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  1. Temp now 2.7c getting there, a few degrees below than was forecast for this time, plenty of incoming showers on the radar,
  2. Looking at the radar big shower incoming, temp currently 3.6c
  3. Gutted taken far too young, Boro legend and league cup winner 2004 RIP Big man
  4. Just a cut hand pal should be ok
  5. Nope a massive bust luckily the surface/lower level winds were weaker and veered more than forecast.
  6. The Wall cloud on David Baxter stream is amazing
  7. David Baxter on a large Tornado South of Atlanta
  8. I believe it to be Northern and Western Georgia
  9. Severe storms moving into the Atlanta area
  10. Possible Tornado South West of Florien
  11. Brandon Clement is currently in Alexandria on
  12. A Rare High Risk has been issued from the Prediction Center for East Texas and Central/Northern Louisiana
  13. Some coverage from the local rag
  14. A lot of flooding around the Middlesbrough area the storm came out of nowhere
  15. It's looking extremely dark now to my West