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  1. That’s good. Very little wind here and feeling hot, despite being only 20C. The sunshine is very strong, lovely.
  2. Yes, old habits die hard! Does anyone actually use ‘Czechia’?
  3. Similar temperature but much less wind Should be a little warmer today. Clear skies here, lovely. Currently 13C with a very light NW’ly wind.
  4. Was that the same cold front that swept across the UK on Wednesday/night? There was a big temperature drop here, too but most noticeable was the sudden drop in humidity. Much drier air followed the cold front. This morning, it is only 11C, which is a bit of a shock as we’ve had much warmer nights recently. Next week looks hot here but I’m off to Spain tonight for a week so will miss it Prague should be fun. I’ve always wanted to live in Czechoslovakia at some point, I feel at home there.
  5. How do you like it there? Is it a permanent move? I’ve only been to Bratislava once but remember it being a nice city. Am moving to Prague initially, for a year. May go elsewhere afterwards, my parents are from Brno and I love it there.
  6. Are you living in Bratislava? Been a warm summer so far over there. Pretty good here, too. Though I’m looking forward to moving to the Czech Republic later this year.
  7. Much cooler/fresher feel today but the annoying cloud has cleared and it looks like being a sunny day. Currently a chilly 15C with a brisk NW’ly breeze.
  8. Very true. The UK/NW Europe would be far more pleasant if only there were more hours of sunshine throughout the year. Winter here is frequently incredibly grey and depressing, then summer comes and with it high hopes of long, sunny days but we often can’t seem to shift the clag either. Next week looks great, some hot and sunny days. Shame I’ll miss it as I’m off to Spain on Friday.
  9. More pointless and annoying grey skies, bugger off, cloud! 18C with a SW’ly breeze.
  10. Plenty of cloud today and breezy but managed 25C.
  11. You didn’t like my attempt at humour?!
  12. I think we may have got to the ‘root’ of your problem
  13. I don’t think anyone wants oppressively humid conditions. Warmth, yes. It’s cold and cloudy most of the year in this crappy climate, so it’s nice to feel the heat occasionally. There’s only so much moaning one should do before one does something about it. Getting air conditioning or similar at home is clearly one answer, if summers here are so awfully uncomfortable.