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    weather and ghost hunting and of course middlesbrough fc, parmos and beer and astronomy
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  1. We were planning on camping in the south lakes first week in April, not sure its going to happen
  2. Yeah the GFS has been very consistent since Thursday about a Northerly over Easter we shall see, I suspect it will get watered down a bit if it verifies,
  3. Day 23 of this season of lying snow and suspect the last, feels nice out there in the sun, 133 pages since the middle of Feb for this thread is incredible,
  4. Surprised at the current temp been 1.1c also I know we haven't seen any sun today but the front garden which doesn't see any Sun this time of the year we have 1cm at best with snow cover the back garden which does see the Sun has 2 inches all very strange, very light snow falling currently also
  5. Light snow in darlo sticking on impact too, the wind has certainly picked up in the last half an hour
  6. 1.2c currently, a bit of thaw going on especially on dark surfaces with enough energy getting through the clouds
  7. Tomorrow's max temp will be 3c we will still be under very cold 850s maybe a few snow showers in the morning
  8. Just under 4 inches here marvellous stuff, day 22 of lying snow since November
  9. Tonight is much more severe than the beast from the east 1, absolutely BRUTAL 😁
  10. White out once again amazing stuff