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  1. Please do not tell me this ppn heading towards the north east is the main event
  2. Temp responding aswell gone up 3 degrees in the past hour
  3. Not looking good been cloudy most of the day and still is temp only 21c
  4. This cloud seriously needs to go grrrrr mindue the sun has just popped out lol, it feels fresh and only 17 degrees
  5. Just watched the latest BBC weather forecast which is very underwhelming
  6. Right bang in the middle of a level 2, Happy days
  7. 29.6c clouds starting to darken and bubble up
  8. Same a nice breeze has picked up though currently 29.8c to
  9. I am so sorry for your loss mate, it's never easy when some one close to us dies, I suppose the only comfort we can take from these circumstances is no more pain RIP
  10. We where under a low warning from Convective Weather might have changed now
  11. Are we still expecting some storms to kick off here in the North East tonight