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  1. Ooh, I know where I’d rather be! Have not seen rain that heavy and prolonged for quite some time, plenty of flooding going on around here last night. Rank day today.
  2. A big thank you to everyone on here that sent their best wishes for my wedding yesterday. It was a fantastic weekend, so much fun and very emotional. The weather was gorgeous too! Not so tonight haha
  3. Thank you! Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow but dry will do
  4. Very windy here, but warm. A few breaks in the cloud and currently 19C. Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow until late, am getting married and would like a dry day for photo’s!
  5. Plenty of asreholes out on the roads, nothing new, sadly!
  6. Had to drive in it! Was quite sudden and very intense. Bit of a shock but I quite like heavy rain like that
  7. More unsettled here today with some spots of rain in the wind, after quite a nice morning. Not cold though, 20C currently.
  8. Gorgeous day, reached 24C with blue skies and sunshine all day.
  9. Nope! Nowhere near cold enough for heating yet.
  10. A cold and wet day here, the rain has set in and it looks like we’ll get a good few hours of it, looking at the radar. Just 9C in a northerly wind. Definitely feels like autumn.
  11. Foggy first thing here, then low cloud, now trying to break up a bit. 17C currently with a moderate SW’ly breeze.
  12. It is real! Fog has a smell, too
  13. Thanks for clarifying. Can we all just like what we like, without getting in unnecessary disputes about it? The SE thread has always been one of the friendliest and welcoming on the netweather forum, seems to have gone a bit ‘aggro’ in recent months, which would be a shame if it continued.
  14. Bit harsh. It works both ways. Throughout the glorious summer just gone, there was endless moaning on here on a daily basis and it just went on and on, which was very annoying from the perspective of a warm weather lover. Everyone on here is a weather enthusiast, doesn’t mean we should all have to like wind and rain, or indeed the same things. Anyway, a beautiful sunny day here. Lovely.
  15. Another lovely day, barely any wind and nearly clear skies.