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  1. Very dreary here today, overcast and gloomy with plentiful drizzle and spells of rain. Hopefully some clearer, colder weather to come, soon. Snow showers would be an added bonus, though would rather have any proper snowfall after Christmas.
  2. https://www.lights4fun.co.uk/buying-guides/how-many-lights-do-i-need-for-my-christmas-tree
  3. Very showery here today, the ground is sodden. Felt mild but has cooled off a little this evening. Meanwhile, this is the scene in Akureyri, Iceland, apparently...
  4. Not a particularly nice spell of weather, days of cloud followed by days of wind and rain, bleurgh
  5. Everything was white from frost here this morning, very pretty. It was also sunny but now a layer of cloud has moved over, unfortunately. Feeling chilly at 5C with little wind. The temperature dropped to -7C last night in parts of Oxfordshire, according to Mr Schafernaker on the BBC, brrr. Looking more unsettled next week with Atlantic systems giving a period of wind and rain (hopefully short-lived) but the GFS 06z hints at some northerly outbreaks later, could see something wintry 🥶
  6. Brr, -2C here this morning
  7. It sometimes happens here. It’s not a massive hill but in marginal situations, it can make a difference
  8. Well I never, sleet and wet snow here
  9. Bit too ‘warm’ for snow here, maybe a bit of sleetiness later? Feeling decidedly chilly at just 4C with rain showers and windy. It’s snowing in Paris, apparently. Must be a bit colder there?
  10. A gorgeous weekend here with loads of sunshine. Not too bad today but some showers have passed through and feels colder in the wind. Colder tomorrow, maybe some wintriness over the highest ground. I live on top of a hill but doubt it’ll be high enough to see snow.
  11. The cooler, drier but clearer air is now moving across our region from the SE, as the current satellite image shows. Nice to see the sunshine again, after a few very dark and dreary days.
  12. Thank you, I’ll check M&S. Rye is a nice town, went there some years ago for the day but in summer. The beach at Camber is great, Pontins though Our town has a brass band too through December, very festive and can’t get enough mulled wine, especially if it’s cold out. Very dreary morning here, no fog, just low cloud. Looking forward to sunnier skies this weekend. Looking much colder next week, though not quite cold enough for snow, imho. Wonder if we’ll see scenes like this, at some point this winter?
  13. Sounds nice and festive there. Are the lights good? They’ve just put our local ones up, too, I love Christmas lights. Just need some seasonal weather to go with them. I was tempted to get some mince pies the other day but I have a wheat allergy and our supermarket didn’t have any gluten free ones in, so will have to wait a bit longer
  14. Nice! Wish it was foggy here
  15. That’d be very nice Sunny days with frosty, foggy nights. Feels too mild for mid November