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  1. Mods could you just allow this one indulgence, I rarely post as I tend to meander and get suspended, but I have to reply to Tom as nostalgia is not what it used to be. Okay that said: Tom I was born of Camberwell Grove and played at the age of ten in the snow in Camberwell Grove itself in the great winter of 62/63 . Someones name on this forum sums up that winter perfectly. 'Froze were the days'. Sorry mods , but it is the season of good will.
  2. As GFS has started to hint the Atlantic polar high is sinking southwards It occurred to me that as high pressure anti cyclones are denser air masses that the planet want to draw them towards the equator due to the spin of the planet and centrifugal force outside of that what other anchoring forces are there that would make it want to sit at the pole besides SSW. Just a thought
  3. Because mild is the default option in this coun As proved by the 12z GFS
  4. Sorry but so many seem to think the models are responsible and tend to personalise the outputs for not 'playing ball' My apologies
  5. Yes of course that's possible and we all really hope its the case, but many years of disappointment leads one to be cautious . These set ups are so rare nowadays
  6. It all depends if the models can guess reality, they usually do closer to the event which isn't good for us as reality for the British Isles is more often than not wet and windy
  7. Yes the 6z was astonishing but I prefer hindsight fact to fiction -we'll all obviously see.
  8. Is the control more reliable and where would on find it ? (is it alright to ask questions -mods)
  9. The GFS doesn't exactly scream rush down to B&Q and break out the rock salts
  10. Is it me? Just looking through the 6z GFS and it doesn't seem to justify much confidence in a several day+ cold spell. I'll bank the frost in London tonight, the rest is hope TBH.
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