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  1. Yes, I guess much of our region was ‘lucky’ (more towards the SW). Watching footage of the winds in Holland, with people being blown about and roofs flying off, was quite dramatic!
  2. We do have 6 weeks of winter to go, you never know. But when it comes to cold weather modelled, T48 or even T24 might be safer! If it can go wrong here, it will.
  3. Beautiful morning here, clear skies and sunny with a moderate SW’ly breeze. Frosty to start, now 2C. Sad to hear at least 10 people died yesterday in Holland with additional deaths in Germany from that storm yesterday. It must have deepened further as it moved over there, storm damage is widespread.
  4. It’s been a completely normal winter here in the SE. Temperatures have been average or below, there have been several storms, more than one occasion of snow falling and/or laying, and cold snaps with plenty of frosts. Also a lack of prolonged very mild SW’ly winds that have characterised many recent winters. Snow has always been pretty rare in the S of England; it’s just become that bit rarer in recent years. No one can say if this is a permanent change, or not. I understand it must be frustrating if you love snow but it’s really nothing new, the UK has always been marginal for cold and snow and unless something drastic occurs (like a mini Ice Age), it always will be.
  5. The Netherlands got battered today by our storm, frightening.
  6. Nothing much here, there was more damage from the last storm a couple of weeks ago. Wierd how areas not too far apart had such different impacts, though.
  7. This storm was significant across East Anglia and parts of the N and E of our region, enough to have been named, imho. It wasn’t quite as bad here but there was still disruption to travel at London’s airports and to much of the rail network.
  8. Hehe, indeed. Though 17 million fine citizens of these islands have scuppered that option for most of us. Well, a European option, anyhoo.
  9. ‘87 was a very different storm, the wind started howling here before midnight and increased until it peaked at around 6:30am. Trees were coming down all through the night, there were loads of flashes as the power lines were affected and the tv wasn’t working in the morning. The noise was incredible, it is something I will never forget as I stayed up all night to watch. At one point (around 4pm) I saw a street bin flying down my road at great speed about 3m in the air. Unbelievable stuff. The wind has calmed here dramatically but there is still the odd noisy gust. Little damage here, barring fallen dead twigs and branches, no trees down that I’ve noticed. Sounds like it’s much worse towards the N and E of our region, as predicted. Hope no one is hurt or has suffered damage to their home.
  10. Very windy here, just drove on a section of the M25 and the car was being blown about quite sharply. Slightly scary but seems to be calming down a bit.
  11. Must be hard to forecast these storms as they develop so quickly. Doesn’t look too severe at the moment, though Norfolk is at risk of storm force gusts. The rest of our region could see gusts up to 50-60 mph. If the low bombs quicker though, it’ll be more severe. The storm continues to deepen as it leaves the UK, giving the Netherlands and parts of Germany a battering tomorrow.
  12. Certainly feels wintry this morning with that freezing wind. Lovely sunny skies though, currently 4C. Tomorrow morning looks unpleasant.
  13. My friends near Oslo in Norway have had nearly 80cm of snow falling, here are some pics taken this morning. Have to say that I’m slightly jealous!
  14. Sunny here now after early showers, feeling chilly in a brisk W’ly breeze though it is 6C, not overly cold.
  15. One of my close friends moved there 10 years ago as his other half is from there. They get a proper winter, loads of ice days and snow. It doesn’t start to warm up there until the end of March, so February would see a good chance of snow and cold, imho. It’s a lovely city, nice and small (less than 750,000 population), lots to see and very friendly. Quite expensive but I think London is no better these days. Screenshot shows quite typical conditions, imagine that here!