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  1. Quite a contrast across our region today. Utterly vile here, looks lovely where you are, satellite shows that up well.
  2. What a difference here to yesterday. Heavy drizzle has now turned to steady rain and it's chilly. Got soaked walking to the supermarket (25 minutes each way). Not much wind though, small positive!
  3. Today was perfection. Clear, deep blue skies all day, frosty start, little wind. That'd do me for most of winter. I suppose Atlantic storms are exciting in some ways but when they damage personal property, not so much. Let's not write off winter before it starts, rather have the rainy crap before Christmas and get cold and snow in January, when it's more likely to stick.
  4. This occurs every winter, without fail and leads to the all the wrist-slashing and wailing when it, inevitably, goes wrong. Same in summer, 9-10 day charts rarely materialise, unless they show crap weather!
  5. Brrr, frosty start to the day here but also a beautiful clear sky. Currently 0C.
  6. Bullish. Baby steps. Faux cold. Cut the mustard. Toppler. Euro-slug. Blowtorch. Throwing in the towel. Winter is over (before February).
  7. Indeed! That's what I do. Spain in summer is just gorgeous, OH and I go down there as much as we can and love it so much that we bought a cheap apartment lol. Millions of us Brits head to warmer climes in summer. Coldies should head to colder climes in winter for a proper cold and snow fix. Wouldn't be so much drama in here! Must agree with those saying dry weather preferably over winter, be it mild or cold. Endless Atlantic storms, cloud, rain and wind is very depressing.
  8. A mainly nice day here, some decent sunny spells when it felt positively warm. Bit more cloud in the afternoon but still pleasant enough.
  9. Any chance the cold obsessed could pop themselves over to the Alps, Scandinavia etc for a snow fix this winter? Would save so much heartache.
  10. The mod thread is full of 'experts' and melodrama at this time of year, it helps not to read too much into things and try not to give more than cursory notice to charts outside 5 days or so. If you are constantly looking for cold/snow in SE England, you'll be disappointed 95% of the time. A blizzard would be fun though! Haven't seen one here for a number of years, it's such an exciting and amazing thing to witness. I reckon we might get lucky this winter Going by some signs in nature I've noticed, anyway. As long as it doesn't last for weeks and weeks on end and occurs after Crimbo, happy days. January would be ideal! Early Spring always a bonus too.
  11. Those Met Office charts are accurate for my location. Am sure your parents are of very sound mind but you can't just ignore statistics either.
  12. Yucky old day here, featureless grey gloom, but it is dry so far and not cold with just a light breeze from the WNW.
  13. That statistic is true but it's a mean measurement. We don't get 4-5 days a year with lying snow in the SE, we never did. We get a proper dumping every 5-10 years or so and the odd transient event. The last 4 years have been fairly normal imo, I've seen snow falling each winter and a temporary covering in 2 of those years, even here near Heathrow. We did have a number of decent cold/snowy spells in some 70's-90's winters but also a load of those winters were mild and snowless. One change I have noticed recently is a lack of easterly winds in winter.
  14. Hallelujah. Has the penny dropped for some, lol? You're quite right, cold and snow is rather rare in our winters, full stop, especially in the south. Cold and snow before Christmas is exceptional, it does happen but only very occasionally. Nothing to say it won't snow before Christmas this year, it's nearly 6 weeks away after all.
  15. Apparently, winter is officially over on November 14th, with many trees here in the SE still in partial leaf. Is it that time of year to grab a cold one (beer, that is, not much else that's cold on offer, it seems) and watch the varied forms of emotional breakdown that happen every winter on here?