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  1. Hopefully some nice, sunny settled spells too! My gut feeling is for a wet autumn. Followed by a cold and snowy winter. Will no doubt be very mild, lol
  2. You may need to move it indoors now, especially if it’s a watermelon or it won’t ripen
  3. Sigh....default British skies have returned. How I’ve missed the gloom (not). I suppose grey is very on trend now, so not all bad.
  4. Same here. The sun tried to come out earlier but the vile grey cloud has completely covered the sky, now Am missing the sunny skies, too. But it’s dry and usable weather, again, so it could be worse. And grey is so on trend at the moment. Currently 22C with moderate SW’ly winds.
  5. Cool. Grew my melon in the greenhouse so it got plenty of heat. Where’s yours growing? Doesn’t look like it’ll get hot again for a while
  6. Thank you Going to try it tomorrow. It’s much bigger than a tennis ball, smells good. How was your carrot? Hope your melons keep swelling!
  7. Thank you, everything swells in the heat
  8. Will you be making a special mushroom tea? We collect cep mushrooms but I’m wondering if there’ll be many this year, as it has been very dry.
  9. Too much cloud in this part of London today but warm and dry enough to be a very usable day.
  10. Yes, a very usable day, not too cool or warm. A bit too cloudy, if I’m being pedantic. Harvested my first melon today
  11. Oh no, must be horrible for you. Bad hay fever isn’t fun. I reckon September will be wet. Hopefully, October will be more settled and sunny, with some fog and frost.
  12. Don’t antihistamines work for you? I do like all the things you’ve mentioned, not until at least October, though.
  13. At least it’s dry and usable. Warming up here now, too. Could be much worse, for sure. I’d love the sunny skies to return though, for a few more weeks. No one (sane) ever said “I get sick of sunshine” in the UK! California, it ain’t.
  14. I like the smoky days of autumn, the smell of bonfires is nice. Love Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night too and it’s my birthday later in October. Shame we’ve lost the beautiful sunny skies we’ve enjoyed this summer but we should still get some sunny days, hopefully. Nothing worse than grey skies in summer.
  15. Bit of a grotty, grey morning here and feeling cool at just 18C. Sunshine is poking through the clouds now, so hopefully we’ll reach the 25C forecast.