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  1. Some occasional brighter spells this morning here but overcast this afternoon with a strong wind. Feeling mild at 17C out of the wind, looks and feels like it’s going to chuck it down later.
  2. Feeling much cooler today with a gusty breeze and plenty of cloud but it has stayed dry with a few sunny intervals. Currently a very average 15C.
  3. As opposed to the cooler months on here where unicorn chasing is at its most intense and one has to wade through encyclopaedias of hopecasting and emotional melodrama. Must be a year round silly season now.
  4. A nice nighttime storm but made more impressive by being in April. Hopefully, a sign of things to come, lol. Lovely sunny start to the day, must make the most of it as the cold front starts moving in later on. Currently 14C here.
  5. After a beautiful morning, it’s all downhill with pointless mid level crap ruining the afternoon. Still warm at 22C.
  6. Apart from the last couple of days, Spring has been dreadful pretty much everywhere, definitely so in my area.
  7. Foul! We’ve had plenty of cold, any cold now just causes damage to fruit and vegetables, hopefully it won’t be as bad as shown 🤢
  8. Must be hard in the warmer months if you’re a bad hay fever sufferer. I do get hay fever but not severely, the sun and warmth of the last couple of days just make me smile and feel alive and healthy. The endless cloud we had beforehand made me feel extremely low and depressed.
  9. A glorious 2 days of sunshine and warmth in my neck of the woods. Might squeeze another 2-3 days of warm sunshine in and then some thunderstorms hopefully, before the more usual Atlantic crap moves through. It’s partially making up for the weeks of utter hideousness that we endured beforehand and I hope that this Spring and Summer see many more spells of sunshine and warmth.
  10. You have more than one sausage?!
  11. 27C here, wow! Gorgeous day, we seem to have skipped Spring completely?!
  12. 24C here now, gorgeous day.
  13. Absolutely beautiful morning, clear blue skies with warm sunshine. Already 20C and climbing, lovely jubbly 😎
  14. It’s 14C, sweltering! Was beautiful earlier, the usual cloud is rapidly infilling the sky now, boo
  15. Dreary afternoon here, wet, gloomy and chilly, just 12C currently.