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  1. A light cut is ok, don’t go too short or the grass may get frost burn.
  2. Gorgeous day, blue skies and 15C. Easy to think spring has sprung but still a good few weeks left where winter could return.
  3. stainesbloke

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Gooseberries must be very securely netted from birds, they will strip the bush of fruit even before berries are ripe. Wood pigeons are the worst culprits. A good time to net the bushes is after the fruit has set but before they swell too much.
  4. stainesbloke

    Weather in the Czech Republic

    Some pictures I took whilst out and about in Prague recently.
  5. stainesbloke

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Anyone on here grow gooseberries? Have such good memories of them from my childhood but the varieties I’ve grown recently, although pleasant, are no match in terms of flavour and sweetness. Anyone grow any old varieties? I guess the dreaded mildew has all but eradicated most of them.
  6. Gorgeous sunny day after a frosty and misty start. Currently 13C.
  7. Ooh, tough one. I would enjoy a few cold and snowy days to finish the season with but I’m starting to crave warmth and sun and my joints have had enough of winter. Always happens in February. It’s still winter proper for another fortnight, however and March can be cold, as we saw last year.
  8. stainesbloke

    Weather in the Czech Republic

    The wind suddenly picked up here around 9pm, it’s now gusting above 45mph with mean speeds of up to 30mph, very noisy!
  9. You have quite some time to go before having to worry about heat
  10. stainesbloke

    Weather in the Czech Republic

    Definitely come back, Prague is so different now to even 10 years ago. The Czech Republic is modernising at a rapid pace. Still plenty of quaint charm though, the atmosphere here is so different to hectic London. The last 2 days here have been beautifully sunny, with much milder temperatures, especially today, though with quite strong winds. Thus, lying snow is rapidly disappearing. I’m not overly bothered, am starting to look forward to Spring and warmer conditions.
  11. stainesbloke

    Weather in the Czech Republic

    Sorry, what’s that?!
  12. stainesbloke

    Weather in the Czech Republic

    No problems getting around, the Czechs are very good at clearing roads and main paths. Also most residents seem to own a snow shovel and have cleared snow from their section of path and driveways. In apartments, the caretakers do it. Having said that, the sudden and heavy snowfall this weekend did catch people out somewhat, there were transport delays and 7 flight diversions. I actually heat less here than the UK, believe it or not. It’s definitely cheaper that the UK. Am on a regular gas central heating system, with an extra hot water tank. I prefer beers on tap, there’s loads to choose from either way, however. My favourites are the dark beers. Plus Czech sparkling wine (Bohemia Sekt) is very nice and often £3.50 a bottle!
  13. I remember that winter very well, it was utterly awful with the relentless wind and rain. My Mum lived close to the Thames in Staines at the time, her area was placed on emergency evacuation alert as the water just kept rising. Many sewers burst or overflowed, it was a dangerous situation and over 1000 people were actually evacuated with a lot of damage to property. Hopefully we won’t see that again anytime soon. I’ve enjoyed reading Ian Currie’s thoughts through @TomSE12, hopefully something wintry to come in February. Here in Prague, 20cm of snow and sparkling sunshine today, gorgeous 😍
  14. stainesbloke

    Weather in the Czech Republic

    After a run of cool, sunny days last week, there was significant snowfall here in Prague yesterday morning. I have 20cm on the balcony. Everything looks very pretty 😊 Temperatures are hovering around freezing so there’s not much thawing of snow in the sunshine today.
  15. Am back in Prague and was woken up by thunder this morning plus a blizzard. Fabulous