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  1. Hi Downpour, Yes it is nice to see the low slightly downgrading as normal, but as you and I know, this can change from run to run, and they don't always downgrade. I agree in that it would be wrong to forecast the apocalypse with so much uncertainty, but given the scenario I alluded to is not outside a realistic timeframe and most definitely a possible outcome, I would rather have people aware and more likely to pay attention to what is happening than to find out last minute once everything is firmed up. It looks as though GFS is keeping it a deep low although tracking more East than S
  2. Hi Mucka, RJBW, John Holmes Thank you for replying to my post. I would have thought the path of this low would now be within the realistic timeframe for having a good handle on its likely track? When do you think the depth and track will be considered to be nailed on so that appropriate warnings [if needed] can be given? I understand that the models have been really flip flopping around lately and it was really good to see the BBC showing that there are two possible outcomes for the weekend, but given that one of them, should it pan out would likely see a strong storm surge push down the N
  3. Hi there, Been watching the forum for a couple of years now and am only just starting to get a bit of an idea [i think / hope] with regards to some of the models, so please be kind! lol Am I right in thinking that the UKMO has the low running South/South East down the North Sea at 96-120 hours with the centre staying closer to the UK, although not as deep as GFS, which has the centre track more in the direction of Holland, and as the low sinks it is replacing warmer air with the 850 uppers only just reading -4/-6 ahead of the low any snow would be more likely to the North of the syste
  4. I'm looking at the BBC weather app on my phone..showing heavy snow from 4 a.m for my location..I'm as surprised as you
  5. Fingers crossed although folk in the model discussion thread dont seem to be backing this scenario...do they know something the BBC forecasters don't I wonder??
  6. BBC Weather showing heavy snow for the early hours IMBY...would make for an interesting drive to work in the morning
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