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    Darlington 63 m or 206ft above sea level
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    weather and ghost hunting and of course middlesbrough fc, parmos and beer and astronomy
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  1. Doesn't make it over the pennines looking at that
  2. I think 2003 was a close one I woke up to a few frozen snowflakes on my shed roof but barnard castle had a white Christmas only 15 miles to my west,
  3. 2009 is my favourite winter to date, it snowed here Xmas eve and Xmas day with over a foot of snow, magical imo, 2010 was cold but the snow on the ground was from a few days before
  4. Nice frosty morning today another frost developing tonight currently 1.2c
  5. I thought it was the BBC who use the ec46, Met use there own models I thought, could be wrong though
  6. Another cold night currently 0c with a nice frost, a few milder days incoming and quite stormy and wet before hopefully the winds turn into the east with possible snow showers on the east coast
  7. Going to be a cold one out there tonight, -2/-3 quite widely lower in the countryside, Temp already down too 4.1c
  8. Battleground scenario maybe
  9. Teesside pollution !!! utter nonsense, but yep agree a horrible dismal depressing day
  10. Gavs 5th Christmas update using the CFS went that way too
  11. Definitely a bit of a downgrade there imo
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