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  1. What the hell is going on with our weather? Just had snow again and its 8oC! How is that even possible!
  2. What a beautiful day today! Where's the extreme cold gone everyone was raving about? Again goes to show never bother looking beyond 5 days out. It's a complete and utter waist of precious valuable time. It's actually quite worrying the amount of people who look at model runs 4 times a day and explore charts or even bother to comment on charts 10 days out. It's quite frankly mind boggling. There must be rather alot who dont bother to work who post model charts all day long.
  3. Im not looking at the models this even but thought I'd look in and have a quick look at some comments then noticed someone called Jimbob saying 15oC in the south. I did have to chuckle at that one. 😆
  4. Think this has to go down as one of the biggest expectation fails ever this week in fact this whole winter so far since December! Im not even finding it that cold out to be honest. Anything can happen though 5 days away! Heat, Cold, Storms, you name it! Patterns change so much in that short space of time anything after that needs to be kept at very low confidence with low expectations. The moment i see 0z Runs showing something interesting roughly 5 days out i take more notice, as a web developer myself it is clear to see there is an algorithm being used on every model run. A le
  5. I'm actually quite surprised why the likes of Poole, Bournemouth, Swanage etc dont get Solent streamers setting up given they are in a perfect position from an eastily for those areas. Why doesn't the solent bring streamers?
  6. Some building precip in channel as the low comes in, be interesting if much develops from the south because of it. Certainly got a north push showing now. Plymouth could get the best so far and west of that area. Be interesting if anything else develops further east down the channel from it.
  7. Could get a nice dusting in Cornwall area shortly the low coming in is pushing things north.
  8. Nice to have the light dusting, but all the fantasy cold charts have now gone, just a steady warm up now. For me I cant wait for some spring warmth and sunshine, really struggled this winter with the gloomy days, I need some positivity back in life and nice days out walking with a nice beer in a pub garden after. Really hope we get some lovely hot weather this year so I can get out on the boat and get some much needed sun top ups followed by a massive electric storm.
  9. Some nice streamer potential showing for tomorrow morning onwards. We need the winds to shift eastily quick as possible. Hoping our best chances come tomorrow.
  10. Yes were likely to see something tomorrow morning anytime from 3am onwards. There is a Steamer expected to push north through the region as the winds turn more eastily. Should Give a dusting if it comes off.
  11. Met office still seem quite confident of significant snow events this month so I'll put my faith into them rather than the models at the moment. Gloasea is probably seeing things a little different.
  12. Think this cold spell has been a real let down across the board really. I'm convinced my location will see snow tomorrow morning as a streamer swings north I expect to see a dusting at least!
  13. Not surprised to see this given wind direction and strength tomorrow you could get it coming in off the sea.
  14. Just looking at that now funnily enough, Possibly land height, the chiltern hills maybe causing it, just trying to bring up a few sat images.
  15. Look at the wind direction and strength for tomorrow! Every chance we could get more streamers off this!
  16. Humidity is much higher to the west of the flow that is going to fall quite quickly soon. Might help push it more south west.
  17. Ohhh errrrr look to the South east coast and look at direction of travel on the flow.
  18. Look at the precip intensity picking up. Possible back building there also.
  19. Looks quite dark over the back though or is that your camera? There is also alot more back building behind that too.
  20. Look how far that streamer is hitting north west cornwall. I think there is potential here for more to be in the game than were realising.
  21. Looking like a strong uptick in precip out to sea to the east too. Tonights fun and games maybe 🤞
  22. Winds just picked up quite considerably along the South now. I think that main band will grow to the east of it also. I'm pretty sure it will reach down here just unsure how intense it will be by the time it gets here. Could actually still pick up yet given its only just gone 1pm and sun strength involved.
  23. Intensity is actually increasing quite rapidly looks to be expanding to the east of the flow a fair bit.
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