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  1. Lucky you. And you got all the snow! 😂😂
  2. Exactly. A continuation of this awful set up bar maybe fri and sat were that thing called the sun might come out and give some lukewarm weather before as you say MS the unsettled non stop crap comes back once again.
  3. A tiny bit of heat. That’s all. Currently 12 degrees here, cloudy and windy. If that rocks ur boat work away, friend.
  4. Nope. Horrible. Sun tried to get out late afternoon but was still blowing a gale. Max temp didn’t get above 13.5! Today is dull and drizzly but hopefully nice afternoon. Disgusting weather here last while.
  5. Is it to much to ask to get anything that resembles SPRING! I’m so sick of this weather it’s unbelievably! This Country sucks for anything remotely resembling seasonal weather.
  6. My god! 2nd April and it’s stained glass windowing snowing! Unreal
  7. Hope so. I’m literally sick to death of this cold weather now. I’m so over it.
  8. What a miserable day today is. Heavy rain since I woke. Snow will not be long hanging around now! Tbough Iv had snow on the ground since Tuesday night so it will be good to see green grass again. Nearly a week of lying snow is good in my eyes
  9. Hope ur snow shield doesn’t kick in for years on end like before.
  10. Looks like more snow being forecast later this evening and overnight. Mentions turning sleety only to low levels so anybody with a bit of altitude could get constant snow. U could be in the game again MS. NW areas not so much so and drier.
  11. Very true. Shame this didn’t reach u this morn as it was really good. Started to snow here again so that band from Dublin earlier has tracked north a Wee bit by looks of radar.
  12. Ah Pom. U would have loved this today. Not your normal shower crap that we normally ge but continuous moderate snow. Been going on now over 5hrs ! But showing signs of stopping soon. Hoping that blob above Dublin heads this way as well. Could be in line for round 2 if it did. 😂