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  1. I find the very light mornings annoying, prefer when it gets light at 630am, i enjoy the light evenings though
  2. I love nothing better than walking the dog in winter getting in bath and pjs on with heating on full blast and hearing the rain on the window bliss haha
  3. I dont enjoy driving in the really dark nights but enjoy it when its dark by 7/8pm. Also think it getting light at 630 is reasonable. Plus it helps keep the kids in bed haha
  4. Where is laserguy? Havent seen him on here for awhile lol
  5. i prefer when it it doesnt get light before 6
  6. No way far to warm still got windows open on a night, loving the cooler weather though hoping it stays that way with slow descent into autumn. Also liking the darker evenings.
  7. Love dark cold nights snuggling under a blanket reading a book, my pet hate is driving in the dark tho
  8. Hate the light mornings and evenings now and hating the heat!! Lugging files around in boiling weather is not fun at all!!!
  9. Wet morning in darlington, quite heavy bursts of rain
  10. Any chance of a storm in Darlington as im bloody sick of this heat
  11. Yes definitely looking forward to slightly darker mornings prefer it to get light around 6 then the kids don't get me up so early!!! And definitely want a bit of snow this winter as last one was awful!!
  12. Do not like the heat, prefer cool but not too wet. Dont want thunderstorms as im frightened of them
  13. Been absolutely rubbish this winter for snow prospects, just want spring now so ground can get dried up. I probably gonna not see any snow in dales this weekend either.
  14. From what I've seen on model thread things aren't so good for next weekend was looking forward to some snow in Yorkshire dales
  15. Boo hiss looks like next weekend in the yorkshire dales might see some tho
  16. Are we going to get any snow in darlington?? Had v heavy rain shower around 1pm and feels cooler now
  17. Do not want anymore rain, my poor horses are knee deep in mud in there field. Want snow for first weekend of feb as im in yorkshire dales for weekend so could enjoy the snow!!!
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