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    Darlington 63 m or 206ft above sea level
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    weather and ghost hunting and of course middlesbrough fc, parmos and beer and astronomy
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    Cold, Snow, Storms, Snow Thunder, Supercells, all weather extremes

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  1. Boro Snow

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    WOW what a comeback 3-3
  2. The worst performance I have ever seen from the Boro 😭 hopefully the weather models perform better, looking good next week
  3. Frosty this morning which I wasn't expecting anyway the snow from Friday is hanging on 😂
  4. What a ridiculous post there is still a third of winter left
  5. Yes looks like a new trend is developing, lets hope its not the garden path scenario again
  6. Boro Snow

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Pulis loved it went onto the pitch at the end and gave the fans a fist punch UTB great result
  7. The GEFS can quickly change from run to run just like the OP
  8. No i do not think so still 6 weeks left imo, The GFS Para shows from 276 (FI i know) hrs tonight what could be possible with Northenly then an Easterly, We await what effects the SSW could bring if any
  9. There is still time for our part of the world to still feel the effects from the SSW
  10. Hawthorn Drive is were she lives, its very disappointing looking at the radar it all seems to have stopped, not inline with forecasts i have seen
  11. My Nans lives on the road opposite the Stray Cafe and she said shes had a bit of snow today
  12. whats the temp there now, do you live right on the coast or further inland in redcar,