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  1. Thunder here kids seen the flashes whilst out playing went long in coming in..heard about 5 rumbles in the last 20 mins have we got much to come this way??
  2. Hi all we are down in Burry port this weekend looking at traveling home tomorrow what's the chances on this storm hitting font fancy driving home if it's going to be a bad one..All the best all
  3. Are we in for more bad weather?? Just seen the pictures on the front page of mirror (I think) and it's almost identical to the storm system off day after tomorrow when they show the 3 systems..
  4. please send some down here to Talbot green...just gone to put bins out and big rumble of thunder
  5. is this going to b over soon its not very comfortable sat under the stairs
  6. looks like its time to move under the stairs then it is terrible here in talbot green to really hope it dont get any worse....
  7. thanks for that we thinking of sleeping downstairs now wind is getting worse have just had to recover my garden table from next doors fence and kids bikes from the bottom of the garden
  8. Can someone tell me if it is going to be worse here in South Wales tomorrow than what it is today...trees are not looking good out in my back garden so don't know weather or not to move the kids from the back bedrooms..
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