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  1. I have never seen drifts like the ones we got yesterday, this winter has been really good i feel not many mild days. I am now looking forward to warmer weather.
  2. Boro snow which town are u in? I thought i heard thunder earlier
  3. Nothing in Darlington atm ive just brought my horses in and it feels horrendous with wind chill
  4. I think at this time of year snow melts really easily as the sun is stronger if it had been a month back i feel this cold spell would have been something to be excited about now its just a nuisance im ready for spring
  5. Well and truly onto our pre 9pm sunsets now, come on autumn
  6. snowgirl30

    Autumn thoughts

    Had first autumn feeling today, logburner on tonight hoping the weather cheers up for my hols in couple of weeks
  7. snowgirl30

    Autumn thoughts

    Autumn is lovely, the colours are beautiful. I love the cool misty mornings
  8. 3 mins of daylight lost each day now, starting to be able to sleep in on a morning now
  9. snowgirl30


    Hardly just enjoy autumn more for alot of reasons
  10. snowgirl30


    We need to start an autumn forum
  11. I find the very light mornings annoying, prefer when it gets light at 630am, i enjoy the light evenings though
  12. snowgirl30

    Model Output Discussions 12z 01/09/2016

    When are we starting a new thread mods? Lots of pages in this one lol
  13. Started raining and lightning in darlington
  14. Im in branksome so east of darlington