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  1. Yep, everything here starting to take on an autumnal tinge too. No idea what the yeald of grain or straw has been like but the local farmer has certainty been keeping busy running back and forward at all hours for the last couple of weeks. Getting our bees settled down for winter now as there seems to be little nectar left around for them. Still plenty of bees in the hive, who have been greedily munching through the feed we've been providing, since we have been stealing thier stores of honey earlier in the year. We were holding out hoping for some heather honey but if the heather around here has flowered it's been rather subdued. No purple tinged hills that we've noticed, maybe due to the warm, dry summer?
  2. Not quite as cold, or quite as wet as I was expecting, but still bleugh like elsewhere. Stuck the woodburner on around 5pm anyway and enjoyed being toastie.
  3. It's been a real mixture of a week weather wise up here. One day, I think Tuesday, I left work in Fochabers where it was a sunny 18C but when I got home to Alford it was a drizzly 12C. Certainly been feeling fresher and damper overall, with a real chill in the air some mornings. This weekend is going to feel autumnal, with a sunny 14C max forecast for today, and a thoroughly miserable and damp 10-12C forecast for Sunday. I can see the wood burner being fired up.
  4. We've got a Buddleia bush outside our garage that if you walk past at the moment releases a massive cloud of hover flies, butterflies, bumble bees and assorted other insects. Its virtually crawling with insects at times, impressively so. As you said, a very decent day, which was warm enough for an outside BBQ with my visiting parents.
  5. Ah, now yellow warning for thunderstorms for Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire. Not a surprise after just how much I was sweating just doing some weeding. Warm and very humid feeling.
  6. Or maybe not. The rain/thunder seems to have all but disappeared from our local forecast this morning.
  7. Lovely morning at Rosemarkie on the Black Isle as the last stop of our holiday before we head home tomorrow. Wife wanted to stop off to see her favourite animal, no not @Hairy Celt, but the dolphins, at Channory, who will hopefully put in an appearance in an almost flat calm sea. Last few days over west in Morven were a bit more unsettled, with us actually getting wet one day. Really though, getting rained on only once during a week in NW Scotland even in July, isn't too bad.
  8. All the heat we've had and when it finally looks like some flash and bang action I'm away from home. Decent day on Mull, breezy but largely sunny and warm in the sun. Crossing over from Ardnamurchan to Tobermory was a little bumpy in a flat bottomed, flat fronted ferry.
  9. We're out west at Kilchoan on Ardnamurchan at the moment and it's been variably cloudy, breezy and cooler, but still decent and dry. Funny talking to a guy from NE England who was saying that it was "nice to get away from the heat". Still green scenery here too. Heading over to Mull tomorrow.
  10. Certainly was warm in the 'Shire this morning and early afternoon despite, or because of, a strong breeze. Headed off for a few days further west and its certainly cloudier and a little cooler in Inverness.
  11. All 3 leaky joints fixed, at least for a bit (old bike inner tubes have thier uses). Of course, having spent most of the day in the rain or drizzle, now I'm finished the sun is back out.
  12. Aye, very useful. First real time since we got the new house at the end of May for me to see just what bits of the gutter system 'leak'. Only 3 drippy bits, one already fixed as simply needed clip refastened. Others still to be looked at in a bit. Garden will appreciate the soaking.
  13. @QuinachYep, rather warm feeling today despite some high cloud. Still feeling warm in the house even now, with all the windows open. Weather station reading at Aboyne at 10pm was 19.9C.
  14. Persistent moderate drizzle or light rain here for a couple of hours, enough to leave small puddles on slabs. Hopefully enough to revive the grass, which has been increasingly turning brown the last few days.
  15. Encountered that strange phenomenon here too, water falling from the sky, albeit briefly. So stunned by it that I just continued working in the garden, enjoying the feeling of getting slightly damp. Other than that it started warm, 19C at 9am, warmed up to around 23C but clouded over later in the afternoon. Watching the models looking for more significant rain at the moment is a bit like watching for snow in the winter. The promise is always there, but it's always 8 or 9 days away and never seems to get any closer.