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  1. Its welcoming to have Paul Shermans input on the SE regional thread. These convection related synoptics suit his experience even though they are not directly storm related

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    2. Tamara


      Yes exactly Paul. I mentioned you because you don't post in there that often. Nick F always provides great information as well as many others of course. The last times I saw Thundersnow was in 2010 despite a few streamer events since then Alas won't be expecting it tomorrow though! Away from home at the moment so we are intending to go on a snow chase tomorrow to Capel-le-Ferne which is not far away. Hopefully that elevation will help further with seeing a covering! ;)

    3. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Must be the best regional forum on the site!

    4. Tamara


      A few sferics close to De Haan on the Belgian coast. A thundery wintry mix. Closest we will get to the real thing this time. Still, at least all the marginality is removed during tomorrow before it all fades away aferwards

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