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  1. Seriously questioning the Met Office app lately. Now showing rain on Wednesday for Poole when it had been showing glorious sunshine for days! Not impressed!
  2. Yeah we own the cafe by the ferry, 2 friends of ours were sat by the wall as it crashed. Was very lucky not to hit the rocks and wall by the Haven Hotel. He did well to avoid all the boats!
  3. Well this sucks! Where's the sunshine for the airshow that was promised today?
  4. Glad to see beach weather coming next week! Time to take a couple days off work me thinks. Then hope we strike it lucky with a thundery breakdown! Enjoy it while you can everyone!
  5. Don't go in the Mad thread if you want to remain calm! I've decided never to set foot in there again and read the thoughts of all the deluded day 10 chasers who get it totally wrong on a daily basis. It's bad for my mental health! Instead wake up every day and stick your head out the window and judge the weather for yourself. Far more accurate!
  6. Who ordered the sunshine! Lovely walk this morning! Even got the belly out! Very warm down here
  7. Same ones who state snow is coming every year! People on here need to seriously take a good look at themselves and ask why am I waisting hours and hours of my life looking at day 10 charts then tell everyone on here a specific weather type is coming. Yesterday there were comments of over 30 degrees now its Autumn! Its absolutely ridiculous!
  8. Lol not pretty reading is it! Dire! I've now booked a whole month in Tenerife in January "IF" I can get there!
  9. I was driving back from Milford on Sea last Saturday and there was actually 3 I saw on the way home all in close proximity to each other! Was very impressive!
  10. What absolute dire outlook! Nothing to look forward to in the way if decent sunshine and heat. Very disappointing!
  11. Was some nice fork as it passed through from my vantage point in Poole. App still saying chance for next 2 hrs. So be interesting if anything else kicks off.
  12. Couple of pics from last night. Not mine but a very talented friend of mine shot from Highcliff..
  13. Wind is picking up again here. Went quiet for a while, now all of a sudden its picked back up.
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