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    Darlington 63 m or 206ft above sea level
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    weather and ghost hunting and of course middlesbrough fc, parmos and beer and astronomy
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  1. Just had a rumble of thunder round 2 maybe
  2. Not seeing any Sun in Darlington, and the temperature has not even reached 20 degrees yet currently 19.6c, it is Humid though which will probably make it feel warmer
  3. Under a level 1 on estofex was under a level 2 a few weeks ago which failed to deliver due to excessive cloud cover again today going the same way
  4. Thunder again in Darlington good start to the day
  5. Yep looks to be in the Hurworth area just south of us, only 14 degrees and does not feel humid
  6. Nothing from Estofex yet which makes me worry about tomorrow
  7. Please do not tell me this ppn heading towards the north east is the main event
  8. Temp responding aswell gone up 3 degrees in the past hour
  9. Not looking good been cloudy most of the day and still is temp only 21c