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  1. well its 9 degrees in Antrim at mo
  2. I know. It will probably be like the thing it will come out of the blue. But we will see. What about Sunday’s?
  3. That’s class. Hardly a skiff here now. I got my 2nd shower there! of rain!! And I’m 140m asl . This isn’t just going to happen for me today which is why I’m not putting any faith for Sunday morn.
  4. We would get monster showers if the Atlantic wasn’t there because today has been woeful for snow for most of NI. The weather warning is a joke. Iv had one snow shower first thing this morning. Rest of day sun has been splitting the sky.
  5. Easterly’s are a rarity now, so I agree look nw for any future snow but really god knows what will happen as it’s the weather.
  6. Think he’s had enough disappointment for one day. Don’t blame him.
  7. What. That’s a joke and he’s giving out weather. Dear lord hope ur charts are right but I can’t see but expect the unexpected is the way forward.
  8. Can’t see either happening I’m afraid. Might be a while for everybody to see the white stuff again after this eve.
  9. Bara just did in his shocking update for the rest of the day but it hardly touches newry so nout will come of that. And I don’t take any of these newsline forecasts as gospel as they are generally way out ref snow. O to be a weatherman. In any other job you would be sacked for this kind of performance.
  10. Not anything of notable cold and no mention at all really Ref snow. So if this is people’s idea of a good update I despair.
  11. Yes nothing really moving past nw at min apart from yourself who seem to have hit the jackpot with every shower.
  12. Yes I think ur right going by that !
  13. Yes a shocking call by the experts stating showers would be hitting the east throughout the day. Iv had one light snow shower and this warrants a yellow warning for over here. Diabolical ! Only because people may have seen this and altered plans going on the warning. It’s been blue sky’s literally since I woke up. I will be taking warnings ref snow with a pinch of salt from now on. Yes possible for the NW but even I think that’s extreme. Aanyhow I’m off into town later so st least I will get there but wasn’t sure yest when they issued this idiotic warning. !! Right rant over it’s nearly beer o’clock.
  14. Yes!!!! Weather warning out now for Sunday too!! But it’s rain! bet they get this warning right ok compared to today’s non event and bxxxs up!
  15. Nice one. Hope they keep coming for you. Should do going by the radar. Njoy.