance". That'd be 'serious risk of death' in this office if that came off. In the meantime it's a decent day up here. Cloudless blue skies, sunshine and 17C when I was out at lunchtime. Breeze makes it feel a bit cooler though nothing to moan about.