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  1. I thought I was discussing the weather. But people craving extreme winds when we all know what the consequences of that particular type of weather can mean is to my mind no less than ghoulish. Weather enthusiasts shouldn't be any different from other enthusiasts. Trainspotters wouldn't want to see a train crash.
  2. Once again on here there are some that won't be happy unless the country is decimated by some freakish storm. Be careful what you wish for. On a happier note we have a light breeze in Lowestoft.
  3. The weather will do, what the weather will do. Thank your God that not everything is certain. And stay safe.
  4. Thought I would post this link to Congo Weather so that we can tell when the weather changes in that region. GFS still deciding not to follow the ECM, but because the ECM isn't going for anything as extreme as it was in December I'm strangely beginning to see that this time it could be picking up on the correct weather pattern for the next few weeks.
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