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  1. ??. Are they going to say there could be an easterly all the way through summer months as well. They may as well as they have been saying this since December. Utterly comical.
  2. Well whatever they are using it ain’t to good but yes, their accuracy should be better than what was currently on offer this year.
  3. Spot on. I certainly won’t pay any attention to the meto long ranger or background signals next year. Been woeful
  4. ? they might get cold sometime to come true in these abysmal forecasts. Shocking performance by them since mid December. Completely ridiculous.
  5. Winter hasn’t even started here yet ! Worst winter ever so cannot wait to see the back of it. I’m looking for heat now. Seen one shower of snow all winter. Horrific! SSW and background signals! Never again
  6. Met office have being seeing things since mid December!
  7. They have been abysmal and there is no other way to describe it. Utterly pointless waste of time even putting them to print
  8. Spot on. Just said the same about an hr ago in 30 day outlook page. Couldn’t agree more c
  9. They haven’t set themselves in glory that’s for sure. Very poor from them since start Dec. So much for these super computers. Easy to forecast Atlantic driven weather but anything outside this remit their forecasts go to pot.
  10. Why don’t they just say “sometime within the next ten years there may be an easterly”! Honestly there is no point in these forecasts as they change with the wind. I’m afraid to say it but I think this winter is petering out to a whimper. Note to all in future is to ignore background signals until there is a greater understanding of it which could take years. No more than 7 days for me from now on.
  11. Sorry their LRF has been very poor. No better than the good old folk who read the models in here. People have been saying in here all week that they cannot see were they are getting this forecast as the models are not really showing it, however they must have better info than us clearly etc etc etc etc. But alas they have now backtracked so for me their long range has been shocking.
  12. Utter borefest of a winter. Rapidly going downhill even with all the so called wonderful background signals.
  13. Don’t want you to leave so I have no problem not posting but will just read thread. It’s no issue. ?
  14. Can’t even be bothered to comment on this post. Clearly just ignore my posts. Hit the ignore button. Ta. ? And on that note after thinking over I will continue to read the thread but will no longer post. As Baltic is speaking for everybody as he states and I’m annoying others etc I am happy to do that. Hope u all get the snow crave and hope the rest of the winter is good for you all. Njoy the snow and hopefully the thread will now be more enjoyable for you going forward. Take care all
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