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  1. Shame the frontal boundary isn’t 100-150 miles further W. Then things would be a lot more interesting!
  2. It’s true, though. How many hot days does the UK get each year? 25 in the SE, maybe. Leaves a whole 340 days of not hot weather.
  3. Proper summer here in Prague, 33°C and sunny. High chances of thunderstorms from Monday onwards with a few days of cooler temperatures.
  4. Looks like you say, unfortunately. All that clag in NW France and across much of S England doesn’t help. Just 15°C at Heathrow, pathetic
  5. Good tips 👍🏻 Most people also have a garden in the UK, so if the house is ‘unbearably hot’ then camping and sleeping in the garden might be a nice option. It’s what I’d be doing, anyway. Much cooler and quite fun, too. Proper summer here, 30°C already with mainly clear skies but with a nice breeze. Fans will be working hard over the next few days lol
  6. Yes, parts of the south coast have been super unlucky. Hopefully some decent storms later to make up for it!
  7. It should clear up quickly with the sun nearly at maximum strength. Will be watching with interest, fair chance of a decent thundery event actually materialising, for once. A hot 5-6 days to come here in the Czech Republic, 5 days above 30°C forecast from tomorrow, with increasing chances of thunderstorms from later in the weekend onwards. Bit hot even for me, but hopefully will trigger some humdingers lol
  8. You can see it on satellite pics. An extensive area of fog affecting much of CS England. Going to be a stinker today! Some thunderstorms in Biscay already.
  9. There’s something about storms at night that’s very exciting. I remember all the nighttime humdingers we used to get in London in the 80’s, made school and college very hard work the day after one, through lack of sleep 😊
  10. Vile. That’s not very summery at all. Not so bad if the skies were clear, though.
  11. It’s a one day blip, thankfully. Sunny and 24°C tomorrow then getting some proper heat towards the end of the week for a few days, before a thundery breakdown 👍🏻 Fingers crossed that pointless cloud clears your location soon, it’s such an irritation in summer.
  12. Disappointing weather here this weekend. Yesterday had loads of clouds and showers, but reached 25°C. Today, it’s feeling chilly with plenty of cloud and a keen NW’ly wind. It’s only 14°C at midday - 🤢 Satellite pics show the cloud well.
  13. Looks like clearing where you are very shortly. England should see a sunnier day in general today. Fair amount of cloud here this morning with a strong breeze, hopefully some sun before the cold front sweeps through this evening.
  14. Fair enough, we’re all different but I’ve never been a fan of the UK climate and I’m from a town 4 miles from Heathrow. It’s the UK, so any hot spells are almost always short-lived. The weather in May-August is vital for many people's well-being, seeing as the rest of the year suffers generally depressing crap, so hoping for a bit of warmth and sun isn’t a crime.
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