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  1. In Prague, everyone is complaining about plagues of fruit flies at the moment. Wild plum trees grow like weeds here. Plus many people grow domestic fruit. I’ve actually never seen so many fruit trees and bushes anywhere. All the plums are now ripening and falling, trees are loaded!
  2. Er, no thanks. You can enjoy the cooler weather in the UK but I’d like to hang on to some warmth in Czech Republic for another month
  3. As I spend my time between London and Prague, I’ll rate each. London - June wasn’t great as there was plenty of rain and some very chilly days where it didn’t get above 13C! But the month saw a better end. July was much better, generally, with some notable heat. August was mainly reasonable with some warmer temperatures and less rain than average but with average sunshine. Over all score: 7/10 Prague - June was hot with above average sunshine and some great thunderstorms. July had a cooler and nondescript first half but the last two weeks were very warm with notable hot days. August was mainly fine and warm with some decent thundery outbreaks and more rain than July. Over all score: 9/10
  4. Not a bad day here with average temperatures and a fair amount of sunshine, despite the strong and cool wind.
  5. Yes, got back to Heathrow this afternoon and it didn’t feel particularly warm in the cool breeze and under grey skies.
  6. Haha, I bet You were lucky to see so many storms. The skies here are often so interesting, there’s definitely a lot less low level muck so cloud structures can be seen more clearly. I’m away a lot but this summer, I’m on 21 days of thunder! Have missed a fair few storms, too.
  7. Thank you, very kind It’s been an exciting afternoon, weather wise in Prague. Had about 5 storms pass over or close by with some dramatic skies
  8. Storms rumbling on here, some quite dramatic skies and plenty of lightning, thunder and bursts of heavy rain.
  9. Got back to Prague just in time for the heat breaking down, as the cold front that moved across the UK yesterday heads this way. Constant thunder from this discrete cell, more storms building on the western horizon. Hot and sunny, otherwise, 29C. Lovely
  10. Back in Prague for a couple of days and just in time for the thunderstorms Constant thunder from this discrete cell, more cells to the W. Otherwise sunny and hot, 29C.
  11. Back to Prague this evening for a couple of days, felt much cooler/fresher in London upon departure. In Prague, the warmth is clinging on with 24C at midnight but thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow (exciting) before a significant cool down on Monday. Nice views of Staines and Heathrow on ascent.
  12. An interesting read. I knew that air conditioning uses a ridiculous amount power to run in warmer countries but didn’t know that it had such a negative impact on the environment. Definitely needs to be a solution found, as modern life in countries that rely on it won’t be pleasant without it. Here in much of Europe, it’s not such an issue and I’ve never found it remotely necessary at home. But working in an office at 35C can’t be nice or productive.
  13. Pleasant late summer day, sunny spells and the temperature reached 24C, despite the stiff breeze.
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