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    weather and ghost hunting and of course middlesbrough fc, parmos and beer and astronomy
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  1. Colder than forecast out there -2.2c currently, so a frosty morning once again that's 11 out of the last 13 night's we have had a morning frost
  2. Yeah I thought that was strange
  3. Lethal school run very slippy underfoot, we must of had heavy sleet showers during the night as slushy deposits about
  4. Some very positive signs the Ecm n ukmo moving towards the GFS, the 22nd looks the important date when things look like changing after a mild blip, not 100% sure though it's still FI
  5. That's ok with me, uppers not great temp around 1.7c dp just above zero all the wrong side of marginal, very icy again out there though
  6. 22nd December 2017 at approximately 6am, your welcome
  7. Still 2c here nothing as expected is making it over to our region
  8. Just been out and icy here too temp hovering around 2c but with the ground been so cold at the moment it hasn't taken too much to ice over again
  9. Its a barmy 5 degrees out there, thinking about getting the paddling pool out
  10. Good stuff were in the moors do you live, ps enjoy
  11. Yes I heard that when I used to have my pub in Kirkbymoorside, a few of the members of the rydale jazz club who practiced in my function room used to mention it, 2010/11 is an example of that I suppose
  12. YOU WISH, the winter of 2017/18 is 11 days in and it has been a fantastic start and long may it continue
  13. Probably what happened here still white outside though SEASONAL
  14. Temp -1c dp -2c it has to be snow here