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  1. Personally satellite broadband would be the option of last resort for me due to the latency (pings upwards of 800ms compared to around 20ms for adsl broadband). You can do better than £50/mth for 500Gb, especially if you buy your own unlocked mobile router and antenna (if needed), which would be around £200. Three also do better home broadband deals, including the router, than EE. I only get a 3G signal from them though (still faster than my BT line). Unlimited Data Plans on UK Mobile Networks: With No Download Limits KENSTECHTIPS.COM Unlimited data plans allow you to download as much as you like, with no download... Until you move in though it's going to be difficult to know what mobile network, if any, is best. Thier coverage checkers should be taken with a pinch of salt. If you have an unlocked phone, grab a free sim from each of the main networks and check what you get once you've moved in. That's if the kids won't lynch you if they don't have "WiFi" the second they enter the house.
  2. Ground frost here too this morning, first of the season for me.
  3. So, in other words, when we see/get a cold spell we should stay all Secret Squirrel about it?
  4. At the moment I'm just keeping an eye on the ensemble graphs and wondered what the GFS had done at the end. Must come with a huge health warning, as not only is it so far out time wise, it's so far out of sync with its own ensemble suite. Would be nice though. In the meantime I'm happy enough if the weather keep going as it is, here at least. Another sunny start to the day after what was a fabulous day yesterday. With all the trees starting to change (our rowan are already bare) it would be nice for them not to be stripped prematurely by a gale.
  5. @bigsnow have a look at mobile broadband. Depending on signal strength of the different mobile networks where you are moving to it could be a realistic option. Prices have really dropped recently, £20-30/mth, and perhaps more importantly nearly all the networks are offering 'unlimited' data plans. Google "kens tech tips" for more information. We have an often dodgy 5 meg land line connection, with it being a direct line to the exchange so little current prospect of BT putting in a fibre cabinet somewhere closer and connecting us to it. Mobile signal is poor inside our house, but not too bad outside, especially on EE network. A quick test with my phone suggests I could get at least 15 meg 4G with a mobile router and an outside antenna on the side of the house. I'd probably go for it if, due to two house moves, I wasn't tied into Plusnet for at least another year (free switches = longer contract ). Even so, it might be worth the extra cost for a while just to try to stop the angry shouts from my son's bedroom when he lags out in Fortnight. In weather news, virtually cloudless and windless this morning. Absolutely glorious! .
  6. Yeah, sun finally put in an appearance this afternoon , after a run of wet or at least grey conditions since the end of last week. It's probably not actually any warmer outside, but psychologically it 'feels' warmer cos your looking out at sun rather than miserable grey and rain.
  7. Got out of bed... Looked out of window... Got back into bed, might just stay here. I'm not even under main band of rain either, some of you look as if your beds might be floating by now.
  8. Complete opposite here. Unrelentingly wet until about an hour ago, now rain is off but breezy and cool.
  9. I'm no expert @Northernlights but try this... https://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/archived_radar.asp?MonthOf=8&DayOf=6&YearOf=2019
  10. Yep, been a lovely spell of weather, and hopefully stay dry at least today for me to get the front lounge window painted. Really needs it before the winter, as did the two bedroom windows of the front of the house that I did yesterday. Looking unsettled after today, but could we be seeing something distinctly colder as we enter October. A lot of scatter after the 30th, as expected at that range, but a lot of runs taking quite a drop in 850s temps.
  11. Aye, that's why its much better for your sanity to just follow this thread, we have enough of our own experts anyway, especially once things get into the 'reliable time frame'. The MOD thread, sadly, should only be visited for entertainment purposes. Glorious morning here with blue skies and bright sunshine. Started off foggy though, especially in the valleys, and everything is still covered with a heavy dew. Complete contrast to yesterday's cold constant drizzle-fest.
  12. I just have this sneaky suspicion, or I'm psychic and you lived here in a previous life, maybe as a Jacobite rebel, or maybe I'm just getting my lines crossed. Who knows? If Buckfast sales in the 'Shire suddenly spike around November then maybe it's the first of those three possible scenarios.
  13. I agree. Last year we had early hype, which largely came to nothing. Then we had mid-winter hype, which largely came to nothing. Then we had late winter hype, which largely came to nothing, All the long-range pointers, analogues, El-Nino/Nina, Atlantic SSTs, PDO, SSW.......when it comes to actual snow on the ground, there's just too many 'complications' and unknowns. I'm with @Mr Frost, I'll look at the models for a week ahead, and only get excited if any cold spell makes it into the 3 day range. Oh and welcome back the the 'Shire @bigsnow, despite what I've just said, we actually had a couple of memorable snow events up here. Including one where we had enough snow to make a ski run in the garden.
  14. Fired up the woodburner in the lounge this evening, although strickly it wasn't really necessary. With it being a windy day, nights lengthening, although not exactly cold outside, it just felt like the right thing to do.
  15. Possibly a touch of frost here too looking out of the window. Could just be a heavy dew, and I'm being lazy so not going out to check. Certainly nice and sunny.
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