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  1. After enjoying a seasonal foggy and frosty start in west London, I’m back in Prague where it certainly feels chilly (the maximum temperature today was 0°C). The local Christmas market is up and running, I had to stop by for a quick mulled wine
  2. As others have said, a gorgeous sunny day. Hoping for some freezing fog tonight
  3. Lovely pics Yes, great early winter day, hope there are plenty more like it over the next 3 months.
  4. Lovely sunny morning after early fog and frost. Some very eerie dense but very patchy fog last night
  5. OMG blue skies and sunshine, have missed you
  6. Am leaving a very blustery Prague this morning, at least I’ve seen some sunshine here. Hopefully some more of that over the next few days in London. Looks like it won’t be as wet as recently.
  7. Yes, it has turned milder so that’s a small compensation for the endless grey grot. You certainly are not the only person that finds this type of weather depressing. Hopefully, something brighter on the way, soon.
  8. That’s one thing that lifts the spirits in our oft dismal late Autumn-early Winter climate - Christmas lights! Love them. Will be putting up my tree, lights and decorations this week You’re so lucky having a log burner, lovely
  9. There are currently 280 flood warnings and alerts across the UK, including local towns by the Thames. The Thames is indeed very high at Staines. Think we could do with several weeks of high pressure/less rain.
  10. Quite a nice day here, after the deluge overnight. Saw some hefty looking shower clouds in the distance later in the day but didn’t affect this area.
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