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  1. Gorgeous run of sunny, cool days here and chilly nights with slight frosts. No complaints, though there’s been no fog to speak of, which I like in autumn.
  2. Beautiful day here after a slight frost first thing. Perfect conditions to enjoy the autumn colours.
  3. I really struggle to understand why it’s so hard for people to wear masks in enclosed public spaces and on any form of public transport. The government has been shambolic with its confusing messages, right from the start of the pandemic. No wonder the COVID figures are going crazy again. Still very windy here today but not like yesterday (Storm Aurorae, I believe?), and it’s much cooler (10°C currently) with still with plenty of sunshine.
  4. The wind has certainly been a tad crazy here today. Overturned my heavy outdoor table (!), smashed up the balcony a bit and there’s plenty of damage to trees across the city causing a few issues.
  5. Severe weather warnings here in Prague today, with wind gusts forecast to reach 65mph. These strong winds affected France last night and have moved over to C Europe. It’s already blowing a hoolie with leaves being ripped from the trees, but it’s quite sunny and warm with it (currently 18°C after an exceptionally warm day yesterday where it reached a very pleasant 23°C).
  6. Gorgeous sunny October day here, blue skies, 16°C with a light S’ly breeze Am sitting outside eating my lunch, most pleasant.
  7. Would be nice to have some inversion-type weather in November. So far, Autumn has been quite mundane here, no fog, one slight frost, a bit of rain here and there, and some sunny spells. The sunshine has been very pleasant, I’d like to see more foggy and frosty weather as we edge towards winter.
  8. April was the third coldest for nearly 140 years, or so I’ve read. May was below average, temperature wise but not record breaking. Seems like seasons have shifted backwards for the time of the year?
  9. September was way above average in the UK, wouldn’t say it was normal though after the generally crap summer, very pleasant for most, I’d have thought. Of course this all comes after one of the coldest Springs ever recorded, which seems to have been forgotten on here, somewhat.
  10. Well it was supposed to be a secret I wish I was that smiley, have often been asked ‘if I’m ok’, when I’m perfectly happy. Must be the RBF (Resting Biatch Face). Chilly and grotty day here today, with a ‘high’ of 11°C. Quite vile, missing summer already Had to change to the winter duvets
  11. It’s probably due to spring this year being one of the coldest ever recorded? Leaves are turning here now quite quickly and with the sunshine and deep blue skies are looking beautiful
  12. Beautiful clear sunny day here in Prague, but chilly with 13°C the max. Lovely view of the Moon and Venus conjunction this evening
  13. Ugh, just says it all, the UK is such a cloud magnet
  14. Certainly, it often makes for entertaining reading! I empathise with some of the moans, can be hard work dealing with dreary weather so regularly
  15. Think a bit of variety is what most of us want with regards to the weather. I’ve not seen one foggy night or day yet, let alone frost. Just glad it’s not going to be chucking it down with howling winds again, for a bit. Possible frost here next week (Monday).
  16. Making up for one of the coldest Springs ever recorded?
  17. Looking like a beautiful day in London Bit fresh first thing, though
  18. Absolutely. Haven’t really had any foggy autumnal weather yet, plenty of rain and wind though
  19. After a dreary morning at Heathrow, the skies have cleared beautifully Lovely afternoon, hopefully
  20. Yes, that extra sunshine makes all the difference, been great to see it. Not had much in the way of mist and fog here yet, one my favourite autumn weather types. It can get surprisingly wet and windy here too sometimes, which I don’t mind too much, as it’s not an endless barrage like it often is in the UK.
  21. 1st of October and a beauty of a day to start the new month, 17°C currently
  22. 5°C here this morning, brrr Clear blue skies with it Still can’t smell much a year after getting covid, but I’m imagining that ‘scent’ of autumn and chilly weather is in the air
  23. Lovely day here, mainly sunny and 16°C, no complaints There has been some interesting weather lately, typical of autumn. As long as there’s plenty of sunshine in between the interesting weather, I’m ok
  24. Some extremely heavy rainfall yesterday here, once from a shower at lunchtime and then it went nuts again in the evening. Beautiful sunny morning today, was a bit chilly first thing, though
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