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  1. You had 5 months of that, from the end of September last year until March this year. Some people have very short memories!
  2. Hehe, I’ll admit I started thinking about Christmas lights last night but I think I’ve got a bit of a problem Those who dislike heat have had it pretty good this summer, we’ve had what, 4, maybe 5 hot days/nights out of 61-2? Hardly a drama.
  3. There’s nothing pleasant about that, agreed but in most years, you can count nights like that on one hand, even in London. So I don’t get the near constant whining about it, especially when they are so infrequent? Have to say, I don’t particularly enjoy 37°C much lol but usually don’t have an issue sleeping, I just don’t wear anything and don’t use the duvet. A sheet is more than sufficient and a decent fan is very useful.
  4. Agree, especially in a country without much air conditioning in homes. I’d be very very happy with a mainly sunny August with 26-30°C on most days!
  5. We’re probably past the tipping point, it is very depressing to think of it. This coronavirus crisis has helped the planet to breathe again and awoken many to what needs to change. Fingers crossed that we won’t go back to our old ways. I don’t think that we will, somehow (just a feeling). Everyone needs to do their bit. Whether that’s recycling, planting trees, conserving water or lobbying governments, many more voices need to be heard. Saying all that, maybe discussions/fears/worries about climate change, etc can be on the relevant threads and not clog up this one?
  6. It is very worrying and of huge concern. The way humans have abused the planet is beyond belief, I doubt anyone would deny it on here. But wanting hot and sunny weather in summer on a generally chilly, wet and dull island isn’t a crime.
  7. Definitely unusual to have yellow grass in Spring, but this spring was very sunny and dry.
  8. Spring was generally very sunny and dry, was that the case in your area? Mind you, the previous 5 months were sopping wet. Apparently, a mature oak tree can drink 600+ litres of water a day, crazy.
  9. Looks a bit yellow but nothing remarkably unusual, for the time of year. You live in one of the driest parts of the UK in summer. This isn’t a ‘new thing’, grass was often that colour in summer where I grew up (near Heathrow) in the 70’-80’s. Lovely garden, by the way
  10. While this summer (so far) hasn’t been quite as bad as 2007 or 2012, that’s hardly saying much as those years were absolutely horrific! I pray I never experience such a ghastly summer as 2012 again in my life. Even SE England hasn’t been that great this summer and much of the rest of the UK has been pretty dire. A ‘parched’ lawn just means it’s been quite dry recently, that’s all. Quite normal for grass to be yellowing at this time of the year (my Mums lawn near Heathrow certainly isn’t ‘parched’, out of interest). Models are showing chances of 30-32°C for next weekend in the SE but it’s a week away. Similar temperatures forecast for here, I’ll be welcoming them with open arms as I’m going camping, will be lovely Proper summer, at last.
  11. Looks like some more warmth to come next week, across much of the UK and the continent (though not silly heat like yesterday). Are we finally going to get a much deserved warm August? Hopefully so, after the dross served up so far, this ‘summer’.
  12. Interesting satellite pic, can clearly see the cold front out W but also ahead of it, the trough, running down from the Midlands, CS England in into N France past Paris. Might be something thundery popping up along that trough, more likely across E England/E Anglia, imho
  13. Yes, it’s only one day of it though, can’t ignore the largely cool and cloudy summer the UK/NW Europe has suffered, so far. The UK isn’t going to suddenly turn into southern Spain, let’s not get carried away lol
  14. Blimey! Record might be under threat, at this rate
  15. A single very hot day here in Prague today, currently 33°C but the WSW’ly wind is blowing an absolute hoolie! So weird. Back to nearer normal temperatures before some more warmth at the weekend.
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