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    Darlington 63 m or 206ft above sea level
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    weather and ghost hunting and of course middlesbrough fc, parmos and beer and astronomy
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  1. Boro Snow

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Agree he can be lazy and has no pace easily pushed off the ball aswell, good finisher though
  2. Yep just said that on Facebook Teesside perfect location for that storm, enjoy im in Cornwall on hols god dammit lol
  3. Another Glorious morning here in Newquay could see 26c plus today, Going to miss those storms back home in the North East it looks quite severe, Any chance of anything here does anybody know
  4. Enjoy guys hopefully you will get a few good storms, I'm in Cornwall on holiday nothing to see here move along
  5. Glorious morning here in Newquay blue skies a bit different to the previous 2 morning's, Porth Beach is beautiful by the way
  6. Just travelling over Bodmin through a shower
  7. heavy rain only now I think the lightening is more towards the Boro
  8. Well what a storm that was and a nightime one too BEAUTIFUL
  9. Torrential, lightening, thunder, heaven
  10. 4 ive counted now and much needed rainfall
  11. Hopefully it will get rid of all the flying ants that have suddenly appeared tonight
  12. Plenty more to come looking at the radar