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  1. Bright and sunny with fluffy white clouds scud ding across the sky in the strong wind. Pleasant enough though with a temp of 17C at 9am. Trees taking a battering in the garden but only casualties so far are leaves.
  2. Three flashes at least to the north of Alford about 2pm, cloud to cloud somewhere roughly above Rhynie. A bit of rain from that at my new house (catching the edge of it) then a quick deluge later, about 6pm.
  3. 25C here currently and plenty of cloud bubbling up, but nothing 'interesting' looking yet. Did a quick check of the bees earlier and getting the bee suit off again was bliss.
  4. Caught the area around Alford too at about 5pm or thereabouts. Very heavy but short lived. Apart from that it really has been an amazingly warm and dry spell, with everything around here covered in a layer of dust/dirt.
  5. Been too busy to post recently, and another "it's glorious" post would hardly have added much anyway. It has been though. On Friday the day we took possession of our new house finally arrived. Not moved in yet, the benefit of being forced to rent for a few months means a 'relaxed' transition. I'll post some pics of the massive garden and impressive views at some point. At 220m asl I'm hoping come winter to be enjoying the days the weather forecasts say "... and will fall as snow over 200m". Long may this period of weather continue as I'm now looking forward to 10 weeks of summer holidays, although I'll be kept busy with the new house and garden. Since we're now on a private water supply a little rain now and again wouldn't go amiss though.
  6. Phew, car was showing 21C on my drive home from work around 4pm, despite the sun having gone behind high cloud by then.
  7. Opposite here, I was happily pottering in the garden in shorts and a t-shirt. Same as @ciel at 17c, a couple of degrees above the met app forecast.
  8. Sitting outside the motorhome at the campsite at Coylumbridge with a beer, after a 10 mile walk through Rothiemurchus forest. Glorious day, although a stiff breeze has got going now.
  9. Heavy, heavy showers here today. Was out earlier to Aldi and on the way home the temperature fluctuated between 5C & 6C and there was a definite element of hail and sleet in the showers. Just had to put the heating on in the house too.
  10. Really not been a bad week so far in the grand scheme of things. It not been what you would call warm, but it's been mainly dry (everything covered in a layer of dust, I blame the farmers) and often sunny. As @Quinachsaid, some good heavy showers today but almost blink and you'll miss it affairs due to bring pushed through quickly by the wind. Trees finally beginning to realise winter is over and show signs of breaking into leaf. Be nice to get some green back into the countryside after months of predominantly brown.
  11. Decent day here again, mostly blue skies, 16C and just a bit of a breeze. Had time enough and it was warm enough for us to do the first full check of the year on the bees. Both hives have survived though the winter and the queens are laying again, so a pair of happy beekeepers now sat in the garden with a cold drink enjoying the sun.
  12. Maybe not so dodgy, for the moment.
  13. Headed NW for a few days with the motorhome and its been a glorious day north of Lochinver, if a bit breezy. Would post a pic but dodgy Internet.
  14. To fill in the picture between Fife & Moray, dull, almost drizzly haar here too. Pity after a run of 3 decent days, particularly Saturday and yesterday. Probably heading off for a few days in the motorhome from Thursday before everyone has to head back to school, I think we'll be heading W or NW to escape the influence of the North Sea.
  15. After a damp feeling morning but with nothing really falling from the sky it's just started with a wintry mix here. Earlier even the hills just to the west only had a speckled wet looking mix except for the very tops. Much as I love snow, it's been a looooong winter. I just hope the summer compensates for it.